Best Podcasts for Computer Science Students

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Podcasts for Computer Science Students

As the world is being fuelled with artificial intelligence, computing technologies and digital devices, Computer Science has become a sought-after field offering shining career opportunities across different sectors. At the same time, it is also an ever-evolving arena as new technologies are rapidly surfacing and astonishing us with how efficiently they can accomplish even the menial of tasks easily. Whether you are studying a degree in Computer Science or are passionate about the tech and IT world, podcasts are the best way to augment your knowledge about this field while carrying out your daily chores! This blog will help you discover some of the best podcasts for Computer Science students which you must add to your playlists thus making the most of those long hours of commuting or any other boring tasks and turning your valuable time into entertaining and productive!

Podcasts for Computer Science Students

Best Computer Podcasts

The following are the top computer science podcasts:

Security Now

Information and Data Security is an imperative segment of Computer Science and with the advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly more important. This podcast claims the first spot on podcasts for computer science students with its precious lessons on computer security tips and concepts in a lucid manner. Hosted once a week by Leo Laporte, this podcast makes its listener privy to every nuance of computer security and thereby helps in keeping listeners up-to-date about the latest developments in the world of computer security, cryptography and network security and much more.

CS50 Podcast

Courtesy: CS50

As the most trending computer science podcasts, CS50 podcast is hosted by David J. Malan and Colton Ogden from Harvard University and is named after the famed CS50 online computer science course offered by the university. It discusses popular topics in trend in data and computer science technology from around the world.

Software Engineering Radio

One of the most valuable podcasts for computer science students especially those keen on learning about software engineering, this podcast is devoted to giving extensive and in-depth knowledge about the most recent developments in the tech world. Software Engineering Radion presents tech interviews, analysis, and minute breakdowns of newer technologies. Not a new name, this podcast has gone on to create a niche of its own with its outstanding content appealing to computer geeks and techies.

Spark with Nora Young

Hosted by Nora Young tech-guru, writer and speaker, this podcast has seen the likes of tech experts like Adam Killick and Kent Hoffman as its speakers. Spark covers wide-ranging areas from the field of computer science from simple programming to the concept and applications of artificial intelligence. The podcast goes on to encompass less covered topics like the use of computer science in the financial industry making it a wholesome feature. One of the most important podcasts for computer science students, its content is hard to beat.

Linux Action Show

Courtesy: Jupiter Broadcasting

Best Computer Science Podcasts on Spotify

Take a look at the popular computer science podcasts on spotify:


Amongst the most prominent mention in our list of podcasts for computer science students, Twit encompasses discussions on “all things tech” and is more of a news podcast on the tech world. Further, it also provides commentary on tech happenings along with how-to guides, product reviews and explores the contemporary digital world through different contexts. This podcast is engaging and amusing while providing a world of knowledge to its listeners that can help them progress in the world of computer science.

Data Skeptic

Artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning are an important aspect of the modern concepts of computer science and constitute an integral part of contemporary developments. It is one of the best podcasts for beginners and students pursuing Computer Science as it facilitates critical commentary on evaluating scientific concepts used in the field of computers and the veracity of principles used. 

Teach Computing

A relatively new podcast, it has created a space for itself and features in some of the most useful podcasts for computer students because of its unique style of presentation. It takes a classroom approach to understand key concepts making it more fascinating and interactive. Experts, teachers, and educators discuss important concepts, debate it out and in the process educate the listeners never before.  

Other Top Podcasts

Take a look at the top-recommended podcasts for computer science students:

Call That Girl Office 365

Courtesy: Call That Girl Microsoft Outlook Expert

A podcast that is dedicated to Office 365 as its name suggests, it as of late garnered a lot of popularity. Hosted by ‘That Girl’ Lisa, it recounts the issues she has solved for her clients and the problems they face when using the software. She often delves into issues related to the field f computer business. As a businesswoman and a software expert, she shares her expertise and experience with the world making it is a must for all individuals wishing to work in the computer business.  


A network of podcasts, Podnutz encompasses a variety of specialty topics pertaining to the field of computers. It is hosted by tech experts who talk about wide-ranging topics from repairing computers to computer software and application development. It is trendy and keeps its audience updated about the latest innovations and technology. Frequently hosted with a focus on a different topic each time, it is a one-stop destination for every computer lover. 

IT Jetpack

IT Jetpack
Courtesy: Podbean

For all those computer geeks who have business acumen, this computer science podcast is for you. The unique feature of the show is it starts off as a live show and has an ‘Ask Me Anything’ section at the end where listeners can stream in and put forth their questions. Later in the week, the episode becomes downloadable for future usage. The hosts raise questions from the field of computer science, business and other sectors and blend them beautifully to present an episode that is informative, helpful and engrossing. It keeps its audience up-to-date and is a part of every podcast for computer science students’ list because of its comprehensive presentation. 

Thus, there are numerous podcasts for Computer Science students as well as computer geeks, tech enthusiasts and beginners just starting out to discover the prospering tech arena! We hope this blog has given you enough inspiration to satiate your hunger for knowledge of computer science. Planning to pursue an esteemed degree in computer science from one of the renowned universities of the world? Let our Leverage Edu experts help you find the best course and university which can equip you with the requisite skills, knowledge and exposure to build a fulfilling career in the tech industry! Register today for a free e-meeting and take a step forward towards learning about the intriguing world of computers!

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