IIT Bombay Scholarships & Eligibility Criteria

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IIT Bombay Scholarship

IIT Bombay is a public research university founded in 1958 and one of the leading colleges for Engineering in India. Located in Powai, IIT Bombay offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs and a total of 15 departments. To encourage and facilitate higher education for students in India, the institution offers many scholarships and fellowships for students to avail of. Read the following blog to learn about the various IIT Bombay scholarships and their eligibility criteria. 

List of IIT Bombay Scholarships

  • Forbes Marshall Scholarship
  • Merit­ cum­ Means (MCM) Scholarship
  • SJM School of Management Endowment Scholarship
  • Named Scholarship
  • Free Messing Facilities to SC/ST Category Students
  • NBHM (National Board of Higher Mathematics)

IITB Monash Scholarship  

Founded in 2008, The IITB-Monash Research Academy is a partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and Monash University. This IIT Bombay scholarship scheme under this collaboration has benefitted 500+ Ph.D. students and researchers to date. 

Course: PhD.
Eligibility: All PhD students
Scholarship Reward: Students will receive INR 4,20,000 each year scholarship for the first two years and Rs 4,68,000 each year after the first two years.

Forbes Marshall Scholarship

Course: M.tech. 
Eligibility: Students in the M.tech program who wish to apply for the scholarship are interviewed in the first semester and are chosen on its basis for the scholarship. 
Scholarship Reward: The selected students are given INR 20,000 per month and reimbursement of tuition fees for each semester. Apart from that, students also get to avail of the Contingency Grants which are worth INR 15,000.   

Merit­ cum­ Means (MCM) Scholarship 

The Merit cum Means Scholarship is provided to a maximum of 25% of the undergraduate intakes. 

Course: Undergraduate Degree
Eligibility: The parent’s annual income must be less than INR 4,50,000/ for students to be eligible for this scholarship. Students whose parent’s income falls below the mentioned amount in between any course or program due to any reason (retirement, unforeseen circumstances) can also apply for this scholarship. Students are required to provide income proof for applying for the scheme. 
Scholarship Reward: Students are given INR 1000 per month, along with the exemption of the tuition fees for the program. 

SJM School of Management Endowment Scholarship

Course:  Ph.D. program 
Eligibility: Ph.D. students are evaluated on the basis of academic performance.
Scholarship Reward: students are given INR 28,000/- per month for the first two years with the provision of enhancement to Rs. 31,000/- per month for 5 years till the submission of the thesis. (The amount is likely to change depending on the department)

Named Scholarship

This IIT Bombay scholarship is provided by specific people willing to donate and help students further with their tuition fees. The donor’s name or any specification by the donor shall be added in the ‘named’ area for the scholarship. This scheme also has a pooled donation option for donors who wish to combine and donate.

Course: Undergraduate program
Eligibility: The annual income of the student’s parents must be less than INR 4,50,000 for students to be eligible for this scholarship.  
Scholarship Reward: Annual Fees and mess expenses are covered in this scholarship.

Free Messing Facilities to SC/ST Category Students

Course: Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs
Eligibility: All SC/ST category students can apply for this scholarship. The parental income is the main criteria for selection. The parent’s annual income of the students applying should be less than INR 4,50,000. Students must not have any other means of financial assistance from the government or private sources. 
Scholarship Reward: The scholarship exempts all SC/ST from the tuition fees and hostel room rent. They are also provided free messing facilities (selected menu) and a monthly pocket allowance of INR 250. 

NBHM (National Board of Higher Mathematics)

Course: MSc., Ph.D.
Eligibility: Selection is made through the department.
Scholarship Reward: This scholarship rewards students with INR  25,000 per month, after 2 years INR 28,000 and an annual Contingency grant Rs. 20,000.

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