Footprints Without Feet Class 10

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Footprints without Feet Class 10 Summary

Footprints without Feet is the fifth chapter in the NCERT English book for Footprints Without Feet Class 10. The story is written by H.G Wells and revolves around an eccentric scientist called Griffin who discovers some rare drugs that make him invisible. In this blog, we will cover the summary, important questions and answers for the chapter to help you prepare for your exams!

Summary of Footprints Without Feet Class 10

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Footprint without feet class 10th chapter follows the story of the protagonist, Mr Griffin, who is a strange yet brilliant scientist. Griffin believed that the human body could turn invisible and had experimented with this idea until he swallowed some rare pills that did finally turn him invisible to the naked eye yet his physical body remained solid.

Griffin, according to the author, is a rather lawless person who uses his gift of invisibility to get away with his crimes. The scientist is defined as a lawless person because he uses his gift to harm others and evade the law. Griffin decides to exact revenge on his landlord using his power of invisibility. He sets fire to his landlord’s house whom he disliked because the landlord had tried to evict Griffin. The author defines the scientist as a homeless wanderer, wandering the streets without any clothes or money.

Footprints Without Feet Class 10 tells the reader about Griffin’s adventures. It begins with two boys noticing Griffin’s bare muddy footprints and start to follow him around. Griffin manages to shake off the two boys and enters a London shop to escape the blithering cold. After the shop closes, Griffin starts rummaging around the shop for some clothes and food. He dresses in an overcoat, a wide brim hat and some shoes and eats some meat and coffee from the restaurants’ kitchen before finding a large pile of quilts to sleep on.

The next day, Griffin wakes up only to have the store assistants chase him away. He takes off his clothes to escape and enters a theatre company for some shelter from London’s winter. This time, Griffin finds a suitable disguise for himself; the scientist decides to wrap bandages around his head and decides to add huge glasses, a false nose, side-whiskers and a hat. He attacks the shopkeeper and takes all his money to escape.

Griffin then decides to take a train to the village of Iping where he books himself two rooms at a local inn. The arrival of a strange irritable scientist amidst the winter season makes everyone uneasy at the inn, especially Mrs Hall, the landlord’s wife whose friendly attempts at conversation are thwarted by Griffin who demands some solitude and pays her in advance for the room.

As Griffin runs out of money, he decides to steal money from the clergyman and his wife. The next morning, the landlord and his wife noticed the scientist’s room was wide open and decide to investigate but are attacked by the invisible scientist. The news of the robbery at the clergyman’s house and the strange event at the inn prompt the landlord to send for the constable. Mrs Hall disturbed by the strange happening in the room decides to confront Griffin. The chapter Footprints without feet ends as the scientist in an uncontrollable rage decides to remove his clothes and show the people who he really is.

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Important Questions and Answers

How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Griffin is a brilliant yet lawless scientist who uses his invisibility to commit crimes, hurt people and steal from them. Griffin is a gifted scientist who was able to turn himself transparent yet decides to use this power for his own benefit rather than to help others.

“Griffin was rather a lawless person.” Comment

In the chapter Footprints without Feet, Griffin is shown as a lawless person because he uses his power of invisibility to get away with his crimes. The story provides several incidents to prove that Griffin is an unscrupulous man. The eccentric scientist first sets his landlord’s house on fire then attacks the innocent shopkeeper to steal money from him. He even threw a chair at the innkeeper and his wife who entered his room. Later, he attacks the police constable to get away and save himself from being arrested. Griffin constantly uses his power of invisibility to get away with his crimes and hurt others.

How did the invisible man first become visible?

Griffin, the scientist is the invisible man who first becomes visible in the story when decides to steal some clothes from a shop in London. The clothes made Griffin visible to everyone including the shop assistants who chase him away later.

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