Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education

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Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education

We tend to believe that a career in physical education or sports will not be financially rewarding. With the substantial awareness around health as well as people’s growing interest in the field of sports, there is now an opportunity for those who wish to build a career in sports. Observing the changing trends and career in physical education gaining momentum, students are finally looking at sports as a lucrative career field. If you are someone who has always wanted to pursue a career in physical education but was confused about the possibilities in this field, here is all the information that you will need.

What is Physical Education?

Merriam Webster defines Physical Education as “the instruction in the development and care of the body ranging from simple calisthenic exercises to a course of study providing training in hygiene, gymnastics, and the performance and management of athletic games”. To put it simply, physical education aims to help students develop their bodily strength, competence and knowledge of movement and safety. This discipline is an important part of the school curriculum in commonwealth countries and trains students to succeed in athletics as well as enjoy the physical activities apart from the general theoretical curriculum.

With earlier hunting being the primary form of movement and exercise, people are now constrained to their homes suppressing this essential habit, which leads to multiple physical and psychological problems. Physical education is now enforced to enhance living. Physical training isn’t mere fitness. Here are the key benefits of Physical Education:

  • It involves a healthy way to develop physical competence and skills. 
  • It helps students engage in activities and explore their interest in sports. 
  • It also includes motivating and building students for a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Apart from sports, Physical education teaches students teamwork, fairness, responsibility in a group, and other essential soft skills in an enjoyable and fun way.

Aims and Objectives

Physical education is a crucial part of the curriculum in schools and colleges at any level. There is a strong vision behind enlisting this subject as a compulsory topic.

  • Physical education encourages an active and spirited lifestyle among students even after their school life.
  • It promotes healthy competition among children. 
  • Physical training helps students develop self-defence skills and enhance confidence.
  • It aims at creating a passion for sports and outdoor activities.
  • It teaches them how to play and work by being corporative and united and take correct decisions in sudden situations. 
  • Physical education has multiple physical and psychological benefits and also helps in reducing the risk of severe diseases. 

National and International Level Sports Competitions

In order to promote sports and athletic talent, various sport events are conducted at the National and international level. Class 12 Physical Education syllabus also covers national and international level sports competitions. To give you an idea, here is a list of events which are conducted in India and across the world. 

National Level Sports

Indian Premier League IPL (Twenty20) – Cricket

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The Indian Premier League is a National Cricket tournament which happens annually between March and May. The first edition of the match happened in the year 2008 with the founding of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in the year 2007. A total of 8 teams participate in this tournament namely Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Night Riders, Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings. 

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Indian Super League – Football

Indian Super League
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The Indian Super League is India’s National Football tournament which happens annually between November to March. The Indian Super League was founded in the year 2013 and is organised by Star Sports, All India Football Federation (AIFF) and Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL). A total of 11 teams participate in this competition namely ATK Mohun Bagan FC, Bengaluru FC, Chennaiyin FC, SC East Bengal, FC Goa, Hyderabad FC, Jamshedpur FC, Kerala Blasters FC, Mumbai City FC, NorthEast United FC and Odisha FC. 

Pro Kabaddi League – Kabaddi

Pro Kabaddi League
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The Pro Kabaddi League is India’s National Kabaddi tournament, started in the year 2014. As Kabaddi is traditionally played within the Indian Community, this tournament has gained a lot of popularity over the years. In the beginning, 8 teams competed for the championship trophy but now the number has increased to 12. The twelve teams are Bengal Warriors, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi KC, Gujarat Fortune Giants, Haryana Steelers, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaivas, Telugu Titans, U Mumba and UP Yoddha. 

Hockey India League – Hockey

Hockey India League
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The Hockey Indian League (HIL) is India’s professional Hockey Championship organised by Hockey India. This particular league happens every in the months of January and February, lasting two months. A total of 6 teams participate in this tournament namely Dabang Mumbai, Delhi Waveriders, Kalinga Lancers, Punjab Warriors, Ranchi Rays and Uttar Pradesh Wizards. The winning team of this tournament receives an award amount of INR 3 crores and the first runner up team is awarded INR 1.5 crores. 

Premier Badminton League – Badminton

Premier Badminton League
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The Premier Badminton League is India’s professional Badminton Championship which is administered by Badminton Association of India. The Premier Badminton League was inaugurated in January 2016. A total of 7 franchises participate in this tournament namely Awadhe Warriors, Northeastern Warriors, Mumbai Rockets, Pune 7 Aces, Hyderabad Hunters, Bengaluru Raptors and Chennai Superstarz. 

Pro Wrestling League – Wrestling

The Pro Wrestling League is India’s National wrestling championship league which is administered by the Wrestling Federation of India. This championship was inaugurated in the year 2015. A total of 6 teams send in their individual members to compete in this competition. The teams are Delhi Sultans, Haryana Hammers, Mumbai Maharathi, NCR Punjab Royals, UP Dangal and MP Yodha 

International Level Sports

Asian Games

Asian Games
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The Asian Games (Asiad), organised by the Asian Games Federation is a continental multi sport event which provides a competitive platform for athletes from the whole of Asia. The first Asian Games happened in 1951 in New Delhi and it is conducted every four years. The next Asian Games will happen in Hangzhou, China in 2022. The Asian Games features a number of sports events in a diverse number of athletic fields including Baseball, Archery, Roller Sports, Karate, Bowling, Cricket, Cycling, etc. The purpose of this tournament is to support Asian Athletes and create multi sport events for the nations of the Asian continent. 

Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games
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The Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport tournament made specifically for the Commonwealth of Nations, consisting of 54 member states. Before attaining its present name, it was known by various other names like British Empire Games, the British Empire, Commonwealth Games, and British Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games are administered by the Commonwealth Games Federation. The latest edition of Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham in 2022. This tournament was first inaugurated with the intention to create a sense of unity between the different nations of the British Isles and it’s still a platform where all the member states come together and celebrate athletic talent. 

Olympic Games

Olympic Games
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The Olympic Games is an International sports event which brings in the idea of International cooperation with more than 200 countries participating in it. It is held once in every four year and features a number of sports events on Athletics, swimming, fencing, basketball, baseball, etc. The Olympic Games are administered by the International Federation of India. The next edition of the games will be held in Tokyo in 2021. 

ICC World Cup

ICC World Cup
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The ICC World Cup is an International Cricket championship which is one of the most popular viewed sports tournaments in the world. It is administered by the International Cricket Council (ICC), with its first edition conducted in 1975. A total of 20 teams, representing their respective countries participate in the tournament. The 13th edition of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will be hosted by India in 2023. The winning team is awarded ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy.

Khelo-India Program

The Khelo-India program is launched by the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports with an aim to promote sports amongst the Indian masses. The thinking behind this initiative is that playing sports not only brings in a sense of unity amongst the people of a country but also paves a way towards a healthy lifestyle. Basically it contributes towards the overall growth of an individual and the nation as a whole. This initiative will provide the people with a platform to not only inculcate athletic skills but also showcase their thus acquired talent. To make this program successful, the ministry will start with creating the required infrastructure and then provide adequate training. 

The program will be working on the below mentioned fronts. 

  1. Play Field Development
  2. Community Coaching Development
  3. State Level Khelo-India Centers
  4. Annual Sports Competition
  5. Talent Search and Development
  6. Utilisation and Creation/upgradation of Sports Infrastructure
  7. Support to National/Regional/State Sports Academics
  8. Physical fitness of school children
  9. Sports for women
  10. Promotion of sports amongst people with disabilities
  11. Sports for peace and development
  12. Promotion of rural and indigenous/tribal games.

People often overlook this subject and deem it just an additional subject in the syllabus. But as civilizations grow and explore, so does their mindsets. Despite having considerably less emphasis on education, physical training is now being looked at with a brighter perspective in India. Apart from being a source of entertainment for many, physical education has now become a full-fledged course in colleges and universities. The government of India is also contributing to the physical education system by providing suitable facilities for its purpose. Colleges also have special seats reserved for students who wish to make their mark in sports. 

Skills Required

Apart from the obvious skill and motivation to practice fitness, a person who aspires to have a career in Physical Education must possess the following skills:

  • Good understanding of physique
  • Knowledge about the drills of diverse sports 
  • Management and communication
  • Principles of healthy living
  • Knowledge about nutrition 
  • Creative ways to help students enjoy each sport.
  • First Aid skills

Apart from these skills, these physical trainers must be enthusiastic and patient around their students for effective and cooperative learning. 

Career in Physical Education in India

Students who wish to pursue a career in Physical Education can opt for a diploma in Physical Education ((D.P.Ed) or complete B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, etc, and then pursue Bachelor of Physical Education or B.P.Ed course. Physical training is a hectic and energy-consuming field which requires a lot of patience to reach a position with a good amount of salary. However, students can also apply in gyms or fitness centres and provide personal training for a higher income. Physical trainers are also required in schools and colleges and students can boost their career by indulging in multiple jobs for short spans in different sectors. Some of the major universities to build a successful career in Physical Education are:

  • Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior
  • S.E.S’S College of Physical & College of Education, Jalgaon
  • YMCA College of Physical Education, Chennai
  • College of Physical Education, Pune
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Delhi
  • YMCA College Of Physical Education, Bangalore
  • Savitadevi Mahavidyalaya, Meerut
  • Baliapal College of Physical Education, Balasore
  • Jyotiba College of Physical Education, Nagpur

The salary of a Physical Trainer depends on their position, field, and location. A sports coach earns an average salary of INR 1,09,000. However, a senior level educator might earn an average salary of up to INR 1,10,900.

Top Universities Abroad

There are a number of colleges and universities in the world that have observed the changing trends and career in physical education is now considered a course worth investing in. Here is a list of some of the colleges that are offering courses in physical education or the various specializations available in that course as well as a management degree in sports, some of these are- 

  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 
  • College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management at the University of South Carolina
  • School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University
  • School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University
  • Norwegian School of Sport Sciences 
  • Texas A&M University
  • School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, The University of Queensland
  • University of Illinois at Urbana
  • University of Georgia

Courses and Scope for a Career in Physical Education 

There are numerous job opportunities in physical education, thanks to the changing trends and career in physical education. These range from off-field opportunities as a coach or a team manager. Sports management has emerged as a new and exciting field for those who want to be involved in aspects related to managing the organizational aspects of a team as well as the events that take place. You could also be involved in training aspects of the field as an athletic trainer or fitness instructor. There is also a possibility of being involved in fields like sports journalism, sports photography or even a sports anchor. 

There is also a demand for professionals who have the required knowledge in the therapeutic and rehabilitative areas of the sports industry, this includes areas like electromagnetic therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy. Here are the most popular careers in Physical Education:

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Human Kinetics Specialist
  • Sports Broadcaster
  • Referee/Umpire
  • Chiropractor
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Health Educator
  • Geriatric Fitness Specialist
  • Adaptive Physical Education Specialist
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Recreation Worker
  • Physical Therapist
  • Sports Management
  • Gerontology
  • Health Researcher
  • Athletic Coach
  • Fitness Specialist–Personal Trainer, Fitness Director
  • Exercise Science 
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Early Childhood Motor Skills Instructor
  • Sports Medicine

By taking the right decisions, one can build a career in physical education that is both personally and professionally rewarding. One of our students Ashish Prashant, was always interested in building a career in a sport but it took him a long time to make a decision in that direction. He came from a family of academically brilliant achievers who believed that sports were something one did for leisure and that a career in this field was not going to be feasible. When he came to us at Leverage Edu, he was ready to take that leap of faith to pursue his passion.

With the help of counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu he was able to convince his parents that a career in physical education will help him create a mark. He will now be pursuing a Masters in Sports Industry Management from Emlyon Business School in Paris. To know more about his journey with us you can read his Leverage Edu Review.

If you too want a build a career in physical education, you can get in touch with the experts of Leverage Edu who will help you find the ideal course and college for you.

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