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Master of Chirurgiae in Plastic Surgery commonly abbreviated as M.Ch in Plastic Surgery is a postgraduate degree pursued by students in the medical sector. The duration of this master’s degree is 3 years with 2 semesters each year. MCh Plastic surgery course deals with restoration and correction of human body parts. Usually, plastic surgery comprises different types of surgeries such as Microsurgery and Hand surgery. If you want to know more about M.Ch in Plastic surgery course, course details, syllabus, top universities in India, top universities abroad and much more then keep reading!


Name of the course  Master of Chirurgia in plastic surgery
Type of degree Postgraduate 
Examination type Semester system
Duration  3 Years
Average Fees INR 1-5 Lakhs
Average Salary INR 8-5 lakhs
Eligibility Criteria  Graduation from a recognized University

Why Pursue MCh Plastic Surgery?

There is an array of benefits if you choose M.Ch. in plastic surgery as a career option. Some of the most common reasons are

  • After completion of your M.Ch in plastic surgery you would become a plastic surgeon and would be performing two types of surgeries are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery
  • You can pursue any field as there are many job opportunities available for plastic surgeons after completion of M.Ch. in Plastic surgery with high packages
  • You can pursue government as well as the private sector in schools, hospitals, healthcare centres, research institutes and much more
  • The course is quite affordable as compared to other courses, the course fees for M.Ch. in plastic surgery ranges from INR 1 to 5 Lakhs per annum  

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Eligibility Criteria

If you want to pursue M.Ch. in plastic surgery then you must qualify the eligibility criteria

  • Plastic surgeons are required to have good knowledge about science, biology, anatomy, and physiology.
  • You are required to have an MBBS degree and MS in plastic surgery with a minimum of 55% of marks from a recognized institute.
  • There are two modes for admission in the colleges for M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery postgraduate degree that is on the basis of merit and entrance exam conducted by various reputed institutions.

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Application Process for MCh Plastic Surgery

When applying for an M.Ch. in a Plastic surgery course abroad, you have to consider several factors. These include the application process specified by your college, the visa process of your country, and various other details. LeverageEdu simplifies the process for you and makes it easier for you to take admission to your dream university abroad. Book a free counselling session today.

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The common syllabus for M.Ch Plastic Surgery is given below but it may differ depending upon different institutions.

Semester 1

History of Plastic Surgery and its broad scope at the present time Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies
Growth and development changes in the face, anatomy of the facial skeleton. Anatomy and functions of the skin
Craniosynostosis, hypertelorism, craniofacial microsomia. Embryology of head and neck ( excluding central nervous system ).
Split skin grafts and full-thickness skin grafts, their take and subsequent behaviour Leprosy deformities of the face

Semester 2

Regional anatomy of head and neck Pedicled skin flaps and tubes
Local skin flaps Fractures – nose, maxilla, mandible, zygoma, orbit – early management and treatment of sequelae.
Temporomandibular joint dysfunctions Velopharyngeal incompetence.
Cleft lip and palate, alveolar clefts. Unstable scar and scar contracture

Semester 3 

Corrective Rhinoplasty Principles of craniofacial surgery.
Orthodontics, speech therapy in cleft lip and palate. Congenital deformities of the face and jaw bone.
Care of wounds, dressing, techniques and splints. Reconstruction of the external ear
Facial paralysis Rare craniofacial clefts, Tessier clefts.

Semester 4 

Vasoformative lesions of the skin and adnexa Jaw tumours
Reconstruction of full-thickness defects of the abdomen and thorax Cancer of upper Aerodigestive system
Thermal burns Breast reconstruction
Decubitus ulcer Chemical burns.
Electrical burns. Malignant and benign tumours of head and neck

Semester 5

Chemical peeling and dermabrasion. Reconstruction of burn hand and upper extremity
Radiation burn Aesthetic Surgery and Facelift.
Reconstruction of the mandible. Vasospastic disorders of hands
Reconstruction of maxilla Tumour of skin
Blepharoplasty Abdominoplasty

Semester 6

Nerve compression syndromes. Laser therapy
Principles of prosthetic replacement of Jaw defects Dupuytren’s disease.
Surgery for spastic and tetraplegic hand Body contouring, liposuction
Tumours of Head and Neck and Skin

Top Universities Abroad for MCh Plastic Surgery

Here are some of the top universities abroad that offer the MCh in Plastic Surgery course

Name of the University World QS Ranking  Location 
Harvard University  5 the United States 
John Hopkins University 25 United States
University of Toronto  26 Canada
University of Pittsburgh 163 United States 
University of Amsterdam 55 Netherland 
University of California-San Fransisco n/a United States 
University of Pennsylvania  13 the United States 
Erasmus University Rotterdam 179 Netherlands 
Stanford University  3 the United States 
Washington University in St. Louis 107 United States

Top Colleges in India for MCh Plastic Surgery

Name of the College  Average Fees per Annum in INR
AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre 5.95 Lakhs
All India Institute of Medical Sciences – [AIIMS] 2.55 Lakhs 
Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute [BMCRI] 19000
Armed Forces Medical College – [AFMC] 30300
Aryabhatta Knowledge University – [AKU] 48000
Dr DY Patil University 7.5 Lakhs
Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, [DNUOHS] 3 Lakhs
Deccan College of Medical Sciences 1 Lakh
Amrita School of Medicine 17 Lakhs
Christian Medical College – [CMC] 1.14 Lakhs

Career Prospects and Salary

Students pursue this advanced degree to get expertise in the field of plastic surgery. There are a plethora of job opportunities after completion of M.Ch. in plastic surgery as top companies recruit the graduates offering them high packages. These areas of work include hospitals, research centres, etc. The average salary of an M.Ch  plastic surgeon is INR 18 lakhs per annum and this amount increases with experience.

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What is the highest degree in plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeons usually have either a Doctor of Medicine or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree as a Medical school is a very challenging four years of study.

How can I become a plastic surgeon after MBBS?

If you want to become a plastic surgeon then you must qualify the basic eligibility criteria that are 5½ years MBBS degree followed by a 2- 3 years M.S. (Plastic Surgery) course.

What is M.Ch? 

A master of surgery or master of Chirurgie is the most advanced degree in the field of plastic surgery which lasts for approximately two to three years.

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