Language Courses in Germany

Language courses in Germany

Studying in Germany is an aspiration of millions of people in the world. While Germany may be famous for its academic excellence and research prowess in the field of life sciences, engineering, physics and chemistry, the country also offers brilliant bachelors and masters courses in modern languages, literature, history and international relations. The country takes immense pride in its language, culture and history which is why there are several universities and thousands of schools teaching language courses in every German city! In this blog, we have compiled the top languages courses in Germany for all those who wish to learn the native language and become experts! 

Why Study Language in Germany?

Before we make a list of all the language courses in Germany, let’s first take a look at the major reasons why the country is becoming popular for its language programs:

  • There is no better place to study the German language than Germany! The country lives and breathes the language with over 100 million German speakers, not to mention, it’s the place where the language was born!
  • It is one of the most popular languages in the world; apart from Germany, it is the official language of countries like Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
  • Learning German is a gateway to higher education in Germany. The public-funded universities in Germany have many courses in their official language and knowing the language is often a prerequisite. 
  • Knowing the language also makes you eligible for several scholarships in Germany.
  • It makes you eligible for bachelors in modern languages, German literature and language courses at top public universities
  • Lastly, if you can have a great command of the language, it will definitely help in getting jobs in the country and even permanent residency.
  • Also, other than German language courses, you can also choose from various other languages like Spanish, French, Italian language programs.

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Top Language Schools in Germany

Almost all universities and colleges in Germany require its international students to acquire some level of proficiency in the German language which means you may have to study german as an elective before or during your programme. Here is a list of schools that offer German language courses for graduates, postgraduates and working professionals:

  • Humboldt-Institut, Berlin
  • The New School – Language School Berlin (Die Neue Schule- Sprachschule Berlin)
  • ALPADIA, Berlin
  • F+U Academy of Languages, Berlin
  • Die DeutSCHule, Berlin
  • Dil lingua, Munich
  • Anda Sprachschule, Berlin 
  • German Academy Language School or DeutschAkademie, Hamburg
  • Goethe-Institut, Hamburg 
  • Dil lingua, Munich
  • DeutschAkademie, Munich
  • DeutschAkademie, Frankfurt

Humboldt-Institut, Berlin

Humboldt – Institut is one of the oldest, most reputed language schools and universities in Berlin for German language courses in Germany. The institute caters to all age groups and offers a bunch of programmes like intensive courses, one-to-one intensive courses and part-time courses for international students. The institute has numerous campuses spread across Germany and Austria. The school offers accommodations, provides activities and immersion programmes to help students learn faster. It is the best institute for learning the german language, its culture and lifestyle.

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Alpadia, Berlin

Alpadia Language School is another great language school for young students and professionals situated in Berlin. The school is affiliated with Kaplan International Languages which offers language courses in France and Switzerland as well. They offer languages courses for individuals above the age of 16, language campus for 8-16 ages and online classes too. They also have pathway programmes for people who wish to pursue higher education in public universities in Germany and for those who wish to enter the German workforce.

Die Neue Schule- Sprachschule Berlin

The New School – Language School Berlin is a language school located in the western part of Berlin. The school offers a wide range of language courses such as German, French, Spanish and Italian. Founded in the year 1984, It is amongst the oldest and the largest languages school in Berlin. The school offers German languages courses in Germany for every level of advancement, from beginner to advanced. They offer private lessons and courses for preparing for TestDaf (advanced language test for non-native German speakers).

DeutschAkademie, Hamburg

The German Academy Language School is a great choice for improving your language skills or learning the language. The school is extremely famous with schools in all big cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg. They offer physical and online courses for non-native speakers who wish to learn the language. The school offers several types of language courses in Germany for students to pick from, they have intensive courses, semi-intensive, grammar course, conservation courses and even exam preparation course for all german proficiency tests at affordable prices. 

Dil Lingua, Munich

Based in Munich, the school offers customised language courses in Germany for students and working professionals. They have several programmes for learning the language; they offer online, private lessons and also mini-group lessons so that students can learn better. They have customised language courses for medical professionals as well.

Anda Sprachschule, Berlin 

Anda Sprachschule is a great language school for not only learning German but also other foreign languages like Spanish, French and Italian language courses in Germany. It is a great place for learning the native language because all the teachers are highly qualified native speakers, class groups are small in size and the courses are available at reasonable costs. They have an interactive form of teaching wherein students are involved in several activities so that they can learn faster and through interaction. They also help in finding accommodation for international students.   

Scholarships for Language Courses in Germany

There are numerous university scholarships offered for language courses in Germany and some of the popular ones are:

  • DAAD Scholarship for university summer courses
  • Summer school grants of the Free State of Bavaria for German language courses in Bavaria
  • Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency for the Czech Republic students

Thus, this was all about language courses in Germany. Learning the native language of any country is essential if you wish to apply for an academic program there and there is always a lucrative demand for language specialists around the world! Want to study in Germany? Sign up for a free session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you at every step of the admissions process.

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