Monash University: Courses, Class Structure, Careers & More

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Monash University: Courses, Class Structure, Careers and more
Monash University: Courses, Class Structure, Careers and more

Named after a military leader, engineer and a public administrator Sir John Monash, Monash University was established in 1958. Along with being one of premier Group of Eight-Australia’s renowned research universities, it is also ranked amongst the top 1% universities in the world.

Monash University is the second oldest university in Victoria, Australia. It is the only Australian member of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres, Universities and National Academies. Furthermore, it also has Daniel Andrews (48th Premier of Victoria), Fiona Balfour (former Qantas and Telstra executive), Kevin Andrews (Australian Defence Minister) and a lot more notable alumina, leading in different fields and sectors.

Monash University is home to 17 cooperative research centres and 100 research centres. Let us know what else the university offers to its students


The courses offered by Monash University are internationally recognised and guarantee a rewarding career. Also, Monash offers Undergraduate, Graduate, Research and Personal Development Courses. Subjects taught at Monash Universities range across various fields:

  • Computer Science
  • Social sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Business & Economics
  • Education
  • Law
  • Life sciences

Monash University has five Australian campuses, a campus in Malaysia and locations in South Africa, Italy, India and also China.

Class Structure:

Monash University provides a safe and supportive environment for its students to grow and foster. This is because, it’s students come from various countries, backgrounds and cultures. Furthermore, based on data collected by 2018 World University Rankings, Monash University has an impressive class structure:

  • 46,846 students
  • 28% percentage of International Students
  • 57:43 Student Ratio of Females to Males
  • 33.7 no. of students per staff

From volunteering and mentoring to developing global networks, Monash University careers are amazing.

Following a fantastic year in 2017, the Alumni Outreach appeal re-launched in April. Last year they spoke to 14,000 alumni, who between them donated a huge $220,000.

Hosted by alumni, each year their GDP interns spend four weeks living and working in New York City. For students, it’s the chance to kick-start their careers and take part in real projects. Meanwhile, for hosts, they get fresh new perspectives from Monash’s best and brightest young minds.

To promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the community, Dr. Kolodziejczyk founded the not-for-profit organisation Scientists-in-Residence (SiR), which runs numerous workshops and science outreach programs for students. Above all, they try to encourage scientists connect with community by providing free of charge science advise to local government and community groups

Other Dynamics: 
  • Student Organisations – Every campus has one Monash Student Association to represent Monash students internationally.
  • Academic Societies and Associations – Such societies and associations organise various events and take learning beyond classrooms.
  • Interest-based Societies and Club – Monash Association of Debaters, Monash Whites Football Club and Lot’s Wife – A newspaper for the Clayton Campus.
  • Sport – Monash Sport supervises sports at Monash University. It is a department of over 200 staff members, which includes more than 50 sporting clubs, participation in local and national sporting competitions.
  • Halls of Residence – Monash Residential Services (MRS) takes care of the operation of on-campus halls of residence. It also coordinates a variety of facilities at most Australian campuses as well as South Africa.

All things considered, Monash University lets you choose from many study options including part-time study, off-campus learning, double degrees and alternative pathways. With the motto of “I am still learning”, Monash University has a legacy of creating top executives across various fields and sectors. Monash University not only offers the excellent academics, networking, and facilities but gives a platform for a student to grow and develop holistically.

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