Courses after 12th Computer Science

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Courses after 12th Computer Science

Are you fond of those unique stacks and array programs? Do you like spending every day immersed in the world of coding and programming? If yes, then for the dexterous programmer like you, there are a plethora of career opportunities available in the thriving IT industry. A suitable career field for tech-savvies, computer science has a variety of courses on offer ranging from diploma/ certificate to bachelor level courses and beyond. To all those exploring courses after 12th Computer Science, here is a blog to help you with some trendy options of the field. Let’s get started on how you can ‘cout << “Kickstart Your Career in Computer Science” << endl;’!

Being an evergreen field with numerous career opportunities, Computer Science has varied subfields and specializations that attracts scores of students throughout the year. It offers a wide range of high salary courses after 12th science in interdisciplinary fields and specializations. Further, the diploma courses are also available in this field for those who want to learn the fundamental concepts and basics. If you wish to delve deep into the core knowledge of this domain, the undergraduate programs such as BSc/ BTech/ BE programmes are the best ones for you. Check out the following table which enlists the major diploma and bachelor’s degree courses after 12th Computer Science.

Study Level Courses  
Diploma -Diploma in Computer Technology (3 years)
-Diploma in Computer Engineering (3 years)
Diploma in Computer Science (2-3 years)
Diploma in Software Engineering (3 years)
-Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology (3 years)
-Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering (3 years)
-Diploma in Hardware and Networking (3 years)
Bachelors  -BTech or BE in Computer Engineering (4 years)
-BTech or BE in Computer Science (4 Years)
-BTech or BE in Computer Science Engineering (4 years)
-BTech or BE in Computer and Communication Science and Engineering (4 years)
-BTech or BE in Software Engineering (4 years)
BSc Computer Science (3 years)
-BSc in Software Technology (3 years)
-BSc in Computer Engineering (3 years)
BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) 3 years 
-Integradted (BE/ BTech + ME/MTech) in Computer Engineering (5 years)

Now that you are familiar with popular courses after 12th computer science, let us take you through the insights of these programs and understand what these courses have on offer.

Diploma in Computer Technology

Through this junior-level program or diploma, you will get familiar with the basic concepts and topics coming under the vast domain of computer science. Students are imparted with the basic knowledge about operating systems, networking along with basic programming and computing. Opting for a diploma after 12th Computer Science will equip you with a sound knowledge of hardware and software of the computers as well as technical skills to pursue entry-level jobs in this field.

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BTech or BE in Computer Science 

This undergraduate course will enable you with core knowledge of computer hardware, software applications, operating systems, networking, amongst others. You will learn about computing systems and technologies and trained to use different software applications. During this 4-year degree program, various principles regarding different levels of abstraction including circuits and computer architecture, algorithms and applications as well as operating systems. 

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BTech or BE in Software Engineering

This contemporary degree program is regarded as one of the most sought after courses after 12th computer science. BTech/ BE Software Engineering aims to impart learners with the knowledge and skills of implementing, designing and modifying the software for better user experience. While pursuing this course you will be able to adopt a systematic approach to analyse, design, test, maintain and operate various software. 

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Bachelor of Computer Application is yet another name in the list of popular courses after 12th Computer Science. It is a 3 to 4 year-long undergraduate degree which involves different computer applications. Some of the course subjects of the field are database systems, data structures, computer networks, programming languages, etc.  This course helps the students demonstrate sound knowledge in the field of computers and solve complex problems through structured formats. Often interchanged, there are certain differences between the BSc Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Applications. To understand this better, you can read our blog on BSC Computer Science vs BCA.

BTech or BE in Computer and Communication Science and Engineering

This course brings a unique combination of Computer Science Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering. Covering the essential concepts of communication networks and computer science, the main emphasis is laid on computing as well as communication technologies in terms of both wireless and wired. Throughout the 4 year duration of the program, you will get to know about the functional and operational aspects of a variety of latest tools and technologies in the field of Communication Science and Engineering. 

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Web Designing

Another popular course in Computer Science after class 12th is Web Designing. Professionals of this field are responsible for creating webpages on the internet using different tools. It includes multimedia, text, and graphics. The person who designs a website is called web developer and the process of creating web pages is called web development. The main part of coding done in various programming languages like HTML, JAVA, and ASP. How the final website will look to the user involves various backend procedures done by programmers.

Graphic Designing

Another prominent course after Computer Science class 12th is Graphic Designing. It is a perfect one for those who have an eye for aesthetics and a zeal to learn new computer applications. The course curriculum is a combination of design philosophy, expertise in practicals and abundance of resources and tools that can help you make unique creatives. You would also need expertise in the latest design software applications like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, etc. 

Top Universities for Computer Science Courses

Pursuing a degree or diploma in Computer Science from an internationally renowned university can help you gain global exposure, immense networking opportunities and much more! Here are the top universities for IT & computer science courses as per the QS World University Rankings 2021:

UniversityQS World University Rankings 2021
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)#1
Stanford University#2
Harvard University#3
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) #4
University of Oxford#5
ETH Zurich#6
University of Cambridge#7
Imperial College London#8
University of Chicago#9
University College London#10

Salary and Job Prospects 

The job prospects for students after completing Computer Science courses are plenty. For example, those interested in coding can choose software engineering as a career.  Below we the most preferred career path among students who have completed a career in computer science:

Designation Salary Per Annum
Digital Marketing ManagerINR 5 lakh- INR 10 lakh
Data ScientistINR 5 lakh
SEO SpecialistINR 2.50 lakh
Machine Learning EngineerINR 6 lakh
Web designer INR 3 lakh


Which course is best after 12 Computer Science?

BE/BTech in computer science, BE/BTech in information technology, BCA, and B.Sc in computer science are some of the best computer science courses after class 12th.

Which Computer Science course is best?

Data Structure & Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages., Database Management, and mathematics, are some of the best computer science courses.

What is 1 year Diploma courses after 12th in Computer Science?

Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)  is a 1 year diploma course that can be pursued by students after completion of 12th education.  The course will provide the student with theoretical and practical knowledge of computer science.

Hopefully, this blog familiarized with you with the choicest courses after 12th computer science. The world of Computer Science and Technology has a vast range of programs on offer with promising career opportunities! Reach out to our study abroad experts and we will guide you in selecting the right course and university that aligns with your interests and career goals.

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