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We live in a world of technological innovations, the benefits of which have spread their roots not only in the Information Technology sector but has also revolutionised and transformed the educational spectrum. With this paradigm shift, academic institutions all over the world are now promoting online learning and are offering a wide range of vocational and degree programs through eLearning platforms. In this blog, we have collated a list of eLearning platforms and the benefits of using the same.

What is eLearning?

The word “eLearning” stands for electronic learning. It enables users to take online courses offered by academic institutions/companies across the world using robust electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, and even a tablet. Leaning electronically has facilitated assessment and performance for students in an inexpensive way. Moreover, online courses are quite easy to update and maintain. 

Types of eLearning

Learning on the go!

There are 2 types of eLearning that can be undertaken by candidates, they are as follows: 

Asynchronous E-Learning

Asynchronous eLearning s defined as a self-paced environment of learning where the candidate can take the course at their own pace, from any electronic device such as a laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. The program being undertaken could include pre-recorded lecture content and videos, visuals, text, quizzes, simulations, games and other elements of interaction. 

Synchronous E-Learning

Synchronous eLearning is undertaken at the pace of all other learners. It is also called live-online training and virtual classroom training. It is led by a teacher or professor and is similar to a normal classroom environment, only virtual. Usage of web conferencing platforms such as Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, etc are often utilised for this purpose. Screens haring, and other interactive tools such as chat, polling and screen annotation are done to maintain proper contact with students.

Platforms of eLearning 

Since eLearning has strengthened the educational domain, there are innumerable online platforms ably disseminating core educational values. They have a humungous global reach as they offer a plethora of interactive courses. Let’s take a look at some of the popular eLearning platforms.


Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platforms. Its diverse range of content, video lessons, interactive sessions on topics like Public Speaking, Machine Learning, Guitar Courses, Google Flutter, etc has attracted scores of students to this eLearning platform. With 150k courses and 2,000 subject matters. Udemy offers a common platform to learn various concepts! It has 57 thousand in-house Instructors, 150 thousand Courses, 295 million course enrollments, 33 million minutes of video under 65+Languages. 


The 2nd on our list of eLearning platforms is Teachable, which provides a platform to those who want to create courses and teach in their own way! User-friendly interface, affordable courses, and a wide array of educational programmes have wooed students across the globe. With a  basic membership fee of $29, you can create courses for the scores of students!


It is recognised as one of the prominent online platforms offering five levels of learning. Apart from degree programs, it also offers an array of MOOCs, specialized programmes, as well as short term courses. Deep Learning Specialization, Applied Data Science with Python Specialization, Data Science programs are some of the resounding contributions of Coursera. 


Skillshare is one of the prolific and significant eLearning applications of the time. Its video and class projections are widely acclaimed. It is an affordable online platform teaching animation, drawing, graphic design, illustration as well as photography. Apart from this, one can also learn about Data Science, Game Design, Mobile Development, etc.  


Founded by a team from MIT and Harvard University in the year 2012, EDX is counted amongst the best eLearning platforms, especially for those who want to pursue university courses through online routes. From Nuclear Terrorism and Money Markets to Sustainable Cities and Python, there are scores of MOOCs to choose from. Harvard’s introduction to Computer Science, C Programming, etc. is some of the prolific courses on EDX. 

Other Platforms

Apart from the above-mentioned websites, you can also consider the following eLearning platforms:  

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  • Youtube
  • CourseCraft
  • Ruzuku
  • Educadium
  • LearnWorlds
  • Academy Of Mine
  • Treehouse 
  • LinkedIn Learning

What are the Benefits of eLearning?

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  • You have a wide range of high-quality courses to choose from.
  • Online learning enables you to update your skills in a cost-effective way. 
  • Being highly interactive, eLearning platforms have made studies less boring and more engaging. 
  • It has given rise to mastery-based learning. It means that students can explore a wide range of courses on their favourite subjects and build a strong foundation.
  • Online learning enables students to study with comfort. They can watch the videos multiple times or read the transcripts at their convenience. 
  • eLearning platforms reduce travel, accommodation, training materials, as well as other general expenses. 
  • It enables educators to give instant feedback to the students.

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