Explore the List of Remote IT Jobs in 2024

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Explore Remote IT Jobs in 2024

IT jobs are becoming very common nowadays and individuals are more keen to work remotely. Seeing the technological advancements and working preferences, remote options offer multiple benefits to both the employees and the organizations. Remote job options offer a dynamic career path to individuals. Candidates looking for remote IT jobs abroad must check the below article. The guide below has listed the highest-paying remote IT jobs, a list of jobs in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, and lastly, the benefits of working remotely.


Benefits of Remote IT Jobs

Check below the benefits of remote Information technology jobs:

Remote IT Jobs
  • Work from virtually anywhere: The most important benefit of remote IT jobs is that individuals can work from anywhere worldwide. The important requirements for remote jobs is a good wifi & laptop. 
  • Flexible work schedule: Individuals have the flexibility of working at any time however, this depends upon the company’s policies. This leads to higher productivity as the employees remain motivated.
  • Save money and time: People do not have to travel to their office location as this involves a lot of time waste and money. Therefore, individuals can save a lot of money while working remotely.
  • Enjoy work-life balance: Candidates can enjoy a better work-life balance by working remotely. Balancing both household chores and office work is much easier while working from home. 

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Top Companies Offering Highest Paying Remote IT Jobs Abroad  

Check below some of the top companies offering highest-paying remote IT jobs:

Company  Average Salary 
eXp Realty$19K-195K

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List of Remote IT Jobs in the UK

Check below the various IT jobs available in the UK:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Customer Service Agent£32,558 per year
Fully remote working Appointment Maker£21.00 per hour
Customer Service Advisor£11.50 per hour
Personal Assistant£50,000 per year
Home-Based Telephone Market Research Interviewer£10.50 per hour
Customer Service Advisor WAH Northern Ireland£10.30 per hour
Support & Community Champion (Weekend Evening 16h+ /Remote)£27,471 per year
Remote IT Jobs

List of Remote IT Jobs in the US

Check below the different types of IT jobs available in the US:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Administrative Assistant / Fully Remote$21 per hour
Mainframe System Operator I (Remote)$18.65 to $ 40.61 per hour
Transcriptionist (Remote)$41T – $65T
Call Center Representative – Roadside Assistance – Remote$18.85 per hour 
Remote Live-chat Customer Support$55,000-65,000
Remote Call Center Associate$15.00 – $45.00 per hour
Data Entry Operator (Remote)$24 per hour

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List of Remote IT Jobs in Canada

Check below the different Remote IT available in Canada:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Remote IT Jobs in Canada$21.50 per hour
Remote Customer Service Agent (Property & Casualty Insurance)$18.00 – 21.00
Customer Service Reps/Not-For-Profit Support – Remote$36,810 per year
Remote Chat Specialist -12 Month Contract$45,826/yr
Remote English Speaking Call Center Rep-Can$15.39 per hour
Remote Patient Observation Technician$22.52 to $28.15 per Hour
Customer Service Assistant$25.00 per hour

List of Remote IT Jobs in Australia

Check below the different Remote IT jobs available in Australia:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Web Designer & Developer$100.00 – $150.00 per week
Full Stack Developer$120,000.00 – $161,003.88 per year
Junior Developer$62,000.00 – $75,000.00 per year
Digital Product Manager (100% Remote)$120,000.00 per year
Front End Developer$650-800 per day
Full Stack Software DeveloperA$85T – A$1L
Web Developer$45,000.00 per year

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Best Part-Time Remote Jobs

Potential workers can apply for part-time remote jobs. Here we have listed some of the best part-time remote jobs for students. 

Credit: @JuddAlbring
  • Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
  • Private online English Tutor 
  • Remote data entry typist
  • Executive Assistant 
  • Remote legal assistant
  • Freelance recruiter
  • Online primary school teacher part-time
  • Event coordinator-remote
  • Accounting part-time remote
  • Customer service specialist 

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Can people with IT jobs work remotely?

Yes, people with IT jobs have the option to work remotely and earn more than $100000 annually.

Which IT field offers more online and remote jobs?

Web developers have the highest option of working remotely. They earn 31% more than other employees by doing online jobs. 

What are the top-paying online IT jobs?

The top-paying online IT jobs are web developer, data scientist, python developer, java developer, cyber security engineer, etc. 

What are some remote jobs worldwide part-time?

There are several remote jobs available worldwide for part-time workers. Some of these jobs are; Customer Service Agent jobs, data entry part-time jobs, private online English tutor part-time jobs,  executive assistant part-time jobs, etc.

This was all about the remote IT jobs. For more such blogs on jobs abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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