Detailed Description Of Pharmacist Salary In Canada 2024

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pharmacist salary in canada

The field of pharmacy in Canada is very stable and growing. Healthcare is a department that is always in demand and is always evolving. A reason to become a pharmacist is, it is a very respected job all over the world. If you are looking for diverse job opportunities, stable income, and sustainable growth, a job in pharmacy would be very preferable for you. Salary is one of the major factors when deciding on a job or career, especially when the working decision has to be made abroad. To get complete information on pharmacist salary in Canada read the complete blog.

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Average Pharmacist Salary In Canada

The average salary of a pharmacist in Canada is 153,800 a year. Following are the highest and lowest salary brackets in the industry:

Average annual salary153,800 CAD
Lowest annual salary78,500 CAD
Highest annual salary233,600 CAD
Average monthly salary12,816 CAD
Lowest monthly salary6,541 CAD
Highest monthly salary19,466 CAD

This is the average salary, but salary can vary based on skills, qualifications, experience, and many other factors.

Average Pharmacist Salary In Canada Based on Education Level

The level of education determines the salary in a very major way. Education level is directly proportional to the amount of salary. The higher the education level the higher the salary and vice versa. The average salary of an employee with a master’s degree is observed to be 77% higher than that of an employee with a bachelor’s education level. Below is the average salary based on the education of the employee.

Average Pharmacist Salary In Canada Based on Gender

The salary difference based on gender in certain professions still persists in many regions despite several efforts made to neutralize gender differences in employment based on sexuality. 

In Canada, a female  Pharmacist earns 7% less than a male pharmacist on average.

The average salary of a male pharmacist is 157,600 CAD

whereas, the average salary of a female pharmacist is 146,900 CAD in Canada.

Average Pharmacist Salary In Canada Based on Experience Level

The second major factor after the level of education that determines the pay of an employee is the level of experience the employee holds in a particular industry. The salary keeps going higher as the experience goes higher, this is the reason that the freshers are always seen to be earning lower amounts compared to experienced personnel. An experience of 2 years can fetch you a 31% higher salary compared to no experience. Following is the representation of the average salary based on the experience. 

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Details On Increment And Bonus

An increment or pay raise is an increase in the total salary of the employee based on the performance of the employee as a reward. In a pharmacist job, the average pay raise that has been observed is 9% every 12 months in Canada. The pay can be raised more than 9% if the employee shows exceptional performance.

Job in the pharmacy industry is a low bonus-based job. A very low number of employees in this industry receive a bonus. The percentage of employees who claim to receive a bonus is just 35% of the total employees. 

1% to 3% is the amount of bonus that is given to employees if given.

Comparison Of Pharmacist Salary In Canada To Other Similar Jobs

Let us compare the salaries of other similar professions to that of a pharmacist:

Profession Average Salary
Assistant Pharmacy Director 193,300 CAD
Associate Medical Affairs Director 254,400 CAD
Assistant Pharmacist99,700 CAD
Bioinformatics Scientist107,300 CAD
Biological Technician102,700 CAD
Chemical Process Technician114,300 CAD
Clinical Pharmacist147,900 CAD
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist 185,900 CAD
Clinical Programmer 78,500 CAD
Clinical Research Associate134,700 CAD
Pharmaceutical Project Manager152,100 CAD
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 109,700 CAD

Sector-Based Comparison of Pharmacist Salary In Canada

The salary in all industries varies based on the sector you are working in the jobs are divided into two sectors, namely the private sector and the public sector.

The salary of employees in the public sector has been observed to be 6% more than that of the private sector.

Sector Average Pay
Public Sector123,000 CAD
Private Sector115,600 CAD

Comparison Of Pharmacist Salary In Canada Based On Cities

The salaries can also differ based on the city you are working in same profession in the same country can still have different salaries in different cities. The comparison of pharmacist salaries in Canada based on the city is in the table below.

City Average Pay
Calgary158,900 CAD
Gatineau142,300 CAD
Brampton152,700 CAD
Edmonton158,900 CAD
Halifax141,000 CAD
Hamilton152,700 CAD
Markham153,800 CAD
Kitchener142,300 CAD
Windsor151,800 CAD
Toronto163,500 CAD
Vaughan 151,800 CAD
Surrey 147,900 CAD


What is the average pharmacist salary in Canada?

153,800 CAD is the average pharmacist salary in Canada.

Is the job of a pharmacist in demand in Canada?

Yes, the job of a pharmacist is in demand according to the Government of Canada.

Does the average salary of a pharmacist vary based on gender in Canada?

Yes, there is a difference in the salary of pharmacists based on gender.

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