Maths Project Class 12

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Maths Project Class 12

In this cut-throat competitive world, one needs to have command over the skills they have and that is impossible with just bookish knowledge. One such example of a blend of theoretical knowledge with practical thinking is CBSE curriculum regarding the projects work in class 12th. In mathematics, it becomes important to score well and preparing an attractive project will help you have a better command over the subject. Read this blog further to understand more about the maths project of class 12.

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Maths Project Class 12: Weightage

The total marks allocated for maths project are 20 and the rest of 80 marks are evaluated by conducting practical examination.

The distribution for 20 marks is as follows-

Evaluation FactorsMarks
Periodic Test10
Interpretation of Result1
Write-up of project2
Procedure adopted2
Identification and statement of the project1
Creativity in presentation2

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Maths Project Class 12: Sample Format

You need to follow certain standards while preparing your project. Here is a sample format for the project-

Cover Page- Name, Class, Roll No, Title of project

Table of Contents- Page Titles

Description- Explain a brief description of the project. 

Procedure- Explain the procedure for the topic that you are preparing your project on along with pictures.

Mathematics Used- Explain the use of mathematics or mathematics involved while creating your project.

Conclusion- Conclude everything that you understood from creating this project in a brief manner.

Bibliography- List of resources such as websites, reference links, encyclopedia, journals etc.

Acknowledgement- Final page acknowledging the fact that you created this whole project on yourself.

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Project Topics

CBSE has a list of predetermined topics and allots them to the students according to their roll number. Students might also be given the option to choose the topic themselves depending upon the school.

The Random Fibonacci Sequence

Objective- Exploring Fibonacci numbers

Fibonacci numbers are a sequence of numbers i.e. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,24….. The first number is 1, the second number is 1 and the next term is equal to the sum of previous two numbers of the sequence itself. 

In this project you will have to write the next 20 terms of the sequence generated by it. 

You are required to explain the history of the mathematician who gave it.

After that, you have to explore in nature the things that correspond to Fibonacci numbers with pictures and examples. For example- counting the number of petals of a flower, it is most probable that they will correspond to one of the Fibonacci numbers.

Pascal Triangle

  • Define the Pascal Triangle 
  • Explain the history of the Pascal Triangle
  • How to construct it
  • Mention about the properties of Pascal Triangle-
    • The sum of numbers in any row is 2 when n is the number of rows.
    • Property related to prime number
    • Hockey stick pattern
    • Fibonacci sequence located through pascal triangle
  • Make a model on Pascal Triangle

Platonic Solids

Objective- Making platonic solids

  • Introduction
  • You are required to mention about 5 platonic solids along with their properties.
  • Explain about the history of platonic solids
  • Explain the procedure for making platonic solids
  • The final step in this project topic would be to verify euler’s formula for each solid.

3D Snowflakes

Objective- Making 3D snowflakes

You are required to make a model with its project report having contents- 

  • What is 3D snowflake
  • Application in daily life
  • Use of mathematics in it.
  • Explain the procedure of the model in detail

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Working Maths Project Class 12

Credits – vbn maths classes (Youtube)

Other Topics Provided by CBSE

  • Marion Walter’s Theorem
  • Probability
  • Exploring Rule Variations in Conway’s Game of Life
  • Determining the Fraction of Lattice Points Visible from the Origin in the Third Dimension
  • Displacement and Rotation of a Geometrical Figure

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We hope that this blog was able to help you clarify your doubts regarding the maths project class 12. Connect with us at Leverage Edu and we will help you choose the right course and provide assistance in getting admission in your dream university. 

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