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IIT Courses

India’s educational landscape is robust in nature, especially, the Engineering sector. Moreover, amid rigorous competition, there are countless educational institutions that are offering a plethora of new courses under various Engineering branches. Out of the many, the Indian Institutes of Technology [IIT] are taking a massive lead in scientific research and development. Their promising state of the art educational infrastructure has already achieved a benchmark and with the advancements in technology, an array of new courses have been recently introduced by IITs. So, here is a consolidated list of IITs and the new IIT courses/certificate programs.

IITs New IIT Courses
IIT Hyderabad BTech in Artificial Intelligence

Masters in Technology – Data Science and Machine Learning

IIT Kharagpur Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Certificate Course
IIT-Madras Online course on Artificial intelligence
IIT Ropar BTech in Computational Sciences
IIT-Guwahati MTech Data Science

Joint International Masters and Joint International PhD in Food Science and Technology

IIT Mandi M.Tech in Structural Engineering
M.A in Developmental Studies
M.Tech. in Power Electronics and Drives (PED)
M.Tech. in Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI), etc.

IIT Courses in Detail

Now that you are aware of the latest programs introduced by the IITs, let us now go through the important details of these IIT courses.


Ranked 5th in NIRF rankings, IIT Kharagpur has recently introduced a six-month certificate course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The lectures for these programs will be conducted on weekends. Apart from this, the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering will also offer a 3-credit course on stainless steel and advanced ferrous alloys in collaboration with Jindal Steels.

IIT- Hyderabad

Another addition to the list of IIT courses is the B.Tech in Artificial intelligence programme that is being offered by IIT Hyderabad. After Carnegie Mellon University and the revered MIT, IIT Hyderabad has become the third university internationally and 1st in India to introduce this program. It also offers an MTech in Data Science and Machine Learning along with Master’s in Development Studies.


The prestigious institute has launched an online-based platform in order to teach Artificial Intelligence, known as ‘PadhAI’.  It is a 4-month course which consists of 80 hours of lectures. This startup was introduced by Mitesh M Khapra and Pratyush Kumar and thus has been added to our list of new IIT courses.

IIT Mandi

In the year 2017-2018, IIT Mandi introduced a wide range of courses like M.Sc. in Physics, M.Tech. in Very-Large-Scale, Integration (VLSI), M.Tech. in Structural Engineering, M.Tech. in Power Electronics and Drives (PED), M.A. in Development Studies, and M.Tech. in Communications and Signal Processing (CSP). Not restricted to only these IIT courses, the Mandi branch of IIT now also offers Monitoring of Himalayan Environment and Geology and Geomorphology in the list of elective courses.

IIT Ropar

IIT Ropar is known for its robust scientific mechanism and promising courses. The institute has come up with a new course, B.Tech in Computational Data Sciences. With the focus on Artificial Intelligence, this programme is solely managed by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Deep Learning, Spatial Computing, Security Analytics, and Advanced Computer Vision are the key modules.

IIT Guwahati

Placed at 9th position in the NIRF rankings, IIT Guwahati launched 4 new courses, 3 of which are in collaboration with Gifu University (Japan). These IIT courses, which will be offered as Joint International programmes, have been listed below.

  • Joint International Masters in Food Science & Technology
  • Joint International PhD in Food Science & Technology
  • Joint International PhD in Mechanical Engineering (integrated)

Latest Course at IITs

Being a pioneer academic institutions delivering world-class education in science and technology, IITs keep on updating the list of courses offered. All the branches of IIT strive to impart the best education in traditional curses like Civil or Mechanical Engineering as well as incorporate unique diploma/ certificate courses like Leadership Styles, etc. These secondary courses, when combined with the curriculum of STEM courses, help students in expanding their horizon of knowledge. For all those looking forward to becoming a part of an IIT, here are some latest programs launched by the IITs-

Courses Offering IIT Fee  Duration 
-Btech in Materials Engineering
-Btech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics
IIT Delhi 4,47,000 4 Years
-Elective Course in Biomimicry
-Certificate in Business Accounting Process
-Free Course for Electrical Engineers
IIT Madras 9,558


8 Weeks

12 Weeks

BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science IIT Jodhpur 1,24,000 (Per Semester) 4 Years
Certificate in Computer Engineering IIT Kharagpur FREE 14 September to 4 December
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence IIT Guwahati FREE 12 Weeks
Course in Data Science IIT Roorkee 8,000 28th October- 10th November
Online Certificate in Leadership Skills IIT Hyderabad 6,000 12, 22, 28, 29, November and 5, 6 December 2020

Now that you are familiar with new IIT courses, let’s take a look through the list of popular specializations these institutions are offering;

IITs Popular Specialization
IIT Hyderabad Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resource Engineering.
IIT Kharagpur Financial Engineering, Petroleum Engineering,  Engineering Entrepreneurship
IIT-Madras Geotechnical, Thermal, Nuclear, and Aerospace Engineering.

MTech in Clinical Engineering

IIT Mandi Computer Science and Engineering, Structural Engineering, Data Science and Engineering.
IIT Ropar Computer Science, Biomedical, Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials, and Mechanical Engineering

Hence, with the introduction of new IIT courses, the institutes have yet again etched their names in the list of academic institutions offering quality education across domains! Are you exploring a range of courses and popular universities across the globe that could hone your skills in Engineering but are not sure where to study? Then book an E-meeting with the experts at Leverage Edu who will not only help you choose the university but will also assist in writing an impeccable SOP!

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