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APS certificate is a binding document for Indian students to pursue higher education in Germany, per the statements issued by German Missions in India. In simple words, it is an essential document part of the documents for Indian students to pursue higher education in Germany. If you want to know more about the APS certificate, how and when to apply for it, and much more, then keep reading!

What is an APS Certificate?

The APS certificate is mandatory for Indian students applying to German universities. Suppose you are an Indian student and want to apply for a German student visa. In that case, you must have all your academic records assessed by the Academic Evaluation Center to obtain your certificates. You are required to submit the student visa application from November 1st 2022. Before actually filling out the student visa application, you must get an APS certificate first. APS opens its applications at the beginning of October 1, 2022. 

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How to Apply for an APS Certificate?

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The homepage of the aps-india website where you can apply for your certificate

You must follow the steps below. The application process begins with an online registration process:

  • You must first register online at APS India’s website to download the form. Then you must print and complete the application form by signing at last. Please note that your application will get rejected with inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • The APS fee is approximately INR. 18,000, which you must deposit into APS’s bank account.
  • Then you are required to submit the requirements and filled-out the APS form, then send it through courier or in person at the reception desk of APS India.
  • APS does all the Verifications, and then complete applications will only be processed. 
  • After the completion of verification, then The officials will update the online profile. 
  • Courier will deliver five authentic APS certificates to successful candidates.
  • Through VFS, successful candidates can apply for a German student visa. 

Applying for APS in India

After the successful completion of the application  package with all the essential documents, you have two primary options:

  • The first option is that you must send the package via courier.
  • Or you can take all the required documents to the APS India office. 

When to Apply for the APS in India?

Getting an APS certificate, Visa appointment, and visa processing takes several months. Thus to increase your chances of arriving in Germany before starting the semester, you must act swiftly.

Documents Required 

Along with the printed, filled and signed application form along with the passport-size photo, which must not be older than six months, then you must provide the copies of:

You are required to submit extra documents based on the degree you are applying for. After completing and submitting the documents, you may receive your certificate within two weeks. Moreover, for APS verification, you must pay a non-refundable fee of INR 18,000. Some short-term courses do not require an APS certificate of fewer than 90 days. The certificate is also needed for classes that last more than 90 days.


How Long is APS Certificate Valid?

After getting an APS certificate, the question is about the certificate’s validity. The validity of having an APS certificate is indefinite once you obtain it. 

What is an APS certificate?

An APS certificate is a prerequisite for getting a German student visa application as it is authenticity proof for Indian academic documents. 

What is the APS certificate in Germany?

The APS certificate in Germany is to check the authenticity of the educational biographies as well as corresponding educational certificates. These kinds of countries require an APS certificate as an essential requirement to apply to German universities. 

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  1. What is the process to update the APS certificate once issued, say that I need to change the valid new Passport details upon the expiry or near to expire of the old linked passport.

  1. What is the process to update the APS certificate once issued, say that I need to change the valid new Passport details upon the expiry or near to expire of the old linked passport.