Highest Paying Job Vacancies in Nigeria

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Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Why would anyone find jobs abroad in Nigeria? Maybe because Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa. It has a gross GDP of $477.38 billion. Moreover, being abundant in natural resources and rich cultural heritage the country attracts talent from around the world. Moreover, African countries are considered ideal for learning about nature, diversity, ethnicity and strikingly different cultures. If you are looking for a place with a lower cost of living and good job opportunities then let’s talk about the job vacancies in Nigeria. 

LanguagesPortuguese & English
Time ZoneUTC-1
Currency Angolan Kwanza
GDP$477.38 billion

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Why Work in Nigeria?

Good question. Don’t worry we are not going to leave you there, it is actually a smart question to ask yourself whenever you are choosing a destination to work abroad. In the case of Nigeria, here are some reasons to consider. 

  • Nigeria has strong industries that need employees. 
  • It also has significant natural resources to boost its industries. 
  • Moreover, Nigeria also has strong trade links. 
  • Since it has great primary and secondary sectors, it exports a great deal of oil and gas, agricultural products and mechanical parts.
  • The country offers great growth opportunities and ties to West Africa as well as foreign countries. 

Top 10 Highest-Paying Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Let’s not waste any time and explore the highest paying jobs in Nigeria with details of the job outlook and salary. 

Petroleum Engineer

Being one of the largest sources of natural resources including oil to the Western world, Nigeria has a lot of scope for the Petroleum Industry both for its reserve and exports. Therefore, a petroleum engineer job is a widely required as well as nicely paid job in Nigeria. 

Salary: The average annual income of a Petroleum Engineer in Nigeria is around ₦5,824,000.

Software Developer

This job role is in demand in the entire world and Nigeria is no exception. As computing technologies are taking over every sector of the economy, Software developers are coming into the picture as saviors for small to large businesses and organizations to stay relevant in the competition. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Software Developer is ₦1,938,759. 

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Civil Engineer

Ideating and building the major architecture of a city is not only a great job but also a great legacy that you leave behind to the world. Both public and private structures such as dams,  irrigation, bridges, tunnels and buildings. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a civil engineer is ₦3,850,000.

Medical Practitioner

Again a no-brainer, Healthcare is very well paid everywhere in the world. Healthcare job vacancies in Nigeria too are one of the highest paying careers. Surgeons all are even better paid. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Medical Practitioner is ₦11,700,000.

Human Resource

Human Resources is the most crucial asset of a country. HR employees are responsible for the right deployment of labour and maintaining a balanced relationship between the company and its employees. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Human Resource employee in Nigeria is ₦1,235,000. 

Project Lead or Manager

Ensuring the completion and success of a project is the responsibility of a Project Lead or Manager. They oversee a particular project and might get to work on multiple projects within a short time frame. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Project Manager is ₦4,950,000. 

Accounting Jobs

Every company has a finance department and in this new world of entrepreneurship, therefore, there are a lot of options for people today. You get to learn the interior working and finances of the company you will be working in to help them manage this.  

Salary: The average annual salary for accounting jobs is ₦1,296,178. 

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Aeronautical Engineer

Love to design and build aircraft? Worked in Nigeria as an Aeronautical Engineer to develop new technologies and aerospace products in a foreign country. It is also one of the major in-demand and highest-paid jobs in Nigeria as the country produces spare parts. 

Salary: The average annual salary of an Aeronautical Engineer in Nigeria is ₦4,350,000.

Customer Support

In any sector of the economy, the customer is the king. To fulfil the needs of the clients, companies need their feedback and experience reviews and also help them solve any issues related to the product. You will address such concerns by being the voice of the company and assisting the company in improving its relations with the customer. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Customer Support Executive is ₦727,080. 

Banking Associate

Finance is integral to the economy of Nigeria. As banks are responsible for many economic activities and programs bank employees are an indispensable part of an economy. They work with all kinds of clients by helping retail and business sectors grow. 

Salary: The average annual salary of Banking jobs in Nigeria is ₦4,420,000.

High Demand Jobs in Nigeria

Apart from these jobs, there are sectors in which one can find appropriate jobs to boost their chances of earning well and staying employed with security. Here are some of these sectors. 

  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Medicine 
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Vocational Skills

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Tips to Find Jobs in Nigeria

Here are some top tips to find the best job vacancies in Nigeria within no time. 

  • Choose your field based on the talent requirement in the country and then gain education accordingly.
  • In case of missing specializations go for diplomas and certifications. 
  • Build a strong network to stay updated about opportunities and updates of working in the country. 
  • Start looking for jobs early. There are seasons in which candidates look for work as most companies declare their vacancies at that time. 
  • Gain a bit of experience before making a big leap to another country. You can also start by studying abroad. 
  • Personalize and localise your CV based on the requirements of the job as well as the country. 

Skills Required for Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Skills are a really important section in the process of getting a job abroad. For job vacancies in Nigeria, you should develop the following skills. 

  • Excellent communication
  • Leadership 
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making 
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability and flexibility

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How can I get a job easily in Nigeria?

To easily get a job in Nigeria, you should start applying early to not miss out on good opportunities. Moreover, gain relevant experience, skills and knowledge for the process. 

Can I work online in Nigeria?

Yes, you can either work as a digital nomad or work online remote jobs in Nigeria itself. 

How can I get a high paying job in Nigeria?

In short, to get a high paying job in Nigeria, you should first look for the highest paid sectors, get relevant knowledge, degrees, skills and experience based on it and most importantly research well to understand the job market and apply at the right companies. 

This was all about Job Vacancies in Nigeria and how you can find them. Follow our Jobs Abroad page for more information on careers, international part-time and full-time jobs and internships. 

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