Can Students Work Part-Time Jobs in South Africa?

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Part-time jobs in South Africa

Part-time jobs in South Africa: Students looking forward to an enriching student experience, cultural knowledge and personal growth often choose South Africa as their study abroad destination. Furthermore, for those in the field of human diversity, evolution and other similar fields of study South Africa is a living example to study with experience. It offers unique courses like wildlife conservation and African studies. If you are studying in such a country, for these courses then returning without gaining experience is a foolish decision. Here is a complete analysis of how and what part-time jobs in South Africa are available for students.  


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Why Work Part-Time in South Africa?

South Africa is rich in culture, wildlife and diversity and has many more surprises to offer than one can possibly imagine. Working in South Africa can enhance your study abroad experience in the following ways;

  1. You familiarise yourself with the local dialects and culture. 
  2. Building a rapport with the locals will help you improve your employability. 
  3. There are many UN Programs taking place in South Africa that you can be a part of. 
  4. If you have a knack for flora and fauna then you can find amazing relatable part-time work and internships. 
  5. Get experience of working with multinational companies and improve global competitivity. 

List of TOP Part-Time Jobs in South Africa for Students

Here are curated jobs and internships that are really beneficial for international students in South Africa. They can gain experience and earn money at the same time with these internship programs. 

Book KeeperR 11,000 to R 15,000
Part-Time LecturerR 20,000
ClerkR 11,500
Vacation Intern (VI) Mechanical Engineering Paid Internship
VI Chemical EngineeringPaid Internship
VI Human Resources Paid Internship
VI CommunicationPaid Internship
VI MetallurgyPaid Internship
Finance InternPaid Internship
Social Media InternPaid Internship
Gender Equality InternshipPaid Internship
Forest Restoration Field Research InternshipPaid Internship
Gansbaai: Great White Shark ConservationPaid Internship

Poplar Job Sectors for Students

Students have some restrictions on work as it should be related to their field of studies or aiding their performance development in some way in order to be eligible to work part time in South Africa. Therefore, it is important to mention the most popular sectors of work for students in South Africa.

  1. Graphic Designer: A graphic designer is required in every field of work these ways and is considered an added benefit or skill set for potential employees. It is also one of the most in-demand skills these days.
  2. Tutor: As a tutor, you can read, study and practice the subjects you are pursuing a college degree while teaching the students simultaneously. It helps in brushing up your knowledge on the subject.
  3. Research Assistant: STEM courses have a lot of research opportunities at universities and research organisations. Additionally, students can be a part of projects pursued by their professors or the PhD scholars at universities. This will help them improve their career.
  4. Marketing & Management: Marketing is an integral part of every organisation. Therefore, marketing and management jobs are pursued by many students. The organisation they choose to take up the part-time job must be related to their field of study.
  5. Communications: No one can deny the fact that communication is the key to every problem. Think of any sector and they will need a communications specialist in their field to carry out negotiations and convey brand ideas etc. Therefore, part-time communications jobs are also popular in Dubai.
  6. English Teaching: English is a barrier and an icebreaker. If you move abroad to a country that has a language other than English or the language of your home country, then English becomes a negotiated medium of communication for both parties. If you are good at the language you can use your skills to earn some money.

Average Pay

The average pay for an intern in South Africa is between R 5,000 to R 12,000 per month. The exact amount will depend upon the type of internship chosen by the student. Average part-time pay however is R 108 per hour in the country. Students can choose to work anywhere as long as they meet the conditions to work part-time in South Africa. 

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Conditions for Part-Time Jobs in South Africa

Here are a few things that a student must possess to successfully work while studying in South Africa. Go through the list carefully to avoid missing out on any important information. 

  1. Students can only work for 20 hours per week during semesters. 
  2. During semester breaks, students are allowed to work as long as 40 hours a week.
  3. Till the time they are enrolled in a program, students can seek part-time jobs on a student visa.
  4. Students can enrol in internships, leadership, and studentships available inside or outside the university without restriction. 
  5. Students who other languages like Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, and Hindi can also work as translators. 

Required Documents

Documents required for any part-time job in South Africa would be the ones that prove that you are a full-time student at a particular university in South Africa, currently enrolled in a course and have permission to work. Here are the documents a student must be ready with.

  1. Passport
  2. Student Visa
  3. Academic transcripts
  4. Admission letter
  5. In some cases, the employer might ask for a No Objection Certificate/Letter from the university. 
  6. In some cases, the employer might also ask for an undertaking that you are not working elsewhere.  

Tips to Find Jobs in South Africa

To work part-time in South Africa, you must know how to find a job in the first place. Here are some tips to start with. 

  1. Create a resume with the help of your peers in a format that works in the country. 
  2. Enroll in student communities and placement cells of the university. 
  3. Create a profile on multiple job posting websites. 
  4. Apply for work related to your skill, expertise or field of study. 
  5. Build connections with professors and locals. 

Here are some popular places where you can find job and internship opportunities in South Africa. 

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Marine Impact
  4. Intern Abroad HQ
  5. Connect 123 Internship Programs
  6. Roots Intern
  7. Greenpop
  8. Asia Internship Program
  9. World Endeavours
  10. Projects Abroad in South Africa


Can students work part-time in South Africa?

Yes, students can work part-time in South Africa. They are allowed to work for 20 hours a week during the semester and 40 hours a week during vacations. 

What part-time jobs can students get in South Africa?

Students can work part-time in jobs related to their field of study, based on their skills or interest. For example, there are jobs available as part-time drivers, translators, bookkeepers, work in IT jobs, engineering jobs, management jobs etc. 

What is the average income for part-time work in South Africa?

The average income for part-time work in South Africa is R 108 per hour. For students indulged in internships and studentships the pay can range from R 5000 to R 12,000 a month. 

We hope this was helpful for you and that your journey towards finding the best part-time jobs in South Africa will be more fruitful. This is all the information about how to get part-time jobs in South Africa for international students, if you want to read blogs on part-time jobs follow Leverage Edu. 

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