A Complete Guide to Part Time Jobs in Latvia 

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Part Time Jobs in Latvia 

Latvian Universities have gained a lot of favour with international students during the past ten years. The most sought-after degrees from Latvian universities are in IT, business management, medicine, aviation, and literature. Due to their excellent broad-based curriculum design, worldwide cooperation, and quick development in educational quality,

Finding suitable part-time work in Latvia may be very satisfying because the pay is sufficient to pay for living expenses and, in some circumstances, even tuition. Textile, fast food, and electronics are the most sought-after industries in Latvia for student part-timers. We’ve included the top part-time job possibilities for overseas students in this guide. Additionally, they are a terrific method to save money because many of these jobs come with a variety of incentives to make the task simpler. 

Average working hour  20 per hour 
Average hour wages  €5 -€20 per hour
Average Monthly wages  €620.00 Monthly 

Why Part Time Jobs in Latvia? 

There are several benefits to doing a part-time job in Latvia; a few of the more significant ones are listed below. 

  • There are many popular industries where you can work part-time, such as wood products, processed foods, textiles, processed metals, electronics, synthetic fibres, and many more. Students can earn a lot of money by working in all these industries. 
  • In Latvia, many universities offer their students internship opportunities. Internship opportunities help students build up their skills and also earn extra money to manage their expenses.
  • The professional internship, which is six to 18 weeks long, is offered in management, education, technology, and development.

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Rule and Regulations Working Part Time Jobs in Latvia 

According to Latvian working rules and regulations, there is a set amount of time and length for part-time employment, and you have the right to use your sick leave to object to an unjustified and ignorant termination from your position. 

  • The student must be 17 years old, and he or she must enrol in a full-time degree program in order to work part-time in Latvia.
  • International students are only permitted to work part-time for a total of 20 hours per week during semesters and 40 hours per week during semester breaks, according to the regulations of the European Union States. In Latvia, another member of the European Union, the same rule is in effect.
  • In Latvia, working part-time is permitted. In Latvia, students are permitted to work 20 hours a week.
  • In Latvia, students are permitted to work forty hours a week during breaks and holidays.

List of Best Part Time Jobs in Latvia 

This is a list of some part-time jobs in Latvia with their minimum hourly wages.

Positions  Average Wages 
Cashier €14 -€15 hourly
Sales Advisor €41 -€44 hourly
Courier €12 -€14 hourly
Administrative Assistant  €18 -€22 hourly
Customer Success representative €23 -€25 hourly
Social Media Manager  €10-€20 per hour
Pet Take care  €5-€10 per hour
Language teacher €10-€20 per hour
Freelance writer or editor  €10-€20 per hour
Virtual Assistant  €10-€20 per hour

Internships in Latvia for International Students

The curriculum of some study programs at Latvian universities includes internship and traineeship programs, and if a student is interested in an internship for professional development, the universities will even help them locate a work placement. 

  • When selecting a study program and university in Latvia, you can check to see if they have internships in the curriculum or not. You can also get detailed information from the Office of Foreign Student Relations at Latvian universities.
  • Since there is no restriction on finding only a particular sort of job for part-time work, international students can even join an internship programme relating to their professional goals at one of Latvian businesses by applying directly and requesting professional training. 
  • For international students looking for part-time jobs, Latvia offers a wide range of options because it is the commercial centre of Europe and is home to numerous respected banks and well-established companies. 
  • Nearly all Latvian universities provide an 18-week internship program for professional learning and training during semester breaks that culminates in the awarding of credentials, especially for IT and computer science majors.

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Post-Graduation Work Permission in Latvia for International Students

Foreign students are required to leave Latvia before their student visas expire after finishing their studies and attending the graduation ceremony. They will need to secure a short- or long-term employment contract as well as submit an application for a work permit from their home country in order to re-enter and work in Latvia. During the last semesters of their degree programs in Latvia, recent graduates can locate jobs by sending their resumes to businesses and organisations relevant to their field online or in person. Following employment, both the students and their employers must proceed as follows:

Short-term employment in Latvia 

Whether you are a citizen of the European Union EU or a nation of a third country affects the process for temporary work in Latvia 

  • For EU citizens they can start working immediately after signing an employment contract
  • You must register with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs OCMA within 90 days of arrival if you plan to stay in Latvia for more than three months continuously. You need to provide a valid passport and certificate of employment.
  • For third-country nationals, your employer must submit an invitation request to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs OCMA.

Once the invitation is approved, you can easily apply for a temporary residence permit at the Latvia embassy or consulate in your home country

  • The temporary residence permit will allow students to stay in Latvia for up to one year and work for the employer who submits the invitation 

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Long-term employment in Latvia 

  • The long-term employment visa follows the same process as the one mentioned above.
  • A temporary residence card for Latvia will be issued to those with long-term employment contracts, and they are permitted to work more than one job at once.

Tips to find Part Time jobs in Latvia 

There are many sources for students to find part-time jobs in Latvia. Here are a few tips to find part-time jobs in Latvia.

  • Students You can easily find part-time employment in retail, coffee shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants, which usually pays a little bit over the minimum wage.
  • As soon as they arrive on campus, postgraduate students should contact their department or the university’s international office because every university provides student jobs to students in both administrative and academic positions.
  • Build a network with people. Talk to your friend, connection, and classmate to see if they know of any part-time job openings. You can also attend job fairs and networking events.

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What is the average salary for an international student in Latvia?

In Latvia, international students are permitted to work full-time during the summer and up to 20 hours a week of part-time employment throughout the academic year. In Latvia, the minimum wage is 430 euros per month or 2.50 euros per hour.

Can foreign students with visas work a part-time job in Latvia?

Yes, you are permitted to work in Latvia while you are a student, although depending on your degree of education, there may be some limitations: A Latvian university student enrolled full-time in a bachelor’s program has the option to work up to 20 part-time or 40 full-time hours per week during breaks with any employer.

How much of a study break is permitted in Latvia?

What degree of a gap is permitted for studies in Latvia? Ans. From a visa standpoint, a gap of up to 5 years is allowed if you’re going for a bachelor’s degree, while a gap of up to 10 years is permissible for a master’s degree.

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