50 Interesting Facts about USA

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interesting facts about usa

Recognised as the hub of technology and research as well as a leading land of opportunities, the USA is full of life-changing career opportunities. Many look up to this destination to pursue their higher education whereas others find it the ideal spot to pursue a lucrative job. But do you know there are a lot of interesting facts about the USA? So whether you are planning to study in the USA or looking forward to pursuing a career there, we have devised a list of 50 interesting facts about USA that one should know before getting on board! 

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Here is our list of 50 most interesting facts about USA- 

  1. The United States became the first country to gain freedom from European power in the year 1783
  2. Delaware was the first state whereas New Hemisphere was the ninth state that accepted the constitution of the United States.
  3. Robert G Heft, high school student designed the current flag of USA
  4. The flag of the USA consists of 13 stripes indicating the original thirteen colonies. 
  5. The USA houses the world’s largest gold reserves. 
  6. USA was declared free from foriegn rule on July 2nd, however, it was on 4th of July when John Hancock gave his first signature on declaration. 
  7. It is observed that in states like Iox, Montana, North Dakota; there are more cows than humans. 
  8. The great Statue of Liberty is actually situated in New Jersey than New York. 
  9. The world’s longest Boardwalk is observed in Atlantic City. 
  10. The first capital of the nation was Philadelphia. 

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  1. Harvard University was the first university ever established in the United States. 
  2. George Washington was not the first face to be printed on the one-dollar bill. 
  3. New Amsterdam was the original name of New York that later on got changed in the 17th century. 
  4. Back in the 19th century, Alaska was a part of Russia.
  5. The Liberty Bell of the USA belongs to London. 
  6. The USA has 43 giant presidential heads in Texas. 
  7. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is observed to be the most visited museum in the USA. 
  8. New Jersey is known to be home for the world’s highest roller coaster. 
  9. In the year 1920, women finally got the right to vote in the United States. 
  10. Alaska consists of a longer coastline than all the 49 other states of the USA combined together.  

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  1. The official state animal of California is a grizzly bear but there have been no grizzly bears in California since 1922. 
  2. The Pentagon office is still recorded to be the largest building in the world. 
  3. The USA in the year 1919, once outlawed alcohol during the eighteenth amendment.
  4. The miniature golf was first played in Georgia. 
  5. On average, Americans tend to eat about 100 acres of pizza every day.

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  1. The United States has no official language. 
  2. Alaska was bought from Russia at 2 cents per acre
  3. It is legal for children to smoke in the United States.
  4. The USA has the world’s largest Air Force. 
  5. Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the US. 
  6. The popular city of USA, Los Angeles, records to be the city with the most traffic in the US. 
  7. Three of the world’s oldest rivers flow in the United States. 
  8. USA was the first nation to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. 
  9. USA records world’s biggest GDP. 
  10. Almost the entire Nevada is owned by the US government.
  11. It is observed that more people live in New York city than 40 out of 50 states of the US. 
  12. The water stored in the Lake Superior could cover all of America up to 1 feet. 
  13. The US flag has been revised 27 times. 
  14. Statue of Liberty of USA was a gift from French. 
  15. The tallest monument in USA is the Gateway Arch.

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  1. The flag of the USA consists of 50 stars representing 50 states.
  2. The national anthem of America- ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ was soon adopted by a sarcastic comment from Rober Ripely.
  3. On an average almost one-third of adults in the US are obese. 
  4. The US has the highest rate of the tornado as compared to any other country in the world.
  5. The first Black president of the United States was Barack Obama.
  6. Hawaii is the widest state in the USA. 
  7. Abraham Lincoln was the only US president who owned a patent and a salon.
  8. George Washington was not the first President to reside in the White House, instead, it was John Adams and his wife Abigail. 
  9. Ronald Reagan was the oldest President to serve the country.
  10. It is not necessary for one to have a driver’s licence to compete at NASCAR. 
  11. The US has the 4th Longest River System in the World
  12. The US is home to the most iconic musical artists of all time i.e Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Beyonce.
  13. Washington didn’t become the capital of US until 1790.
  14. The US film industry i.e. Hollywood is the largest, oldest, and most profitable film industry in the world.
  15. The US was the first nation to use the title of “President” for its head of state.

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Are there any strange or surprising facts on the list about USA?

Absolutely! The USA is a land of diverse landscapes, history, and culture, and our list is packed with unexpected tidbits. You might be surprised to learn about:
1. The world’s longest hot dog stand: Located in Los Angeles, California, Pink’s Hot Dogs has been serving up their signature franks since 1939. The stand itself stretches over 40 feet long and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.
2. The state with the most ghost towns: With over 500 abandoned settlements, Colorado takes the crown for the most ghost towns in the USA. These eerie remnants of the gold rush era offer a glimpse into the state’s wild past.
3. The unusual origin story of a popular drink: The next time you sip on a Pepsi, remember that it was created by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. He originally called it “Brad’s Drink” before settling on the more catchy name we know today.

What is USA famous for?

Usually, the USA is known for baseball, football, and Super Bowl celebrations. Horse racing comes a second close.

What made the USA a world power?

The country’s political system, economy, military, and cultural influence are some major factors in the USA being a world power.

Thus, we hope that through this blog on 50 interesting facts about USA, you now have some quirky information about the country. Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you live up to the dream of seeking quality education in USA or any other country. Get in touch with us today and get your application process started for your dream course. Book your free e-meeting today!

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