Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

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Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

Mechanical engineering is a broad discipline with a variety of work opportunities in a variety of sectors. In brief, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering may lead to a variety of high-paying careers in Australia. The following are some of the positions that a mechanical engineer can have, together with their projected average yearly earnings. In Australia, the link between high-quality education and a realistic outlook on future employment markets is clear. If you are considering pursuing a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Australia, here is a comprehensive guide that will provide you with all of the relevant details.

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Why Study Mechanical Engineering in Australia?

Let’s highlight some of the prominent reasons that attract a mass number of international students to study Mechanical Engineering in Australia: 

World-Class Universities 

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2022, Australian institutions rank highly in subjects such as civil, mineral, and mining engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and, most notably, mechanical engineering. Several of the country’s top colleges have developed a reputation for being internationally recognized. Australian universities have made tremendous contributions to the area of engineering as a consequence of the calibre and devotion of academics paired with the exposure students receive, and their accomplishments are recognized internationally.

Wide Selection of Engineering Courses

Australia’s universities are proud of their professors. In reality, the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) is home to the country’s largest engineering faculty. The University provides a total of 165-course specializations, 140 of which are postgraduate degrees and 25 of which are undergraduate courses. Engineering courses in Australia are updated regularly to keep up with technological breakthroughs and to enable students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Mechanical and electrical engineering programs are two of the most popular engineering degrees among overseas students.

Exposure & Accreditation

Internships are promoted for engineering students at Australian institutions to supplement their curriculum and obtain job experience. Additionally, they are exposed to students from many nations, providing them with distinct ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints, as well as incredible opportunities to engage with some of the world’s most educated individuals.

Diversity & Multiculturalism

Australian universities are home to some of the world’s most diverse engineering programs, with students of different nationalities, races, religions, and creeds, acting as a beacon of respect, tolerance, and brotherhood.

Student Focused Courses

Almost all Australian universities place a great emphasis on establishing convenient, accessible, and high-quality programs for all students, with various scholarships for outstanding Indian candidates and an 11-month diploma course that counts as a first year for those intending to study engineering.

Top Universities Offering Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

Here are some of the renowned Australian universities that are offering aspirants with Masters’s in Mechanical Engineering or a relatable degree:

Universities QS World University Rankings 2022Program Name Duration 
University of Melbourne37Masters of Mechanical Engineering 3 years 
University of Sydney38Masters of Mechanical Engineering 
Masters of Professional Mechanical Engineering
1.5 years 
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)206Masters of Mechanical Engineering 2 years 
University of Western Australia (UWA)93Masters of Professional Mechanical Engineering 2 years 
University of Technology Sydney Masters of Engineering (Manufacturing and Management)2 years 
Queensland University of Technology213Masters of Mechanical Engineering 1 year
Deakin University283Masters of Professional Mechanical Engineering 2 years 
Monash University58Masters of Advanced Mechanical Engineering 2 years 
University of Adelaide108Masters of Mechanical Engineering 2 years 
Edith Cowan University651-700Masters of Mechanical Engineering 2 years 
University of Newcastle197Masters of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering)
Masters of Professional Engineering (Mechanical)
3 years 

Admission Process

To be admitted to a master’s program in mechanical engineering in Australia, students must have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related discipline. Students with non-engineering bachelor’s degrees may be accepted provided they have relevant experience.

Where to Apply On the official website of the particular university, students must apply for a master’s degree. Some universities may have their application sites, while others may have their application forms.
When to Apply In most Australian universities, admissions are normally offered in January/February and July.

Admission Requirements 

Although the admission requirements to study master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Australia varies from one university to another, here is a general outlook of the basic admission requirements that aspirants must fulfil to pursue the same:

  • Applicants must have scored a minimum of 60% to 70% or 3.0 GPA in their bachelor’s degree (equivalent to Australian bachelor’s degree standards) in a relevant discipline of study. 
  • Candidates need to qualify GRE to seek admission to this program
  • A good score in English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, the candidates must also have the following:

Cost of Studying Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

The table shown below will tell you the program and university-wise average estimated cost of studying master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Australia for international students. 

Universities Average Expected Program Fees
University of MelbourneAUD 141,030 (INR 75 Lakhs )
University of SydneyAUD 69,000 (INR 36 Lakhs)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)AUD 71,040 (INR 37 Lakhs)
University of Western Australia (UWA)AUD 79,600 (INR 42 Lakhs)
University of Technology Sydney AUD 71,720 (INR 38 Lakhs)
Queensland University of TechnologyAUD 60,400 (INR 32 Lakhs)
Deakin UniversityAUD 68,976 (INR 36 Lakhs)
Monash UniversityAUD 77,800 (INR 41 Lakhs)
University of AdelaideAUD 84,000 (INR 44 Lakhs)
Edith Cowan UniversityAUD 61,400 (INR 32 Lakhs)
University of NewcastleAUD 119,475 (INR 63 Lakhs)

Cost of Living in Australia 

Take a look at the breakdown of average living expenses every week for international students pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia: 

Expenses Average Expense per Week (in AUD$)Average Expense per Week (in INR)
Accommodation100 – 300 5350 -16080
Food/Groceries140 – 280 7500– 5000 
Utilities10– 20 536 – 1072
Transportation30– 60 1600 – 3215
Recreation80– 1504287 – 8038
Course-related expenditure15– 20803 – 1072 

Note: The aforementioned expenses and costs are only indicative and average estimates. These costs can vary as per the city, university as well as course and other related factors.

Get your personalized monthly expense/cost of living estimate with our Cost of Living Calculator tool!  

Scholarships and Fundings 

The cost of living in Australia is expensive in comparison to many other countries, but institutions provide a variety of scholarships to make study accessible for ambitious students. Here’s a quick list of some of the popular scholarships available to overseas students in Australia who are pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering:

  • UNSW International Scholarship
  • Australian Awards Scholarships
  • Global Excellence Academic Scholarship
  • International Masters Scholarship
  • Curtin International Scholarship
  • Masters of Professional Engineering International Scholarship
  • Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Post Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Alfred and Olivia Wynne memorial scholarship
  • UQ Engineering Latin American scholarship
  • Global citizen scholarship

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Scope of Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

The oldest discipline of engineering, mechanical engineering, has contributed to several breakthroughs. Mechanical engineering has a wide range of applications. The relevance of this discipline has grown as a result of technological advancements. Students are rekindling their interest in learning about robotics, nanotechnology, robotics, and other topics that are yet relatively unexplored. There are several opportunities in this industry, and with successful completion of this course, a variety of job options will be available in:

  • Automobile sector
  • Research and development field
  • Oil exploration sector
  • Aerospace industry
  • Railway coach factories
  • Chemical manufacturing plants

Furthermore, aspirants can always go for further studies like PhD, MRes, MBA, etc to increase their existing knowledge, skills, and expertise and to boost their career opportunities. 

Job Prospects 

Mechanical engineering is a broad profession with a variety of work opportunities in a variety of sectors. In brief, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering may lead to a variety of high-paying jobs in Australia. The following are some of the positions that a mechanical engineer can have, together with their projected average yearly earnings.

Job Prospects Average Yearly Salary (Expected)
Senior ManagerINR 63.85 lakhs 
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 42 – 53 lakhs 
Plant Mechanical EngineerINR 34 – 42 lakhs 
ManagerINR 34 – 40 lakhs 
Junior managerINR 27 – 35 lakhs 
CTOINR 25 – 30 lakhs 

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