Humber vs Centennial College: Which is Better?

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Are you someone who is looking to study in Canada? As it is widely known, the country has proven itself with numerous educational and work opportunities, fulfilling quality of life, and universal healthcare. Canada is also famous for its diverse multicultural population, stable political system, thriving economy, and safety. Some of the best colleges in Canada that you can apply to are Humber College and Centennial College. This blog covers the general comparison: Humber vs Centennial College. Students can get an overview of both colleges, the popular courses available, the tuition fees, global ranking, and alumni.

Humber vs Centennial College: Overview

Humber college is one of the best colleges in Ontario, Canada. The college offers global engagement and opportunities as well as hands-on, career-aimed learning to its students. Students can apply for Bachelor’s degree programs, diplomas, certificates, and Ontario graduate certificates in this college. Humber College has three campuses and six faculties and offers courses on Accounting, Mental Health, Baking, Biotechnology, Film, and law, among many others. It also has one international graduate school. 

Centennial College, on the other hand, is Toronto’s first community college that is home to 25,000 students. It is one of the few colleges that rank high in terms of student satisfaction. The college also offers scholarships and bursaries of over 3 million dollars. The college is welcoming to International students and has five campuses, and eight schools in total.  Students can apply for full-time and part-time courses in business, communication, health, and other courses in this college. 

The following are the popular courses provided by Humber College

Popular Courses  Credential 
3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production Certificate of Achievement
Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree
Acting for Film and Television Diploma
Advertising – Account Management Ontario Graduate Certificate
Animation – 3D Advanced Diploma
Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning  Ontario Graduate Certificate
Biotechnology Diploma
Business Administration Advanced Diploma
Business Management Diploma
Computer Programming Diploma
Design Foundation Ontario College Certificate
Early Childhood Education Diploma
Fashion Management Ontario Graduate Certificate
Healthcare Management, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree

The following are the popular courses of Centennial College

Courses  Credential
Addiction and Mental Health Worker Ontario College Diploma
Advertising – Creative & Digital Strategy Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Architectural Technician Ontario College Diploma
Artificial Intelligence – Software Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Online) (Optional Co-op) Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer and Communication Networks), Honours Honours Bachelor Degree
Biotechnology (Fast-Track) Ontario College Diploma
Business Ontario College Diploma
Child and Youth Care Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Cybersecurity (Online) Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Energy Systems Engineering Technician Ontario College Diploma
English Language Learning (ELL) Recognition of Achievement Certificate
Financial Planning Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Humber vs Centennial College: Tuition Fees

The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs in Humber college $20,987 (INR 17.10 lakh). It can be a little lower or higher depending on the course that you are applying for. The Centennial College fees are $16,704.50 (13.61 lakhs) per semester. The fees of Centennial College can also differ depending on the course you opt for.

Humber vs Centennial College: Global Rankings 

Global Rankings/Colleges Humber College Centennial College 
QS World University Rankings 2023 1423 1302
US New and World Report Ranking  157 41

Humber vs Centennial College: Alumni

Popular Humber College alumni include Aaron Bala (Television Writing and Producer), Deepa Mattoo(Fundraising and Volunteer Manager), Eric Smith (Journalism) , Olivia Buffo (Forensic Identification), Miranda Anthistle (Journalism), Lynn Ferron (Interior Design), Lawrence Saindon (Paramedic), Lindsay Wong (Creative Writing), Jaime Vieira (Kinesiology), among many others.

On the other hand, Centennial College has more than 200,000 alumni who are using their expertise to make a difference in communities. Students can visit the college website to know about the Alumni awards and publications. 

Both colleges are one of the best colleges in Canada. Depending on the course you want to pursue you can go for either of the colleges. Don’t forget to check out our Study in Canada article. For more information and guidance on choosing the right university to study abroad, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session. 

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