Career in Production Engineering

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Career in Production Engineering

Have you tried the Bio Magnetic Ear Stickers that help in losing weight? Did you see the 3D printer that can create awesome three-dimensional objects with just a click? Devices like these are pioneering inventions brought by the technical field of Production Engineering which strives to bring a technological revolution in every aspect of our lives. With an immense scope for creativity mixed with technological innovation, Production Engineering deals with the designing, planning, managing and developing of the different processes that are involved in the manufacturing of high-quality products. This branch is considered as one of the subfields of Mechanical Engineering and is also referred to as Manufacturing Engineering. If you have always been curious about innovating new machines and devices for simplifying daily activities, building a career in Production Engineering can transform your passion into a full-fledged lucrative vocation.

Let’s take you deeper into this innovative branch of Engineering and the colossal career scope it offers.

Benefits of a Career in Production Engineering

In simple terms, a Career in Production Engineering combines two significant fields: Management Services + Manufacturing Technology

Generally, Product Engineers are responsible for:

  • Planning and facilitating the production of a product of any kind 
  • Deciding the kind of machines for manufacturing the product
  • Selecting an efficient and safest method for production. 

Since every industry needs engineers for managing production processes, a career in Production Engineering is rewarding in numerous ways such as: 

  • Diverse Prospects for Higher Studies
  • High-paying Hourly Wages 
  • Opportunities to Work on Innovative Projects 

Major Courses in Production Engineering: 

There are different types of courses offered in Production Engineering varying from diploma programs to post-graduate degree courses. Here is a comprehensive list of various courses that can help you explore a thriving career in Production Engineering:

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Industrial and Production Engineering (3 years)
  • Diploma in Production Engineering (1 year)

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

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  • B.E./ B.Tech in Industrial and Production Engineering (4 years)
  • B.E./ B.Tech in Production Engineering (4 years)

Master’s Degree Courses

  • M.Sc in Design and Production Engineering (2 years)
  • M.Sc in Product Design and Manufacturing (2 years)
  • M.Sc in Production Engineering (2 years)
  • M.Sc in Production Management (2 years)

PhD Courses

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Production Engineering (3 years)

Major Universities and Colleges Across the Globe

After selecting an ideal program, the next step is to choose the right university as per your preferences and interests. There are numerous colleges and universities around the world that provide wide-ranging programs in Production Engineering along with an array of specializations you can pursue. Before selecting the right institute, research about the course structure and training exposure as well as ensure that you fit the eligibility criteria provided by the particular university.

Below we have listed the major universities and institutes across the globe offering the best programs in this field to equip students with the right exposure and knowledge and prepare them to pursue a thriving career in Production Engineering:

Career in Production Engineering: Immense Job Prospects

After attaining the required skills and knowledge of Production Engineering, you can discover numerous job opportunities in different industries. Here are some of the major job profiles you can explore in this field:

  • Engineering Plant Production Manager
  • Industrial Manager
  • Production Engineer 
  • Management Engineer 
  • Manufacturing Engineer 
  • Process Engineer
  • Operations Analyst 
  • Quality Engineer 
  • Logistician

Thus, Production Engineering is emerging as an ever-growing inventive field that demands creativity and technical expertise. We hope that this blog provided you with all the relevant information you need to begin a career in Production Engineering. If you are unsure about the right course for you in this field, Leverage Edu’s AI tool can help you browse through an array of programs and match you with the right mentor to guide you throughout the process.

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