Humber College Courses

Humber College Courses

When a study abroad student, prepares a list of top countries to pursue higher education, Canada has to be among the topmost priorities. Whether one wants to study a degree program or short term-1-year courses, Canada has got it all. If you want to study at one of the finest colleges of polytechnic education that offers practical & theoretical knowledge, art labs & creative spaces along with internships & work placement in every program it offers? Then studying Humber College courses is a perfect match for you! 

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Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is a public education institution in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1967, the Humber College courses include diploma, bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate degree in 180+ disciplines. Currently. there are students from  130+ countries studying in 3 campuses. 

Courses at Humber College

Humber College courses are well-recognized and hold a good ROI. Offered courses range from a variety of disciplines such as Media, Business, Health Services, Hospitality and Applied Sciences. Here is a list of some of the choicest programs offered by the college: 

Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management

Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management is a 2 years certificate program. The core curriculum of this course covers major functional areas of business and develops all the necessary qualities in the students. 

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management is a 1-year master certificate program. This certificate program covers diverse fields including Labour Relations, Training and Development, Occupational Health, Employment Law, Compensation, Performance Management, Recruitment and Selection.

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Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management is a 1-year master certificate program which is also one of the leading Humber College courses. This certificate program provides students with a solid grounding in Global Supply Chain and Business issues. This program covers diverse subjects such as Supply and Demand, Distribution, Logistics Technology, Business Processes, Supplier/Purchasing Management.

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Solutions

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Solutions is a certificate program that is 2 years long in duration. In this certificate program, students get a hold of subjects such as Programming with Java, Operating systems, Web Programming and Design, Introduction to database and SQL.

Diploma in Biotechnology

Diploma in Biotechnology is a 2 years bachelors diploma program is yet another program in choicest Humber College courses that provides students with transferable skills needed to build a successful career in the Research and Biotechnology field. This program provides valuable specialisation to students interested in life sciences program by providing them with practical laboratories training skills. Subjects covered are Introduction to Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Biostatistical Methods and Data Collection method, etc.

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration is a 3 years bachelor’s diploma program that allows students to develop knowledge of business works. Students study subjects such as Introduction to Business, Mathematics used in Finance, Business law, etc.

Bachelor of Nursing 

While talking about Humber College courses, one has to mention the Bachelor of Nursing which is a 4-year undergraduate diploma program where students are taught about the nurse’s role in public/community health, acute care setting and primary health-care.

Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Management

B.Com in Hospitality and Tourism Management is a 4 years UG program. The course is prepared to meet the demand of employers for strategic, technological, and managerial skills in the students. 

Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning

Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning is 1 year in a master certificate program. It provides one with a broad range of Business, Finance and other soft skills. This course is a clear pathway to make a career in the finance industry.

Bachelor in Interior Designing

Among top designing colleges in Canada, Humber College courses in this specialization are at the top. A Bachelor in Interior Designing is a 4 years UG program which enables students to develop effective presentation abilities, along with evidence-based design process. It helps students acquire vital professional practice skills This program has a curriculum of Design Theory, Design Communication, Design and Material culture, etc. 

Advance Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology

Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology is a 3 years long course. This program provides students with the skills needed in the field of civil infrastructure. The program covers all aspects of infrastructure, from the inception of an idea to construction completion. 

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