What is World Education Services (WES)?

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What is World Education Services (WES)

Are you willing to study in the USA or Canada? Do you know that you have to provide your GRE scores that must be calculated in line with American standards? Hence, there is a need to convert your regular scores into GRE before submitting them to Canadian or American universities. One of the most prominent service providers in this field is World Education Services (WES).

So if you want to know what is WES, and how to apply for WES evaluation, stick to this blog till the end. 

What is WES?

WES is one of the major credential evaluation services in the United States and Canada. Its primary objective is to make it easier for educational institutions and recruiting companies to understand and accept credentials. This evaluation will give you academic equivalents for your qualifications, allowing you to continue your study or look for work in countries like the USA and Canada. WES assessments are accepted in the United States and Canada. It is the largest and oldest of the assessment services, as well as a NACES founding member (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services).

WES evaluates over 200,000 credentials each year. They auto-authenticate and define overseas education in terms that are comparable to those in the United States or Canada. WES’s unique database includes information on more than 200 nations’ academic certifications, 45,000 international institutions, and 20,000 academic qualifications. It has no official agreements with any country’s educational systems, and the credentials that are retained are supplied freely by the candidates, and they work with third-party motives.

When to Apply for a WES Review?

Post knowing what is WES, let’s now understand when you can get WES to review your credentials. The candidates can refer to the points mentioned below to know when to apply for a WES review:

  • If you have completed your education outside of the United States or Canada and wish to study or work there, a WES credit evaluation can help you. They can help you by letting you know your academic qualifications that are evaluated according to the US and Canadian standards.
  • This data can be utilized to apply to universities that are a good fit for your academic background.
  • If you’re searching for work opportunities in these countries, this assessment can help you figure out which professions you qualify for based on your educational qualifications.

How to Apply For a WES Evaluation?

Another one of the most frequently asked questions apart from what is WES, is how can one apply for a WES credit evaluation. Mentioned below are some steps that will help you to understand this better: 

Step 1: Fill out an application for WES on their official website and obtain a reference number.

Step 2: Compile all required documents and have and submit them to WES by your college, along with the total payment in the form of a DD in a sealed envelope, as per the WES website format. WES does not accept documents submitted by students, agents, or anyone. The documents are examined and verified as soon as they arrive at the WES. They move on to the evaluation process after verification.

Step 3: After the evaluation is completed, WES will send the report to the universities or institutions you have selected.

Documents Required 

Now that we are well familiar with what is WES, and when and how to apply for a WES evaluation, it’s now time to walk you through some of the important documents that are required for the same. In the USA and Canada, the list of required documents varies according to the candidates’ country of education, type of study, and other criteria. On the WES website, you may get a list of required documents based on your requirements. The following are some of the most important documents you’ll need:

  • Certificate of completion or temporary completion of a degree
  • Annual statement of marks
  • Candidates having a degree in Master of Engineering, Master of Education, Master of Technology, or Master of Philosophy, don’t need to provide their undergraduate degree documents. If their master’s degree does not fit into one of the above categories, they must submit their bachelor’s degree documents.

Note: The documents must be dated and sealed in an official sealed envelope signed or stamped across the rear flap by the college’s designated authentication officer. WES will reject the envelope immediately away if it has been opened or if the stamp or signature on the rear flap is missing. The college registrar should also sign the Academic Records Request Form, which you must include with your transcripts in a sealed envelope.

What Does WES Evaluation Include?

WES offers different types of evaluations to candidates wanting to either study or work in countries like the USA and Canada. These are: 

  • Document-by-Document: This evaluation includes a summary of your academic qualifications, including your name, the name of the university you attended, the year you received your degree, and your major field of study. Every credential has an equivalent in the USA and Canada. This evaluation will set you back $100 (INR 7352).
  • Course-by-Course: This assessment contains all of the data from the document-by-document assessment, as well as a list of all post-secondary courses and their corresponding grade equivalents in the US/Canada. This review will set you back $160 (INR 11764).

Note: Extra fees are applicable if a student requests quick service or express delivery.

Duration of WES Review

Depending on the type of service requested by the student, WES typically completes the review procedure within 7 business days. WES may take longer to review if further verification, investigation, or contact is necessary. As a result, it is usually advisable to begin the procedure as soon as possible to ensure that your evaluation report is completed on time.


What is the reason for having the credentials evaluated?

If you received your education outside of the USA, you must have your credentials evaluated for educational institutions, employers, licencing and certification boards in the United States or Canada to understand and accept them. A WES evaluation will provide you with the academic equivalents in the United States for your qualifications, allowing you to continue your study or look for work in the United States or Canada.

When should my credentials be reviewed?

You should get your qualifications reviewed as soon as feasible to get the most out of the process. If you want to continue your study in a US/Canadian college or university but aren’t sure where to go, a WES evaluation will help you decide. It will show you how your educational qualifications are perceived in the USA or Canada. That information may be used to apply to institutions that are a good fit for your educational background. Similarly, if you are looking for work, the assessment will assist you in identifying employment for which you have the required educational background.

What is the extent to which WES evaluations are accepted?

Universities, licensing boards, government organizations, and companies throughout the USA and Canada recognize and accept WES assessments. WES is the largest and oldest of the assessment services and conducts evaluations for about 50,000 people from all around the world each year. NACES was established by WES, and WES is a founding member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services).

How long do files stay open in WES?

Incomplete files are placed on hold and kept open until all required papers, information, or verification are obtained.

What should I do now that my name has changed?

You must provide an official document (marriage certificate or other documents) that shows your legal change of name if your name has changed and the name on your educational credentials varies from your current name.

This was all about WES, how to apply for it, what documents are required to get a WES assessment and more. Planning to study in Canada or the USA? Call Leverage Edu today at 1800 57 2000 and let our experts help you with your application process, courses, universities, scholarships, finances and anything else that can make your study abroad journey come true. 

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