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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

With the rapid advancement of technology and intrusion of the Internet in every avenue, businesses across the globe have seen tremendous growth. There are millions of companies around the world, including India, that not only use digital media to attract customers but also for selling their goods and services. But, have you ever thought about how such massive scale operations are conducted? Digital Marketing Management professionals play a decisive role in this area. From handling social media campaigns to implementing SEO strategies, these experts contribute significantly to a company’s growth. Not only restricted to a Diploma in Digital Marketing, but you can also opt for other Marketing courses in order to flourish in this sector. In this blog, we will shed some light on the Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad that you can consider.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is completely a modern technique which has overshadowed the traditional way of marketing. Almost all the business units want customer attention and so, digital marketing is nothing but the promotion of business, brands, and services through the internet. Not only do the diploma, certificate or degree programs like MBA in Digital Marketing impart extensive knowldege in areas like SEO, SEM, International Marketing, Content Automation, Social Media Optimization, etc, but also aid in skill development. In a country like India, there are plenty of job opportunities available for digital marketing professionals. You can make a promising career in digital marketing and earning 15-25 Lakh INR per annum [experienced] while as a fresher, can earn up to 5-6 Lakh per annum. Before delving into the Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad, let us first understand the course curriculum.

Course Curriculum 

Be it the digital marketing courses in Mumbai, in Delhi, in Chennai or digital marketing courses in Pune, the curriculum generally remains the same. As digital marketing is gaining wide-scale attention from masses throughout the state, there are prestigious private entities in Hyderabad which are offering programs in this field. But before we go on to that, here are the major subjects taught in the duration of digital marketing courses: 

Marketing BasicsEarning Money OnlineWebsite Creation with WordPress
Keyword AnalysisBasics of SEO [On and Off page]Google Webmaster Tools
Social Media MarketingGoogle AnalyticsSearch Engine Marketing
Content MarketingAdwords ExpressYouTube Monetization

Note: This is a generalised list. The subjects can vary from one institute to another.

Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad: Top Institutes

If you are falling within the territorial boundaries of Hyderabad, you can get trained in digital marketing courses either through online or class-based courses. Mostly, this program is taught under the BBA & MBA as a specialisation so there is no special examination which is being conducted for this. In order to get trained in a digital marketing course in Hyderabad, here are some of the prestigious private based hubs that will enrich your career in digital marketing: 

  • Digital Brolly
  • Web Trainings Academy
  • Education and Career Times
  • Web Training Institute
  • Digital Flouts
  • DSIM Hyderabad
  • Digital Marketing training institute
  • Digital ready
Name of the Institute Course Name 
IBS HyderabadCertificate in Digital Marketing Analytics
UpGrad (Online)PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication
GITAM Institute of ManagementDigital marketing
Amity Global Business Institute Post Graduation Diploma in Digital Marketing Strategies
Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, HyderabadSpecialisation in Digital Marketing
Web Trainings AcademyCertified Digital Marketing Course
Guru Nanak Institute of ManagementPost Graduate Diploma In Management- Marketing
WLCI HyderabadProfessional Program in Business Management in Marketing & Part-Time Programme in Digital Marketing

Apart from these institutions, you can attend digital marketing classes online from various platforms like UpGrad, Education and career times, Simply Digital institute, etc.

Prospects After Pursuing Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad 

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There is a humongous scope for digital marketing in the contemporary world. Not restricted to core marketing companies but establishments across various sectors are in constant need of digital marketing professionals who are recruited on handsome salaries. If you have pursued your digital marketing course in Hyderabad, you can consider the below-mentioned companies: 

iProspect IndiaFacebookMirum IndiaPinstorm
Interactive AvenuesAdGlobal360Foxy MoronMedia Mint
Quasar MediaiStratTech MahindraSwiggy

Getting a digital marketing course in Hyderabad can land you in prestigious companies on lucrative posts. Based on the specialisation, you can work in the following job roles across various industries: 

  • Marketing Consultant/Research Analyst
  • Content Marketer/Manager
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • SEO Consultant/Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • PPC Search Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Adwords expert
  • Social Media Marketing Expert
  • Copy Writer

Though a demanding career, one can gain advanced knowledge by pursuing digital marketing course in Hyderabad. Do you still feel apprehensive about how to take advantage of digital marketing, don’t worry let our experts at Leverage Edu help you with proper counselling? Book your free 30 minutes of counselling now.

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