Cost of MS in Germany

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Cost of MS in Germany

Have you dreamt of being a part of the world’s leading educational infrastructure while pursuing a degree of your choice? Then apart from US, UK, Australia, ETC, you must already have thought of studying in Germany! Taking up a Masters in Germany can be a life-changing experience. Home to some of the world’s leading companies, universities which are counted amongst the best in the world, and state of the art facilities, Germany has the potential of turning your dreams into reality. Further, with free education it offers across scores of disciplines, the cost of studying MS in Germany is not going to take a toll on your savings. So, if you are planning to pursue master level courses in the European nation then here’s a blog that will shed light on the expenses you will have to bear.

Why Study MS in Germany?

Germany is a land of rich intellectual legacy with most of the world’s philosophers and scientists like Albert Einstein himself born there. Masters level courses are widely pursued in the country as the top universities in Germany offer a range of specializations in many disciplines. Further, the cost of MS in Germany is relatively lower than other countries like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia which makes it a viable option for those going for higher studies. 

What are the Best MS Programs in Germany?

When it comes to education, Germany has been a global leader in imparting quality education. Apart from pioneering in the field of research, the country has an unmatched reputation for offering intensive engineering and STEM courses, Management, and Medical Science courses.


German engineering has set a benchmark for coming up with sustainable and innovative technological solutions. Engineering colleges in Germany are consistently ranked among the best colleges in the world with specializations like Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, etc. MS in Computer Science in Germany is also a viable option for those who want to continue education in this field. The cost of Engineering courses is equivalent to the cost of MS in Germany which is highly subsidized or free. 


Besides technologically advanced Engineering colleges, Germany has some of the renowned business schools as well. With courses like MIM and MBA, the country has some of the top recruiting companies for management students which makes it the best destination after to pursue courses in Management. 


Pursuing a career in Pharmacy or Medicine is a dream for many. Medical schools all over the world offer numerous courses which include much-revered MBBS degrees. And what could be better than pursuing a degree like MBBS in Germany without any tuition fee? The medical schools in Germany have a reputation in being leaders in the healthcare sector, preparing students for fast-changing job roles all over the world.

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What is the Cost to Study MS in Germany?

Are you wondering if MS in Germany is free? Then, there is good news for you! Since the government took an initiative to offer free education in Germany a few years back, the cost of MS in Germany is not going to burn a hole in your pocket! Glance through the following points to understand the process better:

  • A minimal fee ranging between €100-€200 [Rs 8300-Rs16,000] is to be paid at the time of registration which covers administration and other charges.
  • The tuition fee is completely waived off at all the public universities in Germany if they are the ‘Consecutive programs‘ [pursuing masters after completing a bachelor’s degree related to the field form Germany].
  • On the other hand, if the course is classified as ‘Non-Consecutive‘ then an individual needs to pay the requisite fees.
Non-Consecutive courses in Public Universities€18,000-€20,000 [Rs 15,00,000-Rs 17,00,000] per year
Non-Consecutive courses at Private UniversitiesUp to €30,000 [Rs 25,00,000] per year

If you are skeptical about the quality of education offered at the institutions in Germany, then you must consider the fact that the top universities in Germany are a gold standard when it comes to offering job oriented courses and other highly reputed professional degrees. After your postgraduate degrees, you can take up a PhD in Germany which is also either free or at subsidized rates. If you want to know the complete overview of costs associated with pursuing higher education in Germany, here is our comprehensive blog on the cost of studying in Germany.

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