Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich: Which One Should You Choose and Why?

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carnegie mellon university vs eth Zurich

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and ETH Zurich are prestigious universities with excellent academic programs and research facilities. However, the choice between the two ultimately depends on your individual needs and goals. Both universities will provide students with good exposure in the field of Engineering, computer science, and STEM courses, also both universities provide various job opportunities for students in their specialized areas, for more information about Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich read this article.

University Name Carnegie Mellon UniversityETH Zurich
Founded In 19131885
Qs Ranking 52 9
Location United State Switzerland 

About Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich

In the QS World University Rankings 2023, Carnegie Mellon University and ETH Zurich are placed 9th and 52nd, respectively, as two of the top universities in the world for computer science. Although both universities provide excellent programs, there are differences in their curricula, admissions procedures, prerequisites, scholarships, and extracurricular activities. Private research university Carnegie Mellon University is well known for its robust computer science, engineering, and art disciplines. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US). 

Both Universities have their own specialisation area here is the popular course program at Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich 

If you are interested in pursuing computer science or engineering, CMU is an excellent choice. CMU is known for its world-class programs in computer science, robotics, and software engineering, and has produced numerous successful tech entrepreneurs and innovators. Additionally, CMU has a strong interdisciplinary focus, allowing students to take courses across various disciplines, including business, social sciences, and humanities.if you are interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields in Europe, ETH Zurich is an excellent choice. ETH Zurich is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Europe and the world for engineering and natural sciences. ETH Zurich has a strong focus on research and innovation, and its graduates are highly sought after by employers in Switzerland and around the world.

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Most Demanding Courses Offered by Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich

Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich offers a wide range of specialisations and electives programs available. The department offers

Course Program Course Program 
BSc in Artificial IntelligenceBachelor’s degree programme in Data engineering 
BSc in Computer ScienceBSc in data science 
MSc in Computer ScienceMaster’s in Data Science
MS in Artificial Intelligence and InnovationMaster’s in Robotics
MS in Language TechnologiesMaster’s programme in Engineering and Mathematics 
MS in Intelligent Information Systems

Admission Process of Carnegie Mellon University

The candidates must submit a standard application to Carnegie Mellon University, which is used to assess applicants’ academic records, test results, essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities. For undergraduate candidates, the university has Early Decision and Regular Decision choices. The following requirements must be met by applicants for both bachelor’s and master’s programmes:

  • Certified copies of TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo exam results for English
  • Essay for the Common Application
  • Assessment of the secondary school counsellor
  • Letter of recommendation

English Proficiency Test Requirements 

Here are the English proficiency test requirements at Carnegie Mellon University

Tests Score Range 
IELTS 7.5 overall Band
TOEFL 102 
Duolingo 110 above 

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Admission Process of ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich evaluates candidates holistically, taking into account their academic records, test results, essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular pursuits. Due to the high level of competition, ETH Zurich’s admissions process demands exceptional academic standing and adherence to the following guidelines before considering applications for admission:

English Proficiency Test Requirements 

Here are the English proficiency test requirements at ETH Zurich’s 

Tests Score Range 
IELTS 7 Overall Band 
Duolingo 110 above 

Tuition Fee at Carnegie Mellon University

The cost of tuition at Carnegie Mellon for the 2022–2024 academic year is $62,260 (INR 50.91 Lakh) moreover, there are fees for room and board, textbooks, and other costs. The extensive financial aid opportunities Carnegie Mellon offers are solely open to D.A.C.A. grantees, US citizens, and permanent residents.

Tuition Fee at ETH Zurich

The tuition costs at ETH Zurich vary depending on the degree course, and both Swiss citizens and foreign students pay CHF 730 (INR 67k) every semester in addition to a CHF 74 (INR 6k) mandatory charge. Doctoral students, on the other hand, must pay CHF 1500 ( INR 1.37 Lakh) each semester. The institution also provides numerous scholarships and financial aid schemes to help students afford their studies.

Scholarships Details 

Given below table give an idea about the scholarship details at Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich 

Carnegie Mellon UniversityETH Zurich
Although Carnegie Mellon University does not provide financial aid to international students, it does offer resources to assist its undergraduate and graduate students in their search for outside scholarships.The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, foundation study grants, and the ETH Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) are just a few of the several scholarships available to overseas students at ETH Zurich

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Why should I choose Carnegie Mellon University?

When you select Carnegie Mellon, you select a school that routinely rates among the best options in various subjects, including business and engineering programmes. We were ranked as the 30th Best Value School and the 25th Best National University by U.S. News & World Report for 2022.

What is special about ETH Zurich?

One of the top colleges in the world for science and technology, ETH Zurich is renowned for its innovative research.

Why should I study at ETH Zurich?

ETH Zurich consistently ranks highly in international rankings and is one of the top technological and scientific colleges in the world.

Ultimately, the choice between CMU and ETH Zurich depends on your academic interests, career goals, and personal preferences. Consider factors such as location, program offerings, research opportunities, and campus culture before making a decision. It is also important to consider the cost of attending each university, as both Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich are private institutions and can be quite expensive.

This was all about Carnegie Mellon University vs ETH Zurich, if you want to take admitted to any of the universities you can reach out to Leverage Edu our study abroad experts will help you to enrol on your dream university.

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