The Ultimate Guide to First Year of College by Kunal Kushwaha

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The Ultimate Guide to First Year of College by Kunal Kushwaha

The enthusiasm and excitement of commencing your college life are unique in their own way. Each one of us must have had a modification of self and closets before beginning an important way that helps us in our first year of college. However, there is much more to college life than all the dazzle shown and heard by students. Apart from studies, there are multiple things you can indulge in and the experience and priorities differ for each individual. It is important to utilize the time and freedom you have during your first year for having a balanced experience, socializing and also learning newer things. Through this blog, let’s check out the various activities you can pursue through the ultimate guide to the first year of college for coding and programming enthusiasts by Kunal Kushwaha. 

It’s not about the grades you make, it’s about the hands you shake!

About the YouTuber- Kunal Kushwaha

Based in New Delhi, India Kunal Kushwaha is a YouTuber, Blogger, and open-Source contributor. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology. Apart from these, he is also passionate about Kubernetes, Web Dev, Machine Learning, and DevOps. Kunal Kushwaha has been an MLH coach since Sept. 2020 which is the official student hackathon league. 

He went on and co-found Code for Cause, which is an initiative that spreads awareness about the possibilities in the field of coding and ethical hacking and also gives them opportunities. Besides these accomplishments, Kunal Kushwaha has also interned in various renowned online and offline platforms like The Linux Foundation, Red Hat, Coding Blocks, etc. 

Let’s go through what Kunal has to share with us with regard to the first year of college and especially the first year of engineering college along with various tips and tricks that will shape your future years.

First Year of College  - Kunal Kushwaha
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The Ultimate Guide to First Year of College

Kunal begins by informing students on preparing them for the first year of college and tells them about how amidst the various other things that excite you like festivals, parties, classes, projects, etc. there are certain things that you can learn which will be helpful in the forthcoming years. Students easily get influenced by their peers’ interests and get involved in similar activities without checking their details. Through his video, Kushal helps students know what are a few good courses or extra skills to choose from based on one’s aptitude and interest.

First Semester

Students who wish to pursue courses in AR, VR, blockchain, etc. must solely focus on the basics. He says that they must not begin with python as the first programming language as it doesn’t manage to show important concepts. Students could begin with Java or C++ and brush through the basic concepts without sacrificing their leisure time. People who want to be perfect with their concepts in computer science can also do courses in maths for CS. For this, Kunal recommends students the course ‘ ‘Introduction to Algorithm’ by MIT open courseware. These few courses and programs will help you create a stronger base since data structure algorithms and computer programming are essential for internships and placements. 

Second Semester

For the second semester, Kunal emphasizes building a feeling for the development and exploration of various fields to understand the gist of each of them and know where your interest lies. He further states that it is beneficial if students add to ‘open source contributions’ which is a publicly available software for students to modify. With this, he ends the additional courses for the first year which will add to your resume and help in your interviews. 

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Tips for an Elevating Resume and College Life

To guide students further in preparing for the first year of college, Kunal also talks about why it is not necessary for students to worry about doing internships in the first year itself. The initial terms of college are there to build your expertise and develop skills that are much more valuable in the long run. He also emphasizes the importance of skills more than merely earning certificates. Often companies also use the names of brands and lure students into ‘paying’ for an internship. Kunal strongly disapproves of these internships and certificates because more often than not these brands aren’t legit. 

For creating an impressive resume, Kunal suggests students take part in voluntary works and projects in programs like Microsoft, developer students club, etc. Another aspect that can elevate your resume is open-source contributions. He also advises students to refrain from ‘tutorial hell’. This means that one constantly keeps watching various coding tutorials continuously without actually practising them. 

Coming to socializing and participating in Events. Kunal stresses that you keep a strong balance between your studies and social life. As important as it is to keep a healthy social circle, it is equally essential that you don’t overlook and hamper your preparation and studies. He further talks about the college representative programs of Tier 1 colleges where he states that depending on your end goal, you must choose cleverly since these certificates don’t really create an impact on your resume. 

To conclude, Kunal tells students not to get demotivated by discouraging seniors and to keep focusing on their path. College life is filled with uncertain people, incidents, and moments. Focus on your true self and don’t get influenced by others. 

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We hope you found some useful information in this ultimate guide to the first year of college. For more such awesome content stay tuned with Leverage Edu!

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