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average salary in us

The US is a country known for the well-managed life of the population residing there. It is one of the best countries to work in because of the broad job market that it provides. The work hours and pressure there are designed to keep employee comfort as a priority. The country has an abundance of opportunities in almost all industries and welcomes qualified international employees wholeheartedly. Before you move to the US to get one of your dream jobs, let us go through the average salary in US with the help of the following blog. 

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Average Salary In US

It is calculated considering all the different areas of the profession and the industries. It is the average money earned by a general working individual in the US. 

  • Yearly the average salary earned by an employee in the US is 94,500 USD
  • The average highest salary per annum in the US is 421,700 USD
  • The average lowest salary per annum in the US is 22,400 USD

To get a better understanding let’s see the average wages on a monthly basis:

  • The average monthly salary in the US is 7,875 USD
  • The average highest monthly salary in the US is 35,141 USD
  • The average lowest monthly salary in the US is 1,866 USD

Note that it can differ based on several factors like educational qualification, experience, etc, and due to that can lie in the brackets or away from the averages too.

Average Salary In Different Cities Of The US

The range can vary in different cities of the US. To get you clarity, let’s look at different cities in the US is mentioned in the table below. 

City Salary Per Annum
Austin 111,700 USD
Boston 102,700 USD
Washington D.C. 105,200 USD
San Francisco105,200 USD
San Diago 109,700 USD
Phoenix 108,200 USD
New York 121,800 USD
New Orleans 87,600 USD 
Miami 92,100 USD
Los Angeles116,400 USD
Kent 78,700 USD
Chicago 108,200 USD
Source: Worldsalaries

Industries With Highest Growth

Certain industries in the US are at their peak functioning and production, overwhelming the market with numerous jobs and employment opportunities. The following is the list of the industries that have seen a very good rate of growth in recent times:

average salary in us

Average Salary In US In Different Industries

The wages for different industrial sectors has a difference as the level of skills all the sectors and industries demand are with different proficiencies. The following table has the average salaries in major industrial sectors:

Industry Average Salary Per Year
Engineering 97,979 USD
Information technology89,792 USD
Science 91,257 USD
Healthcare and pharma85,580 USD
Social service85,580 USD
Banking and Finance80,035 USD
Insurance 80,035 USD

Source: Talent

Highest Paying Jobs In US

The highest-paying jobs in the US are in the medical sector. Following are the few highest-paying jobs:

  • Cardiologists can earn 351,827 USD a year
  • Anesthesiologists can make 326,296 USD per year
  • Psychiatrists can have an average salary of 224,577 a year
  • Surgeons can earn 216,248 as an average salary per year

Highest paying jobs outside of the medical profession are:

  • The average salary of an enterprise architecture manager is 168,762 USD
  • A quantitative analyst’s average salary is 153,539 USD
  • A vice president earns an average of 151,358 USD per year
  • Enterprise Architect has an average salary of 142,355 USD per year

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Average Salary In US Based On Gender

The new age has been trying to combat all the gender differences in the workplace, however, certain aspects like average pay still face differences. The female employees in the US earn around 7% lower salaries compared to male employees. The following image shows the average salary for both genders along with differences.

average salary in us

Average Salary In US for Different Professions 

The average salary for the different positions or professions is shown with the help of the table below:

Profession Salary Per Year
Accountant 65,900 USD
Accounting Associate 49,300 USD
Business analyst123,800 USD
Auditing manager 134,700 USD
Budget manager142,300 USD
Head receptionist55,300 USD
Broadcast administrator103,600 USD
Designer 54,600 USD
Event director165,900 USD
Graphic designer62,300 USD
Airline pilot161,300 USD
Loan processing manager 117,100 USD
Source: Worldsalaries


Does the average pay get affected by the level of education?

Yes, the level of education has a very major effect on the salary. An employee with a bachelor’s degree earns around 25% compared to the employees with a diploma. Similarly, employees with master’s degrees earn 30% higher salaries than employees with bachelor’s degrees.

Does the level of experience count when deciding upon the salary?

Yes, the level of experience is one of the most crucial aspects looked upon when it is decided for an employee. Experience gains your skills and knowledge which fetches you a good pay for it. An experience level of 2 to 5 years can get you a 35% higher salary compared to a fresher.

What are the pay raises in different industries in the US?

The pay raises in different industries in the US on a yearly basis are:
4% in Banking and Finance
3% in Information Technology
7% in Healthcare
2% in Travel and Tourism
1% in Education
6% in Architecture

This was all about the average salary in US, to read about more such informative blogs on salary and jobs-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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