List of Highest-Paid Jobs in Abuja

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Jobs in Abuja

Are you looking for Jobs in Abuja? Let’s know a little about the city first. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and while people might recognize it as the city which took the National Capital title from Lagos in 1991, Abuja is also a hidden gem. It is a purpose-built capital city and one of the wealthiest in Nigeria. Interesting? The natural beauty of the city is charming and the opportunities it offers are tremendous. The city was planned to become the commercial capital of Nigeria and was designed to provide ample opportunities for human resources to grow professionally and financially. So, if you are looking to build a career in this city this blog will help you find the highest-paid jobs in Abuja. 

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Why Work in Abuja? 

Abuja is a popular city in Nigeria and portrays a rich tapestry of cultures. It also offers multiple opportunities in different arenas for the employees to grow in their careers. Here are some benefits of working in Abuja. 

  • This city has a very low rate of unemployment. 
  • The city is good to start a tertiary sector business. 
  • It harbors different ethnic groups of Nigeria resulting in a huge cultural diversity. 
  • The city also has a pleasant environment which makes it easy to adapt to. 
  • A central location, easy accessibility and connectivity are also major contributing factors. 
  • Abuja also has low population density and hence a scope for future expansion. 

Best Industries for Jobs in Abuja

Abuja is a big and wealthy city, it was designed to be developed and is still growing due to its vast potential. The ample amount of land, low population density and need for growth make Abuja ideal for various sectors. We have listed some of these sectors below for reference. 

  • Construction 

The construction sector has a great potential for business as well as jobs. The whole city is planned for above-average architecture so it is good for architects to show off their skills. Sustainable architecture is another thing that can be brought to the table. 

  • Real Estate

If you are thinking about business, think no further than real estate. Because the city is still welcoming immigrants and building its workforce to develop even more. Even people who are looking forward to building their business in other sectors will require real estate for the same. 

  • Service Sector Jobs & Businesses

It is a perfect place for those who want to have their own salons, transportation services, supply or agricultural products and so on. These industries are basically in demand in the city and offer little to no competition in these fields. 

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Highest Paid Jobs in Abuja

It is time for the show stopper, and here is a curated list of the highest-paid jobs in Abuja. 

JobsAverage Pay 
Healthcare Consultant 250,000 NGN to 300,000 NGN per month
Human Resource Officer297,500 NGN per month
Administrative Assistant 220,000 NGN per month
Finance Manager5,40,000 NGN per month
Real Estate Consultant 6,070,000 NGN per month 
Architect 100,000 NGN per month
Hotel Manager330,000 NGN per month
University Lecturer200,000 NGN per month
Software Engineer337,500 NGN per month
Civil Engineer570,000 NGN per month

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Top Companies to Work in Abuja

Check below the list of top companies in Abuja:

  • NNPC 
  • CBN
  • Nigerian National Petroleum
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
  • eHealth Africa
  • United Bank of Africa
  • Sydani Initiative for International Development
  • National Youth Services Cops

Conditions to Work in Abuja

Being the national capital, Abuja is also home to international expats and many diplomatic people. It is also a hub for both public and private sector industries. Nonetheless, there are several guidelines and regulations to be able to work in Abuja in any sector that one must also keep in mind. 

  • You must get a work permit to be able to work in the country. 
  • Subsequently, it is important to have a job offer to apply for a work permit. 
  • Additionally, according to the Nigerian government, you also need an Acceptance of IR (Immigration Responsibility) to be eligible for a work permit. 
  • Moreover, one can only obtain visas from the Comptroller General of Immigration in the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters in Abuja. 
  • The expats can enter the country on Temporary Work Permits in the meantime to get a work visa
  • There is a provision for a Combined Expatriate Residence Permit for missionaries and students. 
  • Businesses in Abuja, Nigeria are liable for corporate income tax of 30%. 
  • Personal income tax ranges between 7% to 24% based on the salary offered. 

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How to Get a Job in Abuja?

You will require various things to land a job in Abuja in its competitive and growing economy. Some of the things that will help you get a job in the country are; 

  • Experience in the field of expertise along with relevant education. 
  • A personal or professional connection with someone in Nigeria or Abuja. 
  • Also, a localised resume and skillset like knowing the Nigerian language will be a plus point. 
  • It also depends a lot on how you present yourself. So, research well about their selection procedures, the culture and work environment and the interviews. 
  • Give it what it takes. Sometimes you need to brush up your skills and knowledge around a topic to land a better job in the field. 
  • Stay updated about the job openings and apply early. Follow social media channels for jobs in the city or refer to local job portals. 


Are there any NGO jobs in Abuja?

Yes, there are several NGO jobs in Abuja, they even have separate visa routes for missionaries in the country of Nigeria. To access the NGO jobs including those in UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, etc one needs to follow the local NGOs and apply through the local websites. 

What is the average salary in Abuja?

The average salary of an individual in Abuja, Nigeria is around 2,00,000 NGN. The actual average majorly depends on the position, experience, and field of work. 

What is the currency of Nigeria?

The currency of Nigeria is the Nigerian Naira (NGN). 

What are the highest-paying jobs in Abuja?

The highest-paying jobs in Abuja are Medicine, petroleum engineering, computer science, law, pharmacy, accounting, etc.

This was all about the highest-paid jobs in Abuja and how to find them. If you want to know more about jobs abroad, follow Leverage Edu

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