Brief About A Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai 2024?

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Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai

Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai: Working in 5-star Dubai hotels is a unique and interesting experience. One gets to meet individuals from all over the world in this vibrant city with a fascinating culture. One has the opportunity to participate in the hospitality paradise as well as learn by working in hotels. It’s the ideal place to advance your career because of the abundance of professional prospects, equality among all, and the opportunity to explore the city. In this article, we will help you with the hotel manager’s salary in Dubai in 2024.

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Distribution of Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai

The average income for employees in Dubai’s hotel industry is approximately 472,100 AED annually; this might vary from the lowest average salary of roughly 216,800 AED to the highest average salary of 747,400 AED. So, we’ve looked at the average salary a hotel manager in Dubai might get. The following important fact is the salary distribution.

Average Annual Salary AED 472,100 
Average Monthly Salary AED 39,341 
Lowest Annual Salary AED 216,800 
Lowest Monthly Salary AED18,066 
Highest Annual Salary AED 747,400
Highest Monthly Salary AED 62,283 

Dubai Hotel Manager Salary By Experience Level 

We have researched the average hotel manager’s salary based on years of experience to give you an idea of how the average changes once you’ve worked for a certain amount of time.

Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai

Highest Paying Hotel Management Jobs in Dubai 

Here is a list of high-paying hotel management jobs in Dubai that you can explore and earn a good salary for.

Positions  Average Salary 
Assistant Hotel Manager AED 6,500
Hospitality Management AED 4,700
Hotel General Manager AED 30,000
Hotel Management AED 4,000
General Manager AED 13,577 per month
Front Desk Manager AED 2,588 per month
Guest Service Agent AED 3,893 per month
Housekeeping Manager AED 3,138 per month
Chef AED 3,057 per month

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Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai By Various Companies 

Here is a list of a Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai by various top companies that are offering job opportunities for the hotel industry in Dubai. 

Company  Average Salary 
Confidential AED 14T -AED 16T
Hyatt AED 30T -AED 36T
Hyatt AED 30T -AED 36T
Accor AED 18T -AED 21T
Bulgari AED 14T -AED16T
RODA Hotels & Resorts AED 32T -AED 38T
Bin Moosa & Daly AED 17,000 -AED 20T
Al Waleed Palace Hotel Apartments AED 16T -AED 19T
Grand Square Hotel AED 8T -AED 9T
City Center Hotel AED 17T -AED 19T
Millennium Hotels and Resorts AED 27T -AED 32T
Auris Hotels AED 30T -AED 36T

Salary for Hotel Management in Dubai by Education 

To determine whether having more education would result in higher compensation, we examined the average salary in Dubai’s hotel sector according to employee education levels.

Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai

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How Much Do You Earn in Hotel Management Jobs in Dubai 

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a hotel manager typically makes AED 44,000 a month. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a hotel manager’s supplementary financial remuneration ranges from AED 11,000 to AED 68,375, with an average of AED 27,500.

Is Dubai good for hospitality?

Dubai is a great place for the hospitality sector to operate. It provides a good environment for hospitality professionals with its growing tourism industry, diversified hospitality establishments, and international opportunities.

How much does a waiter earn in Dubai?

The average salary for a Waiter is AED 8,700 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation for a Waiter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is AED 5,700, with a range from AED 5,400 – AED 6,000.

How does the pay for 5-star hotel jobs in Dubai compare to other cities or countries?

The average compensation for a 5-star hotel employment in Dubai in 2021 was around 21,500 AED, or 5853.54 USD, per month. That being said, this figure is comparatively expensive, and the average pay in Dubai is far less than that of industrialized nations such as the USA (7900 USD) and the UK (8163 USD), where one can make similar salaries.

This is all you need to know about  Hotel Manager Salary in Dubai in 2024. For more interesting professions with salaries, follow Leverage Edu.

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