Why Study in Scotland?

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Why study in Scotland

Planning to study in Scotland? Known for its beauty, Scotland is on the other side of the frontier of the world-renowned Oxbridge universities of the United Kingdom. The country boasts of a number of top-quality higher education institutions that specialise in a variety of subjects. Students here not only earn top-quality degrees, but they also live in one of the most friendly places on the planet in a fascinating and unusual culture and traditions. If you are thinking why study in Scotland, Scroll through this blog to know the top reasons and benefits of studying in Scotland for Indian students.

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Why Study in Scotland? Why Not!

To give you a clear view as to why you should think of pursuing your studies in Scotland we have enlisted a few reasons why Scotland is one of the best countries to study in.

Quality Education

One of the main reasons explaining why study in Scotland is that Scottish universities are globally renowned for “world-leading” studies, and some of the latest advances in Scottish universities have led to things such as keyhole surgery and the MRI scanner. Students interested in the development of computer games, assessment and forecasting of seismic risk and new quantum mechanics discoveries are given the right exposure to pursue their dreams..

Friendly Atmosphere

Another reason making our argument stronger in favour of the question why study in Scotland is that Scottish people are eager to support international students, to welcome them warmly and to guide them regarding everything. From studies to choosing the right universities, the atmosphere is extremely friendly.

Diverse Crowd

At least 21 percent of students at universities in Scotland do not come from Scotland. Over 11 percent come from the European Union (EU). This means that you will not be the only international student in Scotland. If you are scared of going abroad and not having friends then you should remove the question, why study in Scotland, from your mind. Not only is there a wide number of organisations for students from and outside Scotland to socialise, the diverse crowd over here will help you settle down easily and make new friends. 

Cost Effective

Wondering about the question, why study in Scotland? Some of the cheapest universities in the UK are Scottish. For example, at universities in Edinburgh and St. Andrews, students need to pay, on average, about 9,000 GBP a year. Compared to other big student cities in the UK, this is a smaller figure.

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Manageable Living Expenses

Students in Scotland enjoy affordable living expenses ranging from just below 700-1,100 GBP/month in addition to lower tuition fees. The Department for Student Awards in Scotland (SAAS) pays tuition costs for undergraduate students in Scotland, as long as they come from the European Union (EU). This makes a big difference in learning, as you do not need to pay the cost of tuition as well as your living expenses.

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Oldest Universities in the World

Scotland is home to some of the oldest universities in the world. The University of St Andrews was established in 1413 and is the third oldest university in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge. Established in 1451, the University of Glasgow ranked fourth, the University of Aberdeen established in 1495 was fifth and the University of Edinburgh founded in 1582 was sixth. If you want to study in one of the oldest universities in the world, stop asking the question of why study in Scotland and start working towards studying in Scotland!

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Enriching Activities

Thanks to Scotland’s thrilling mountain and river environments, there are several diverse things to fill your study-free weekends. Go rafting or sailing on the lakes or the coast, or go on a bike to discover the magnificent hills and mountains of Scotland. 

Galleries and Museums are Free

Scotland has over 1,000 years of rich cultural heritage. Living in Scotland involves visiting the country’s numerous ancient battlegrounds, castles and landmarks first-hand. More than 100 galleries and 250 museums allow tourists to get a view of Scotland’s history and culture. There is a wealth of information to be learned from Scottish art, history and technology, from privately operated studios to major city museums.

The Food and Cuisine is Worth Exploring

Why study in Scotland? Apart from great universities with great courses to offer, the Scottish cuisine is wonderful too! It has a wide spectrum of regional backgrounds, and the surrounding seas are home to the most spectacular seafood. ‘Unusual’ local specialities are also available. Haggis with neeps and tatties a savoury pudding made from sheep offal, served with swede, turnip and mashed potato is one of the most popular dishes here.

Great Employment Opportunities 

For potential employment, learning and studying in such an academically-recognized nation is perfect. The University of Stirling, for example, is ranked 1st by the Higher Education Statistics Department for graduate employment. By studying in Scotland you have great working opportunities once you acquire your degree.

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We hope we have answered your questions and doubts relating to why study in Scotland. For more assistance regarding choosing the universities of your choice in Scotland and the admission process get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts. Sign up for a free session today!

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