Top 9 Assessment Tools for Teachers

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In addition to delivering knowledge, a teacher’s job entails evaluating the students’ acquired skills and knowledge as well as their level of understanding of the material taught. Due to the development of technology, there are now several online assessment tools for teachers accessible online that aid teachers in evaluating their students in addition to providing remedial actions or providing for growth. Assessments take place on a wider scale and are assisted by a variety of techniques in formal environments like schools and the workplace. If you are a teacher, keep reading to learn more about some of the top assessment tools for evaluation. 

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What are Assessment Tools?

After a unit or subject has been completed, teachers can assess how much their students have learned using assessment tools. It is a technique for determining how well students have retained information and if teachers have employed efficient methods of knowledge transfer. Do they require any alterations or a change in their instructional approach? 

Depending on the setting and goal of an evaluation, the context varies. As an example, when we discuss educational evaluation tools for teachers, we mean that their only goal is to assess how well students do and how well they comprehend a given subject. Tools for educational evaluation can be utilised during the learning process or at the conclusion of a unit or topic.

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Why Assessment Tools are Important for Educators?

While a seasoned professional may be aware of the value of evaluation tools, people who have only recently considered a career in teaching must be asking why these tools are so crucial. Are instruments required to evaluate learners’ degree of knowledge acquisition? Are exams not sufficient tools to verify that? Hold on!

One must first understand that assessments are important for both students and teachers. A good evaluation will always give educators high-quality feedback, enabling them to adjust or customise their methods of instruction in response to the needs and demands of the students. Since every student learns and comprehends at a different rate, evaluation tools aid teachers in modifying their teaching strategies. 

Secondly, assessment tools assist and promote active learning, team building, student participation, and peer-to-peer learning.  

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Top 9 Assessment Tools for Teachers

Now that you have understood the importance of assessment tools, let’s take a look at some of the most common, yet popular tools that educators swear by.

1. ClassMarker

Teachers may construct online tests and progress reports on ClassMarker, a service for online testing. The application automatically grades and fixes exams and quizzes while providing teachers with immediate feedback. The best feature is that teachers may discuss a student’s areas of strength and progress with parents directly by sharing these statistics and feedback with them. 

2. Assessment Generator

Software called Assessment Generator enables teachers to design surveys, examinations, and assessments for their students. These assessments assist teachers in evaluating students’ abilities and development in comparison to previous exams, which enhances decision-making. The tool assists in producing comments and reports that may be sent through email to the parents for future reference. 

3. Exam Time

Exam Time assists teachers with creating evaluations, examinations, and quizzes. children may access these assessments online, their progress can be monitored, and parents and children can immediately get feedback. Additionally, it offers pre-made templates that teachers may use in accordance with their requirements or the style of evaluation they’re searching for. 

4. Inspera Assessment

Another excellent resource for instructors and schools as a whole is the Inspera Assessment tool. This programme offers standardised exams and a straightforward grading platform to universities, institutions, and instructors. These diagnostic assessments analyse a student’s progress against anticipated outcomes and compare their scores to those of their peers to determine how well they have understood their lectures. Teachers can also let parents and pupils in on their educational progress.

5. Mentimeter

Mentimeter seeks to make learning difficult subjects more pleasurable for students by assisting teachers in developing straightforward yet interesting quizzes and assessments. This technology not only motivates students to participate and learn the material in a fun way, but it also assists teachers in making classroom instruction less demanding and more effective. Multiple choice quizzes can be designed by educators, and students of any age can participate in friendly competition. For both the quickest and most accurate replies, there is a points system. The animated leaderboards increase the students’ interest even further. 

6. Socrative

Socrative is an excellent tool for creating thorough assessments that are filled with multiple choice, true or false, and short answer questions. There are a number of choices that allow teachers to modify exactly how students will engage with the questions; for example, students can choose to receive immediate feedback as they answer questions or can freely move between questions at their own speed. 

The educator or teacher dashboard is one of Socrative’s key advantages. Teachers may assess students’ responses right away and keep track of both their individual grades and the class average as they go from question to question.

7. Moodle

Moodle is for complex assignments and assessments. it is basically a giant in the learning platform space and is highly rated by the users all around the globe. it is more like a portal for traditional assignments such as essays, videos presentations, etc. it allows the students to directly upload their work as files and documents to moodle. educators can easily download them and then reupload the marked assignments for each student to re-download. Moodle will definitely save everyones’ vast amount of time and effort.

8. Edutastic

it is basically for the fans of data. The data you gather from Edutastic is very transformative. Here, the educators can leverage the data gathered from the assessments they set and hence plan lessons accordingly.

9. Quizlet

This is for the assessment preparation. It is an incredibly diverse tool that allows the educators to test their students in a variety of different ways. Teachers can create their own study material or use one from the range of pre-made study sets. There are also detailed solutions in the Quizlet’s solution section. This will be helpful to the students outside of the classroom as well.

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Although there are many online tools and platforms available today to aid educators in streamlining the teaching and assessment processes, conventional methods of examination will always be in demand. I hope that this collection of resources will make it easier for you to assess your student’s learning progress and reduce the stress associated with teaching and learning. 


Q.1. What are assessment tools for teachers?

Ans: Assessment tools help in analyzing and assessing student learning and can offer alternative ways to evaluate students outside the conventional test.

Q.2. What are four assessment tools?

Ans: Peer Review, Rubrics Surveys, and Written examinations are some of the commonly used assessment tools.

Q.3. What are the three main types of assessment?

Ans: The main three types of assessment are diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment.

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