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Artificial Intelligence

Initially developed as a sub-field of Computer Science Engineering, a career in Artificial Intelligence now spans across exciting fields ranging from Data Science to Aerospace and  Biotechnology to Automobile Engineering. Scientists are now applying its use even in areas of linguistics and quantum computing, human resources management, socio-economic problem solving, amongst others. Leverage Edu reviews AI as one of the top scientific disciplines in the coming 2021 decade. Read on to what a career in artificial intelligence holds and what do you need to break into the sector.


In order to pursue a career in artificial intelligence-related courses, proficiency in a few essential elements is an absolute must. These act as pillars or foundations for entry into the core as well as periphery disciplines. This includes:

  • Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Neural Networks
  • Programming Languages [Python, R, Java, Scala, Perl, etc]
  • Robotics & Mechatronics [Preferred]

The field of Artificial Intelligence is ever-evolving and requires constant up-gradation which is in line with recent developments in the industry. Consequently, being in touch with trends and gaining skills through online courses is a strong recommendation.

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Artificial Intelligence Courses you can Consider

Since artificial intelligence involves multidisciplinary learning and training and touches a plethora of fields, course offerings are variegated and are designed to cater to the needs and requirements of individuals across backgrounds. In this respect, we have included and collated a list below of not only core AI courses but also broader ones: 

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The inventions and leaps in AI has led to a rapid rise in course offerings at elite as well as emerging educational institutes all around the world. The Ivy League Colleges are still considered the gold standard when it comes to providing education in artificial intelligence, training and career opportunities. Here, we have listed down a few of the upcoming study abroad destinations, universities, and the courses which you need to have on your tab: 

Name of University Location THE World University Rankings 2021 Artificial Intelligence [AI] Courses
Imperial College London UK 11th 1. MSc [AI]2. MEng Computing [AI & Machine Learning]3. MSc Computing [AI & Machine Learning]
Northwestern University USA 24th MSc AI
University of Washington USA 29th Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design
Georgia Institute of Technology USA 38th MSc in Human-Computer Interaction
The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 39th Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Applied AI
Nanyang Technological University Singapore 47th BSc in Data Science & AIMSc AI
University of Manchester UK =51st 1. BSc AI2. MEng AI
University of Amsterdam Netherlands 66th MSc AI

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and course offerings may vary depending on the modifications carried out by institutes. Prospective students are advised to visit the official university website for further information.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Career Prospects

As mentioned, quality education in artificial intelligence prepares you for positions across industries and in a range of roles, from entry, mid to senior level. Companies working in the spaces of Information Technology and gadgets like Apple, business analytics, financial wealth management, data analysis, healthcare administration, etc are top employers. Leverage Edu reviews the following job profiles amongst the top ones.

  • Research Assistant
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Software Analyst
  • Algorithm Specialist
  • AI Expert
  • Data Scientist
  • Programmer
  • Business Intelligence Developer

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We hope this blog helped you in developing a comprehensive understanding of what a career in Artificial Intelligence entails, its major requirements as well as skills highly valued. Needless to say, the importance of right guidance and preparation has parallelly increased with the rise in competition for limited places at the above-mentioned universities. If you are an AI enthusiast and wish to pursue your course at a dream university, Leverage Edu offers a one-stop solution from helping you select the right course and university combination to post-admission services ensuring that you take a strong step in the direction of a fulfilling career. 

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