Appointment Letter

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Appointment Letter

There is no feeling greater in the world that beats the happiness of receiving an appointment letter from your dream company. After working hard all your life and going through numerous ups and downs to finally receive the letter from the company you had been longing to work for is a dream come true. However, are you familiar with how this type of letter is made and what details it ideally entails? If you are an employer and have recently started a new venture but do not have an exact idea on how to make an appointment letter then you have come to the right place! Glance through the following blog to know more.

What is an Appointment Letter?

Also known as an employment offer letter, an appointment letter is an official document issued to the candidate by the employer or HR manager, which confirms the joining of the former to the employing organization. It states the position that the candidate will be working at, working hours, remuneration, duties, and the terms and conditions related to the employment of a candidate.

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What is the Format of Appointment Letter?

An ideal appointment letter must provide full disclosure about all the clauses related to the employment. In return, the new employee has to sign the letter and return it back to the employer confirming that they have agreed to all the terms and conditions. The following points indicate the important points that should be covered while drafting a perfect letter: 

  • Date of issuing the appointment letter and the date of joining.
  • Full name and personal details of the candidate such as residential address.
  • Candidate’s designation and the roles and responsibilities.
  • The nature of the employment i.e. Permanent, Temporary or Contractual, and its length.
  • Length of probation.
  • Office hours and working shifts
  • Monthly and annual remuneration
  • Perks receivable and notice period 
  • Provisions regarding termination of employment
  • List of all the documents needed at the time of joining

Process for Writing an Appointment Letter

Preparing an appointment letter is quite a tedious task. It serves as a contract between the selected candidate and the employer. For this reason, as an employer, you need to formulate a perfect and clear letter so as to avoid any confusion or misinformation between the two parties. Below is the proper explanation on how to write a letter of appointment: 

  • The first and foremost step is to print the document on the letterhead of the company. Before printing, make sure that the information is left-aligned.
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  • The name of the new employee and their personal details should be followed by the date of issuing of appointment letter.
  • The next line should include the salutation or greeting. It is always better to greet the employee with their first name, as this gives a personal and comforting touch.
  • The opening paragraph of the letter should start with a congratulatory and a welcoming note. It should summarize the purpose of the employer for writing this letter. 
  • In the third step, state the employee’s joining dates, roles, and responsibilities, working hours, working shift, probation period (if applicable) and other such relevant information. 
  • Mention the salary of the employee, medical, and other perks and benefits provided to them during their employment.
  • After stating all the necessary details clearly but in brief, sign off on a motivating and positive note. Be sure to ask the candidate to sign the letter and return it back in a stipulated period. 
  • After the body of the appointment letter is done, two spaces below, end the letter with ‘sincerely’ and sign the letter along with the name of the employer and the date of issuing.
  • Last but not the least, proofread the entire letter and check for any grammatical errors if any. 

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Sample Letter

All said and done, here is one perfect sample which gives you an idea of what an ideal appointment letter should actually look like: 

Appointment Letter

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Thus, preparing an appointment letter is not as difficult as it seems to be. Now that you know the entire process of how such letters are issued, it is even more important to prepare an attractive resume before you reach this stage. If you are struggling to prepare an impressive resume or cover letter for fresher then take the assistance of Leverage Edu’s experts who will guide you in creating an impeccable resume that can help you get the job you have always dreamt of!  

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