Graphic Designer Salary in Canada 2024: Average, Best Paying Companies & Cities

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Graphic Designer Salary in Canada

Graphic Designer Salary in Canada 2024: Everywhere in the world, we keep seeing the requirement for Graphic Designers. This is because graphic designers are now required in every business. Now every business, service etc is analyzed by their website and other online presence. Moreover, because of so much content available online, it is very difficult to catch attention towards your content. Hence, Graphic Designers work to construct graphics that are more than enough to convey the content. Working abroad, especially in countries like Canada fuels your creativity and opportunities as a Graphic Designer. If you have something like this in mind, you must also have a detailed look at Graphic Designer salaries in Canada in 2024. 

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Average Graphic Designer Salary in Canada

Graphic Designers earn around $25.71 per hour in Canada. Your experience, expertise and qualifications highly influence this average in the field. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a position more permanent, then you should pay attention to the monthly opportunities. 

On average, you will earn around $4,874 per month as a Graphic Designer in Canada. Similarly, your yearly pay would be around $68,838. As of December 2023, your monthly salary in Indian currency will be around INR 405454.41 and your yearly salary will be around INR 5726440.47. 

Graphic Designers usually get starting salaries of around $39,121 a year and most experienced employees earn around $75,465 per year. Moreover, your salary will increase with time along with your responsibilities and position. 

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Top Companies for Graphic Designers in Canada

Graphic Designers are paid very well in Canada. Nonetheless, the right companies can pay you your dream amounts. Therefore, it is necessary to know what are the top companies for Graphic Designers in Canada. This does not mean that these are the only good companies to work in. On the contrary, this table will give you an idea about where you can set your benchmark for a Graphic Designer salary in Canada.  

Company  Average Salary 
Sony Pictures Entertainment $120,729 per year
Rogers Communications $54,950 per year
York Region $109,301 per year
Freelancer $55,596 per year
lululemon $82,917 per year
CBRE $52,500 per year
Ubisoft $72,525 per year
DFO Global Performance Commerce $52,500 per year 
Fastsigns $64,447per year
Canadian Tire $50,000 per year

Cities With Good Graphic Designer Salary in Canada

The salary of a Graphic Designer in an area also depends on the requirements of the job role in that area. Cities in Canada also have similar variations. Here is an analysis of the Graphic Designer’s salary in Canada. 

City  Average Annual Salary 
Vancouver  $88,172 per year
Burnaby $77,433 per year
Edmonton $75,625 per year
Calgary $69,213 per year
Ottawa $63,819 per year
London  $58,905 per year
Markham $57,959 per year
Winnipeg  $55,014 per year
Toronto $53,141 per year
New Brunswick  $74,272 per year 
Quebec $63,317 per year 
British Columbia  $60,017 per year 

You might also get similar job roles and responsibilities under some other titles as well. Here are some jobs that have the same role as Graphic Designers with their salaries. 

Jobs Average Salaries
Visual Designer $59,072 per year
Web Designer $27.79 per hour
Digital Designer  $61,559 per year
User Interface Designer  $67,754 per year
Design Engineer  $122,255 per year 
Artist $72,990 per year 
Designer $54,503 per year

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Graphic Designer Salary in Canada – A Trajectory of Earning

When you start working in a field as a fresher, and then start attaining higher positions with several years of experience and skill development. As you keep learning new things, you also grow in the field of Graphic Designing in Canada. Here is a trajectory of your career path as a Graphic Designer in Canada. 

  • You start working as a Graphic Designer in Canada at $50,747 per year. It usually takes 0 to 4 years at this stage to progress to a considerably higher salary. 
  • After these many years, you become a Senior Graphic Designer at this stage your salary will be around $63,423 per year. 
  • At later stages with almost 8+ years of experience, you will become an Adjunct Graphic Designer. Your salary at this stage will be between $42K – $62K per year.

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How much are graphic designers paid in Canada?

On average, you will earn around $4,874 per month as a Graphic Designer in Canada. Similarly, your yearly pay would be around $68,838. As of December 2023, your monthly salary in Indian currency will be around INR 405454.41 and your yearly salary will be around INR 5726440.47. 

Are graphic designers in demand in Canada?

Between 2022 and 2031, there will be around 27,300 job openings for Graphic Designers in Canada. The requirement of Graphic Designers in this decade has gone far above due to various factors and is expected to continue growing on that trajectory. 

How much do graphic designers make at Canada Post?

Canada Post Corporation pays around $40,000 – $168,000 per year to its graphic designers. This is an average range and the actual amount will vary depending on the opportunities and your experience and expertise in the field. 

Can I move to Canada as a graphic designer?

Yes, Graphic Designers and Illustrators are listed on the Canadian NOC List, therefore you can move to Canada as a Graphic Designer. This is in case you have a job offer letter in hand. This is not a big problem as the job is in high demand in Canada. 

This was all about Graphic Designer salaries in Canada. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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