Aerospace Engineering Scholarships

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Aerospace engineering scholarships

The aim of writing this blog is to share the scholarship opportunities available for students who want to pursue aerospace engineering from abroad. This profitable career is intellectually engaging and also loaded with deep technicality. Because of the heavy fee structure, it is not possible for even deserving merit students to fulfil their UG and PG program in aerospace engineering. To cater for this issue there are multiple ways through which applicants receive financial aid in the form of scholarships to help them fulfil their dream of becoming aerospace engineers. To know more about aerospace engineering scholarships and more, keep reading this blog!

Course NameAerospace Engineering
DurationUG- 4 years
PG- 2 years
Average FeeUG- 8-10 Lakhs (India)        
35-50 Lakhs (Abroad)        
PG- 4-7 Lakhs (India)         
25-30 Lakhs (Abroad)
Scholarship Availability Yes
Placement OpportunityYes
Average Salary India- INR 7 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs
Abroad-Upto USD 90,000 (INR 73L)

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering which study rocket science and deals with spacecraft development. Aerospace engineering has different wings like aeronautical engineering, avionics and astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineering develops space vehicles like rockets of different categories operating in outer space. The interaction between various engineering and technological disciplines like avionics. Aerodynamics, structural analysis, material science, air propulsion and design manufacturing are also summarised as aerospace engineering.

Skills Required

To excel in the field of Aerospace Engineering a candidate must possess the following essential skills:

  • Detailed Software & Hardware knowledge 
  • Spacecraft Design expertise
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Task-Oriented
  • Team Player
  • Risk Mitigation

Top University Abroad

Here is the list of best universities to pursue Aerospace Engineering courses from abroad:

UniversityQS WU Ranking 2023Course Fee
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1USD 58K (INR 47.36 Lakhs)
Princeton University=16USD 48K (INR 39.19 Lakhs)
University of British Columbia=47USD 43K (INR 35.11 Lakhs)
Monash University 57AUD 35K (INR 19.28 Lakhs)
University of Glasgow81GBP 26K (INR 25.70 Lakhs)
University of Waterloo=154(INR 27 Lakhs)
Texas A&M University=164USD 46K (INR 37.56 Lakhs)
University of Minnesota=185USD 27K (INR 22.04 Lakhs)
RMIT University=190AUD 43K (INR 23.68 Lakhs)
Massey University=292NZD 25K (INR 12.78 Lakhs
University of Hertfordshire801-1000GBP 13K (INR 12.85 Lakhs)
Florida Institute of Technology1001-1200USD 41K (INR 33.48 Lakhs)
Cranfield UniversityNAGBP 24K (INR 23.73 LAkhs)
University of AuburnNAUSD 17K (INR 13.88 Lakhs)

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Eligibility Criteria

International applicants must meet the minimum eligibility criteria to study the aerospace engineering program at abroad universities. These admission criteria may vary from university to university, so below we have mentioned the basic general criteria common for top universities in the world to study aerospace engineering.

  • For the UG program, applicants must pass 10+2 with a science stream in the first division from a recognised state or central education board. 
  • For the PG program applicant must complete a bachelor’s degree in aerospace or another relevant field from a recognized university with a good score.
  • GRE Exam is an entrance exam for the AE program.
  • English proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. are compulsory for Indian students.

Documents Required

Aerospace Engineering Scholarships 

Aerospace engineering students get scholarships in two ways. One is from an organization that promotes aerospace education and another is from colleges and universities offering aeronautical/aerospace programs. Here, we will discuss all the aerospace engineering scholarship in detail:

Financial Aid from Aerospace Organisations

There are multiple aeronautical or aerospace organisations that offer scholarships to UG and PG students based on the merit or need of the applicant. Some of the scholarships are discussed below. 

  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Foundation offers scholarships to students enrolled on aerospace engineering. Applicants who exhibit outstanding academics, as well as an aptitude for development in the field of aerospace engineering, are given special consideration. Each selected candidate receives an award of USD 2500 (INR 2.04 Lakhs) as a scholarship. To apply or receive more updated information in detail details kindly check the official website of AIAA.

  • Nasa Aeronautics Scholarship Program

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Scholarship Program offers educational funding in the form of scholarships to undergraduate and graduate-level aerospace engineering researchers. NASA offers an annual scholarship of USD 15000 (INR 1.22 Lakhs ) to each student. It is purely based on the candidate’s merit as well as an aptitude for aerospace engineering. To apply or receive more updated information in detail kindly check the NASA website.

  • Abe Zarem Awards

Abe Zarem Awards are given on a merit-based. Talented graduate students belonging to the field of aerospace engineering are given financial support worth USD 35000 (INR 28.63 Lakhs) annually. Abe Zarem awards support students financially for two years which includes a summer internship worth USD 10K (INR 8.18 Lakhs). To apply or receive more updated information in detail kindly check the official source. 

  • Women in Aerospace Foundation

Women in Aerospace Organization honours females earning their space in the field of aerospace science. Annually, two scholarships are given to female aerospace engineering professionals. WAF offers financial aid worth USD 2000 (INR 1.63 Lakhs) to the female candidate on meeting their prescribed eligibility criteria like a 3.0 cumulative GPA etc. Selected winners are honoured at the annual October awards ceremony. To apply or receive more updated information in detail kindly check the official source. 

  • Aerospace State Association

Aerospace State Association or ASA is known for its commitment towards the development of education in physical science and engineering. It offers to deserve qualified candidates who study aerospace engineering worth USD 2000 (INR 1.63 Lakhs). Candidates need to submit all the required documents to avail of this financial aid. To apply or receive more updated information in detail kindly check the official source. 

Financial Aid from Academic Institutions-

There are various universities worldwide that offer financial aid to students studying aerospace engineering based on both merit and need. Some of the scholarships are discussed below.

 United States of America

  • University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota offers an R. Minkin Aerospace engineering scholarship to the outstanding candidate. It offers an award worth USD 500 (INR 41K) to each selected student.

Auburn University offers Rodney Bradford Endowment annual award to a financially needy student from Alabama pursuing a major in aerospace engineering. The award amount is not fixed. Scholarship amount varies depending upon the applicant’s profile.

Texas A&M University offers Benjamin and Deanna scholarship awards to the juniors student enrolled on the aerospace engineering program. The award is worth USD 1000 (INR 81K) annually.

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United Kingdom

  • University of Glasgow – The University of Glasgow offers a scholarship worth GBP 500 (INR 41K) to PG students who pursue Aerospace Engineering. The total number of awards available is 20.  
  • Loughborough University – Loughborough University offers a 20% waiver on the tuition fee for PG students pursuing aerospace engineering. This scholarship is available for full-time students only. 
  • University of Hertfordshire – The University of Hertfordshire offers a scholarship worth GBP 2000 (INR 1.63 Lakhs) to the undergraduates enrolled in the aerospace engineering program. It is only for full-time students.
  • Cranfield University – Cranfield University offers a 50% waiver on the tuition fee of postgraduate students enrolled in aerospace engineering with the university. This waiver is only for full-time students. 


  • Monash University – Monash University in Australia offers a scholarship to aerospace engineering students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are 10 awards available for the selected candidates. The amount of scholarship not fixed varies on the merit of the applicant.


  • University of British Columbia – The  University of British Columbia in Canada offers CAD 10K (INR 6.07 Lakhs) scholarships to all international students who want to pursue PhD in aerospace or aeronautical engineering at UBC. 


Is there a scholarship for Aerospace Engineering?

AICTE Pragati & Saksham Scholarship Scheme 2022 | National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Pioneers of Flight Scholarship 2022 | Novus Biologicals Scholarships, 2023 | IISc International PhD/MSc Fellowships, and more.

How do you get a NASA scholarship?

Academic achievement, financial necessity, and interest in school or community activities are used to evaluate applicants. Scholarship recipients may pursue any course of study leading to a recognised degree at any accredited institution or university in the United States.

Can I study Aerospace Engineering for free?

You can Learn Aerospace Engineering with free online courses and MOOCs from MIT, CU Boulder, IIT Kanpur, Arizona State University and other top universities around the world.

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