London vs Scotland: Best Place to Study Abroad?

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The United Kingdom is home to a large population of international students hailing from EU and Non-EU countries. London and Scotland are among the popular places in the UK to move and study for international students. According to QS Best Student Cities, London has been ranked the best student-friendly city in the world while Scotland is known for being a major hub for world-renowned research, culture, and its highlands. The Scottish universities played a vital role in world-changing innovations such as the MRI Scanner and Keyhole Surgery. Choosing between London vs Scotland can be tough, which is why we have curated this blog on which is the best student city for you in the UK!

Population9.32 Million  5.51 million
Iconic LandmarksBig BenTower BridgeBuckingham PalaceForth BridgeEdinburgh CastleStirling Castle
Cost of Studying per annumGBP 12,000 – GBP 30,000
(INR 12 lakh – INR 30 lakh)
GBP 10,000 – GBP 30,000
(INR 10 lakh – INR 30 lakh)
Cost of Living per monthGBP 1,200 
(INR 1,22,450)
GBP 1,100 – GBP 1,400
(INR 1,12,249 – INR 1,42,792)
Top UniversityImperial College LondonUniversity of Edinburgh
Employment Rate74.9%74.6%
Average Salary GBP 39,000 
(INR 39 lakh)
GBP 30,000
(INR 30 lakh)

Why Study in London?

There are a lot of reasons why London is considered one of the best study destinations for international students hailing from other countries. Some of the major factors contributing to London being one of the best student cities in the world:

 London Bridge: Source- Tenor
  • International students in London are provided with world class education at top ranked universities. London is home to more than 40 universities. There are over 30,000 courses offered in the capital of England. 
  • London is a multicultural city. More than 112,205 international students have chosen to pursue further education abroad in London. You’ll get to learn about different cultures around the world. 
  • It is a place like no other. London has a great number of interesting places to visit such as museums, green parks, and theaters. And obviously, the legendary Big Ben.
  • Traveling by train is the best part about studying in London. The train system of London is undoubtedly the best. Not only can you travel within the city of London but you can actually travel to other countries like France by train. What could be more interesting and adventurous than that?
  • There is no language barrier in London unlike other study destinations such as Germany or France. More than 95% of the entire population of London speaks English. This will make interaction in London a lot easier. You’ll get to learn a whole new accent like that of the people of London.
  • London is home to a lot of Indians. When in London, you’ll have access to a lot of Indian restaurants. So there’s no way you’re going to miss Indian food.

Top Universities in London

Some of the best universities in London for international students are

Why Study in Scotland?

Scotland is a country located in the UK which means there are ample opportunities for students and young professionals to explore. This UK country is known for its popular cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness for their highlands, castles, and divine nature. Here are some reasons why Scotland outshines London:

  • Many international students have chosen Scotland as a study abroad destination because it has some of the top universities in the world. Studying as an international student in Scotland, you get access to world class facilities as Scotland is known for excellent research. More than 80% of the research based in Scottish universities had outstanding impact.
  • The employment rate of Scottish universities is definitely great in Scotland as 9 out of 10 graduated students find employment or are in further education within 6 months of their graduation from a Scottish University.
  • Scotland is actually not very far from London. You can travel to London or explore the city of love, Paris with regular flights. 
  • Scotland is an ideal place for studying and living as you can enjoy exciting events like music festivals or art festivals along with your study. 

Top Universities in Scotland

The top 5 universities in Scotland are mentioned below

  1. University of Edinburgh
  2. University of Glasgow
  3. Heriot-Watt University
  4. University of Dundee
  5. University of St Andrews

Comparing all of the factors is important when deciding between London vs Scotland. Here are some frequently-asked questions to further help you make a choice between the two.


Which university in London offers the best MBA programs?

Imperial College Business School offers one of the best MBA programs in London.

What are the IELTS Requirements to study at the University of Dundee?

Minimum IELTS score requirements for admission to the University of Dundee are 6.0 or above. Join Leverage Live to score High in English Language Tests such as IELTS TOEFL PTE

What is the Admission Deadline for London South Bank University?

The admission deadlines for LSBU are:
July 31 for September Intake
November 20 for January Intake

What is the application fee for the University of Glasgow?

The application fee for the University of Glasgow is GBP 20 ( INR 2000) for UG courses and GBP 25 ( INR 2500) for PG courses.

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