Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

If you are a student of science and are interested in the design, development, and operations of various machinery then you should probably consider studying a course like mechanical engineering. If you want to gain expertise in this degree while pursuing another course or after completing your undergraduate degree then a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a good option to choose. This course will give you an insight into the basics of mechanical engineering as well as practical and theoretical knowledge of the same. 

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering- Eligibility and Key Concepts

You can pursue a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at any given point of time. The diploma requires you to have completed your class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as your subjects. A Diploma in Mechanical Engineering deals with the application of these subjects for the processes involved in mechanical systems. This diploma is usually offered in various polytechnic colleges across the globe. The course is such that it prepares one for industrial experiences. Here are some key elements of this diploma that will be taught in detail during this course:

  • Engineering Mathematics: This subfield of applied mathematics deals with the mathematical methods and techniques used specifically in the engineering stream and industry. It is an important part of this course because it helps with various calculations required in the process of mechanics. 
  • Applied Mechanics: This branch of physical science will help you with understanding the physics behind bodies in motion and its force, this topic covers all the physical and practical parts of the field of mechanical sciences.
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Manufacturing engineering as a field deals with the design, development, and operation of various integrated systems of the industry in order to obtain high quality and economic product. This usually includes making tools for various industries such as the computer industry, garment industry, pharmaceutical industries, etc. 
  • Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineering deals with power storage, generation, and transmission. It also involves studying and designing instruments which use electricity.
  • Theory of Machines: This subject involves basic theory of bodies in motion and the forces which act on them. These theories are useful while designing various parts of a machine.
  • Design of Machine Elements:  This course focuses on designing various parts of a machine and is also involved in the manufacturing of these parts.

Other subjects that are also usually part of a curriculum are as follows:

  • Strength of Material
  • Thermodynamics
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Tool Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics

Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering

The syllabus of mechanical engineering could vary depending on the college. The basic topics included in the syllabus of mechanical engineering are as follows:

Top Colleges for Mechanical Engineering

Here are the top colleges for a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering: 

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
Georgia Institute of Technology 88
Stanford University 3
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 25
University of California, Berkeley 27
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign 85
California Institute of Technology 6
Carnegie Mellon University 52
Cornell University 20
University of Texas at Austin 72

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering- Job Prospects

The field of mechanical engineering has various options in multinational companies and industries. This job may also require field work in a given period of time. Here are some job prospects if you are planning to pursue a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering:

  • Mechanical Engineering: A mechanical engineer designs power-producing machines as well as power-consuming machines which include electrical generators, refrigerators, elevators, etc. 
  • Technician: Technicians work with highly specialized machines and perform mechanical and demonstrative tests which involves a complex framework. 
  • Supervisor:  A supervisor oversees the mechanical installation and conducts an inspection on the safety of the machines.

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Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular job profiles and their avg. salaries:

Job Profile Avg. Salary
Mechanical Engineer 4.5 Lakh
Automotive Engineer 6 Lakh
Aerospace Engineer 4.5 Lakh
CAD Technician 4.8 Lakh
Nuclear Engineer 10 Lakh

Devoting time to a diploma can be a wise decision but at the same time factors like time management, interest in course, etc play an important part when pursuing a course like Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. If you are unsure about whether this is the right course for you, let the experts at Leverage Edu assist you in coming to a decision that takes into consideration your psychometric results, interests, goals and strengths.

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