100 Interesting Facts About Australia That Will Amaze You

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Uncovering the Fascinating Facts About Australia

Australia is home to beautiful beaches, summer vibes, as well as a quality education system! Every year thousands of students choose Australia as their study destination. Australia is the twelfth largest economy in the world which makes it is the perfect place for lucrative jobs as well.

Australia is esteemed for its quality of life, high human development index, health, education, and much more. We have curated a list of 100 interesting facts about Australia that will amaze you! 

The Most Amazing Facts about Australia in 2024

Australia, the land down under, is a vast and diverse country with a unique culture, stunning natural beauty, and a fascinating history. From its iconic beaches and vibrant cities to its ancient rain-forests and rugged outback, Australia has something to offer everyone. In 2024, there are even more reasons to discover the wonders of this remarkable country.

  1. If you visit one beach a day in Australia it will take you 27 years to see all of them!
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  1. Brisbane city in Australia hosts the cockroach racing world championship.
  2. Unlike other continents, Australia does not have an active volcano.
  3. Australia has more sheep than humans. It has three times more sheep than humans in the country.
  4. Melbourne and Victoria comprise the largest Greek population in the world after Athens, Greece.
  5. You would be surprised to read this interesting fact about Australia! Once a man in Australia tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.
  1. The Alps mountain in Australia receives more snowfall than mountains in Switzerland.
  2. Australia has the most exotic flora and fauna in the world.
  3. Australia was the second country in the world to give women the right to vote in 1902 after New Zealand.
  4. Kangaroo is the only animal selected by  the Australian Coat of Arms and sole reason was because it can’t walk backwards, reflecting a forward-thinking culture.
  5. Canberra is the capital city of Australia and not Sydney.
  6. Australia is home to the longest fence in the world and is 5,614 km long.
  7. There are 60 designated wine regions in Australia that produce approximately 1.35 trillion bottles of wine every year.
  8. Another interesting fact about Australia is that it has a larger population of camels than Egypt.
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  1. For 26 years from 1901 to 1927, Melbourne was the capital city of Australia.
  2. Approximately 17 of the world’s poisonous snakes are found in Australia.
  3. Australia is home to 1,500 types of spiders, and 4,000 types of ants.
  4. Australian mammals, Platypus and Echidnas are the only two mammals in the world that lay eggs to give birth.
  5. Only few people know this interesting fact about Australia that swimming on public beaches was illegal for more than 60 years.
  6. Australia is famous for its beaches, surfing and offers a heavenly experience for winter sports enthusiasts.
  7.  Australia is truly a land of extremes as the highest temperature ever recorded being 50.7 °C (123.3 °F) and the lowest temperature recorded is  −23.0 °C (−9.4 °F).
  8.  Australia is the birthplace of the word selfie.
  9. In the 1880s, Melbourne was the most prosperous and wealthiest city in Australia.
  10. Australia has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
  11. The main religion followed in Australia is Christianity.
  12. Golden wattle (flower), opal (gemstone), green and gold (colors) and the Commonwealth Star (a seven-pointed star) are the national symbols of Australia.
  13. The Australian Government follows the democratic system.
  14. Australia/Oceania is the smallest continent of the seven continents in the world.
  15. Australia is also the driest inhabited continent in the world.
  16. Australia is the largest country in the southern hemisphere.
  17. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world.
  18. The world’s largest exporter of coal in Australia.
  19. With more than 5 million inhabitants, Sydney is the biggest city in Australia.
  20. Great Victoria Basin covers most of the portion of Western Australia and South Australia.
  21. New South Wales is the most populous state of Australia as 65% of the country’s population lives in New South Wales.
  22. Western Australia is the largest state of Australia.
  23. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the world’s largest coral reef. It is famous for snorkeling and diving.
  24. Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and it is famous for its art galleries and restaurants.
  25. Kakadu National Park is the biggest national park in Australia.
  26. Australia is home to more than 10% of the world’s flora and fauna
  27. Approximately 90% of the population of Australia lives on the coast.
  28. The island of Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
  29. Fraser Island in Australia is the largest sand island in the world.
  30. The great ocean road in Australia is the largest war memorial in the world.
  31. Australia has the world’s longest golf course which is approximately 850 miles long.
  32. The largest cattle station in the world lies in Australia and amazingly it is bigger than Israel.
  33. Australia is also the biggest producer of wine with1.3 billion liters of wine is produced every year.
  34.  Australia exports camels to the middle east countries.
  35. There are 19 world heritage sites in Australia.
  36. Seat belt law was first passed in Australia.
  37. Australia has the second-highest human development index after Norway.
  38. There is a mountain called Mt Disappointment in Australia because of its view from the top.
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  1. The Dingo fence in Australia is surprisingly longer than the Great Wall of China.
  2. Australia has approximately 516 national parks.
  3. Australian population accounts for 30% of immigrants and they mainly hail from the UK, China, the middle east, and Vietnam.
  4. Australian’s have the highest number of people involved in sports activities such as swimming, surfing, sailing, tennis, soccer, cricket, and rugby.
  5.  Australia is one of the largest exporters of agricultural goods like wool, wheat, beef, and fruit.
  6. Australia is rich in minerals and metals as well and is the world’s fourth-largest producer of gold.
  7.  The majority of Australians today were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was born overseas.
  8. More than 90% of the country is covered in vegetation.
  9. A whopping 200 languages and dialects are spoken in Australia.
  10. The first photos of the moon landing in 1969 were shared with the rest of the world through a tracking station near Canberra in Australia.
  11. The world’s oldest fossil fuel which is approximately 3.4 billion years old was discovered in Australia.
  12. Australia has one of the highest degrees of urban concentration in the world whereas on the other hand, it has one of the lowest population densities with on average only 3 people per square kilometer.
  13. In the year 2005, the word ‘Mate’ was banned for about 24 hours in Australia.
  14.  Australia is popularly known as the Island Continent because it is the only continent that is also a country.
  15.  Australia claims to have the highest literacy rate in the world.
  16. Another interesting fact about Australia is that it has more newspaper readers than any other country in the world.
  17.  88% of Australians live in towns and cities.
  18.  22% of Australian adults don’t have children, while 16% have only one child.
  19. The statistics clearly illustrate that 32% of women and 34% of men in Australia never marry.
  20.  The commonwealth of Australia was finalized in 1901, after the finalization of the Australian federation.
  21.  The most well-behaved convicts comprised the first police force of Australia.
  22.  The great Victoria desert is the biggest desert in Australia.
  23. There are approximately 44 million kangaroos in Australia.
  24.  The Australian national anthem was changed in 1984 from “God save the queen” to “Advance Australia Fair”.
  25.  The name Australia comes from the Latin word ‘Australis’ which means southern.
  26.  Approximately 25-30% of Australians were born in another country.
  27.  The wealthiest person in Australia is Gina Rinehart. He is a mining magnate and his net worth is 14 billion dollars approx.
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  1.  Australia is well-known for its employment opportunities. The country offers the highest pay rate per hour in the world.
  2.  Google Maps, the Pacemaker, and Wi-fi technology are some of the famous inventions by Australian inventors.
  3.  2 out of every 3 Australians are vulnerable to skin cancer.
  4.  It is quite scary to hear that former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went missing off the Victorian West while swimming in 1967 and nobody has been able to trace him to date.
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  1.  Australia is renowned for its world-class public healthcare and education system.
  2.  ‘No worries’ is the most common phrase which is uttered by approximately 75% of Australians.
  3.  From 2010 to 2016, Australia was ranked as the most livable city in the world.
  4. Popular Australian sports events include the Ashes, Australian Grand Prix, and Australian Open.
  5.  Australia recently had 5 prime ministers for five years.
  6.  Melbourne’s original name was Batmania which was named after the politician John Batman.
  7.  Voting is mandatory in Australia and those who don’t vote are heavily penalized.
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  1.  Australia has a really slow internet speed and it is behind Thailand in this respect
  2.  Australia is the oldest, flattest, and driest inhabited continent in the world.
  3.  Banking, manufacturing, mining-related exports are some of the major revenue generation sources for Australia.
  4.  Australia is a member of the United Nations, the G20, the Commonwealth of Nations, the ANZUS, the OECD, and WTO.
  5. Australia has the world’s tenth-largest per capita income.
  6. Australia is the twelfth largest economy in the world.
  7.  75% of biodiversity species are undiscovered in Australia.
  8. Due to a trademark clash, Burger King in Australia is known as Hungry Jacks.
  9.  There are 200 different types of cultures in Australia.
  10. 70% of Australians are proactive in sports.

5 Amazing Facts about Religion in Australia

Australia is a land of many beliefs. Here, everyone irrespective of their faith or religion, are welcomed with open hands. That being said, here are some amazing facts about religion in Australia.

  1. Australia boasts a vibrant tapestry of religious affiliations, with no single dominant faith. In the 2021 census, 43.9% identified as Christian, followed by 38.9% with “no religion.” Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism also have sizeable communities, reflecting the country’s multicultural makeup.
  2. Despite lacking an official religion, spirituality holds a significant place in Australian society. Indigenous belief systems, emphasizing connection to the land and ancestors, continue to influence many aspects of life. Additionally, a growing number identify with non-traditional spiritualities or hold personal beliefs outside organized religions.
  3. The religious landscape in Australia is undergoing dynamic change. The percentage of Christians has steadily declined in recent decades, while those identifying with “no religion” have risen. This reflects increasing secularization, immigration patterns, and evolving personal values.
  4. Australia enjoys a generally peaceful and respectful interfaith environment. Dialogue and cooperation between different religious communities are encouraged, fostering understanding and collaboration on social issues.
  5. Freedom of religion is a fundamental right enshrined in the Australian Constitution. This allows individuals to practice their faith freely, without discrimination or persecution.

5 Amazing Food Facts About Australia

Australia is a haven for foodies. Here, you will get everything to satiate your taste buds, right from delectable croissants to juicy BBQs. That being said, here are some 5 amazing food facts about Australia.

  1. While barbecues (affectionately known as “barbies” in Australia) are a beloved tradition, there’s so much more to Australian cuisine. From fresh seafood dishes to indigenous bush tucker, the culinary scene is diverse and exciting. Sample some succulent barramundi, a native fish, or try kangaroo steak for a truly unique experience. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of Australian wine – the country boasts world-renowned wine regions like Barossa Valley and Margaret River.
  2. Melbourne might just be the coffee capital of the world! With a thriving cafe scene and a passion for perfectly brewed coffee, Melbourne offers endless options for caffeine lovers. From flat whites to long macchiatos, skilled baristas create coffee experiences that are both delicious and artistic.
  3. Dim Sim Delights in Australia are savory, crescent-shaped pastries filled with meat and vegetables are a beloved Aussie snack. Originally created in Melbourne in the 1940s, dim sims come in a variety of flavors and are a must-try for any foodie exploring Australia.
  4. From the iconic Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits with creamy filling and a layer of chocolate) to Lamington sponge cake dipped in chocolate and coconut, Australia has a sweet tooth to rival any. Don’t miss out on trying these classic treats, or exploring the many other delicious desserts the country has to offer.
  5. The iconic vegemite power black spread, made from brewer’s yeast extract, is a national treasure (and a source of amusement for some visitors). Australians love it on toast, crumpets, or even just straight from the jar! But did you know Vegemite was actually invented as a way to use up excess brewer’s yeast during World War I? It’s a true Aussie innovation with a unique, salty, and slightly savory flavor that’s definitely worth trying.

So that was all about the most amazing facts about Australia. Hope the blog has covered your queries regarding the topic.


What is the cost of living for Indian Students in Australia?

The average cost of living in Australia, excluding rent, is approximately INR 97,500 per month. This translates to an annual sum of approximately INR 11,70,000. Additionally, tuition fees typically range between INR 15,00,000 and INR 20,00,000 annually, depending on the specific program and institution chosen.

What are the top-ranked universities in Australia for international students?

The University of Melbourne, UNSW, and the University of Sydney are some of the top ranked universities in Australia for international students.

What are the most affordable neighbourhoods in Australia?

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Gold Cost are some of the most affordable places to live in Australia.

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