German Scholarships

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German Scholarships

Germany is one of the most affordable countries in Europe for international students. Germany is recognized for its credible and affordable education system. Germany is the place to give wings to your dreams. Germany has become a major hub of education for students around the world with the country ranking amongst the best while providing a high-quality experience. However, international students may find it difficult to adjust the living cost there, hence you need scholarships to study there and explore good opportunities for yourself. 

Germany is amongst the few countries which provide free education in its universities to students from anywhere around the world. The country offers a number of scholarships to students to be able to pay their living costs to make their length of stay in Germany more affordable. Tabulated below is a list of major German scholarships for international students which you must know about! 

ScholarshipsAwardsAmount in INR
DAAD Scholarship€850 – €1200/month75,000- 1,50,000
The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarships€300/month26,000
Friedrich Scholarship€850 – €1200/month75,000- 1,50,000
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships€850 – €1200/month75,000- 1,50,000
DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Masters Scholarships€850/month75,000
Haniel Stipend Program for the Master of Public Policy programUp to €64005,70,000
International Master of Science in Rural Development (IMRD) Scholarships, VLIR-UOS€1150/month1,00,000
Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany for International Students€850/month75,000
Erasmus+ Scholarships for the Master in Education Policies for Global Development€40003,50,000
Goethe Goes Global – Master Scholarships€1000/month88,000
The Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) Scholarships€1300/month1,15,000
DAAD Research Grants for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists€750 – €1000/month66,000- 88,000
ESMT Women’s Academic ScholarshipsUp to €1500013,22,000
DRD Scholarships for Sub-Saharan AfricansUp to €900/month79,000

German Scholarships for Undergraduate Courses

Planning to study in germany after 12th but worried about the cost? Most of the universities is germany offer courses free or at minimal cost. Scholarships are an extended bonus. Here are the german scholarships for undergraduate courses you shouldn’t miss!

  • Jacobs University Scholarship
  • Bayer Foundation Scholarships 
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships
  • Heinrich Boll Scholarships
  • Master Scholarships at University of Stuttgart
  • Deutschland Stipendium

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German Scholarships for Masters 

As compared to undergraduate courses, students pursue masters courses from abroad. Masters degree is pops up student’s potential. Considering to pursue masters from germany? Here is the list of german scholarships you should know about:

  • Jacobs University Scholarship
  • Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ)- German Cancer Research Centre PhD Scholarship 
  • Bayer Foundation Scholarships 
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters Scholarship
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships 
  • Goethe Goes Global Scholarships 
  • WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management, International Scholarships
  • Masters Scholarship at University of Stuttgart 
  • DLD Executive MBA Scholarship 
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship
  • Heinrich Boll Scholarships
  • Deutschland Stipendium

German Scholarships for PhD

PhD is the highest honor degree awarded to any student. Students interested in research and thesis pursue PhD. Germany is a great option to study PhD courses. Reason being top class education and scholarships. Check out the german scholarships for PhD:

  • AICES Scholarships – RWTH Aachen University
  • Jacobs University Scholarship
  • Marie Skolodowska Curie Actions (MSCA)
  • Bayer Foundation Scholarships 
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships 
  • The Helmholtz Association
  • Goethe Goes Global Scholarships 
  • PhD Scholarship in Political Science, University of Hildesheim 
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship
  • Heinrich Boll Scholarships
  • Master Scholarships at University of Stuttgart
  • Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Deutschland Stipendium

Government Funded German Scholarships

To attract the international students and promoting german education, various scholarships are launched by the government. These scholarships are known as government funded scholarship. Here is your guide to the government funded german scholarships for Indian students:

  • DAAD Scholarships
  • Erasmus+ 

Non- Government German Scholarships

Are you unable to fulfill your german dream because of the cost of studying? You don’t have to worry because here are some more scholarships for indian students. Checkout the list of non-government german scholarships:

  • Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students
  • Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships
  • Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries
  • Mawista Scholarship 
  • Deutschland Stipendium 
  • The Helmholtz Association

Let’s explore some of these prominent German scholarships in further detail:

DAAD Scholarship Programs

Taking the first place in the list of German scholarships is DAAD Scholarship (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst). DAAD is a collaborative organisation of the nation’s higher education institutions. It is responsible for the promotion of academic relations on a global scale. It focuses on global exchange programs for students. It offers various scholarships to international students at different education levels and funds academicians as well. The DAAD is among the famous German scholarships and is granted to those students who want to get admission in a full-time course at a university in Germany. For aspirants desiring to enrol in a graduate program, the eligibility criteria are that they should have a bachelor’s degree and should produce, at least, two years of work experience. The stipend of the DAAD scholarship is €850 per month for postgraduate students. It goes up to €1,200 every month for doctoral students.

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships

The next mention in our list of German scholarships is the Heinrich Böll Foundation which awards up to 1,200 scholarships in an academic year to those wanting to pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in any subject. Scholarship recipients should have exceptional academic records. They are expected to be politically and socially astute and simultaneously exhibit a strong inclination towards the fields of democracy, justice, and portray a strong interest in human rights. International students in their master’s degree will receive €850 per month and other allowances. EU students of the same level of study will receive €649 plus €300 book money per month. PhD students from non-EU nations will receive €1200 per month. PhD students coming from the EU countries will receive a total of €1,350 per month, in addition to €100 research costs.

Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme

The Deutschland Stipendium provides financial support to students from across the globe, with exemplary academic records. Like other German scholarships, it doesn’t take into account the applicant’s nationality. The scholarship is initially given for two semesters but it may be extended for the length of a person’s entire course of study. After two semesters, the institution reviews the student’s performance and assesses whether the student still meets the scholarship criteria, in order for the funding to continue. Mentoring programs, along with, many different internships are also available through this scholarship. This scholarship is made possible through a close public and private collaboration where different businesses, foundations, and people on individual level sponsor students for their academic journey with a collected sum of €150 per month. The federal government adds another €150 for helping the students financially. 

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

Students with extraordinary academic credentials and interested in politics are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship aims to promote students who have successfully completed their bachelor’s or graduate studies. Postgraduate students are given an amount of €850 monthly for two years. For research purposes, a candidate is to be awarded a monthly amount of €1,100 for three years.

Erasmus Scholarship

Erasmus is among the top choices for international students aiming to register in a full-time program in Germany. It is a scholarship grant funded by the member states of the European Union. Erasmus provides financial assistance for the exchange programs of one academic year for international students at different universities in Germany.

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship 

Another prominent option that can help you seek your dream education in Germany is this scholarship. The scholarship is open for multiple applicants of foreign origin including India who possess sparkling academic background. Through the scholarship, candidates can seek financial aid to study in state-based or state-recognised University of Applied Sciences. The only eligibility for this scholarship is to demonstrate exceptional command over the German language even if the course that candidate has opted will be taught in English. Only 40 candidates from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe will be selected for the fundings. To the UG course applicants, an amount of 830 Euros (INR 70,000) will be provided and PG course students 850 Euros (INR 75,000) will be given per month. 

List of German Scholarships

Now that we have seen all the popular German scholarships, let us quickly take a look at other important ones through this table- 

German ScholarshipsApplicable Course Level
AICES Scholarships – RWTH Aachen UniversityPhD 
Jacobs University ScholarshipUG, PG and PhD
Marie Skolodowska Curie Actions (MSCA)Fellowship and Research Work
Einstein International Postdoctoral FellowshipPost PhD 
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ)- German Cancer Research Centre PhD Scholarship MSc or Equivalent Courses
Bayer Foundation Scholarships UG, PG, PhD and Short Courses 
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters ScholarshipPG course
Humboldt University International Research FellowshipsResearch and Fellowship
FRIAS Cofund Fellowship Programme for International Researchers Research Level
Ulm University Scholarship for International Students Graduation
Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships UG, PG and PhD 
The Helmholtz AssociationFellowship
Kofi Annan MBA Scholarships Only MBA/ MIM 
ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship Full time MBA course in ESMT
Goethe Goes Global Scholarships PG and PhD Courses 
WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management, International ScholarshipsMBA 
Masters Scholarship at University of Stuttgart Only for the course- Infrastructure Planning and Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design
PhD Scholarship in Political Science, University of Hildesheim PhD in Political Science
DLD Executive MBA Scholarship MBA in Creative Leadership Program
DAAD WISE Scholarship ProgramPaid Internships for Undergraduate Studies
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ScholarshipPostgraduates courses or Research Work
Heinrich Boll ScholarshipsUndergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD courses 
ESMT Women’s Academic ScholarshipFor higher studies for high-end female working professionals 
Goethe Goes Global ScholarshipsMS Courses
Master Scholarships at University of StuttgartUG, PG and PhD
DLD Executive MBA ScholarshipMBA Courses
The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung ScholarshipBachelor’s and Bachelor’s level diploma 
Bayer Foundation ScholarshipsUG, PG ad PhD
Einstein International Postdoctoral FellowshipPhD courses and Research Work
Deutschland StipendiumUG, PG and PhD Courses


How can I get scholarship in Germany?

You need to get in touch with Leverage Edu experts to know which scholarship will match your academic profile and course you plan to pursue

How can I get free scholarship in Germany?

There are quiet a few German scholarships offered by the government as well as the universities in Germany. But every scholarship has a different eligibility and application process. You can find out the right scholarship with the help of Leverage Edu experts!

Is it easy to get a scholarship in Germany?

Yes, it is easy to get a scholarship in Germany. You can apply for a university or the government scholarships. All you need to have is a good application and a great scholarship essay. Some scholarships also consider scores of IELTS, GRE, GMAT or other similar proficiency tests.

In this blog, we have provided a list of many German scholarships while extensively explaining a few of them for better understanding. Are you looking forward to pursuing your higher studies in Germany? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in picking the best course and university as well as assisting you throughout the admission process to help you actualise your dream to study in Germany! Sign up for an e-meeting with us today!

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  1. Ii studied chartered institute of Logistics and Transport and awarded the certificate and currently pursuing the DIPLOMA.I want to study supply chain MAGT in Germany

  1. Ii studied chartered institute of Logistics and Transport and awarded the certificate and currently pursuing the DIPLOMA.I want to study supply chain MAGT in Germany