Middle Eastern Scholarships

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middle eastern scholarships

One of the major problems, while we plan to pursue higher education abroad, is a financial crisis. Suppose you are one of these students or parents who do not have enough funds to afford a Middle Eastern education. In that case, you may consider applying for scholarships available at various institutions in the Middle East. These scholarships provide students with financial support throughout their studies when they are eligible for these scholarships. If you want to know more about Middle Eastern Scholarships, eligibility criteria, and FAQs, then keep reading!

Why Study in the Middle East?

There are numerous benefits of pursuing higher education in the Middle East; some major reasons include: 

  • Middle Eastern countries provide a high-quality education with a quite higher literacy rate as the education is delivered by well-trained staff. 
  • The duration of the courses is lower as compared to other countries, and the degrees granted here are recognised by all countries across the globe. 
  • Further, Middle Eastern countries are considered home to numerous highly developed countries. Thus there are numerous employment opportunities available to students with high packages.

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The Cost of Studying in the Middle East

The cost of studying in the Middle East is as follows:  

Expenses Amount in INR
Tuition and fees 3,03,2000
Evaluation fees 44,500
Hostel and meals 5,30,000

Top Middle Eastern Scholarships

The top Scholarships to Study in Arab Countries for International Students are listed here. The table below contains the scholarship name, nation name, advantages, and a link to the scholarship website.

Scholarship NameCountryDegree Level
King Abdulaziz University ScholarshipSaudi ArabiaBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
King Fahd University ScholarshipSaudi ArabiaMaster’s, PhD, MBA
King Abdullah ScholarshipSaudi ArabiaBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
Islamic University Madinah ScholarshipSaudi ArabiaBachelor’s
Ministry of Education ScholarshipBahrainBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
Kuwait Government ScholarshipsKuwaitBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
Hamad Bin Khalifa University ScholarshipQatarBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
Qatar University ScholarshipQatarBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
Doha Institute For Graduate Studies ScholarshipQatarBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
United Arab Emirates University ScholarshipUAEMaster’s, PhD
Khalifa University Scholarships EmiratesUAEBachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, Pre-medicine bridge programs, Doctor of Medicine

List of Middle Eastern Scholarships 

One of the most important things featured in the Middle East is its cultural heritage which represents more than a country, revealing a unique upbringing, way of life and comprehensive history. The Middle East awards many scholarships to help students in their higher education. Currently, more than 9 available scholarships are awarding an amount of $3,000 to students.


Name of the Scholarship Description Award/Amount
AMIDEAST Need-Based Scholarships This scholarship is available for US students who need financial assistance to pursue studies in Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia and Jordan.$500 -$5,000 (INR 39626.25- INR 3,96,262.50)
AUC Scholarships for Non-Egyptian Students These are merit-based scholarships awarded to students who want to study in Egypt at American University in Cairo$20,000 (INR 158505)
Nile Basin Scholarship at Alexandria University.These are for students who aim to study for a master’s or PhD at Alexandria University. These are for students coming from Nile Basin countries.Tuition fees 

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Name of the Scholarship Description Award/Amount
Mosse/Weinstein Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-MadisonThese are a list of scholarships for UW-Madison eligible students to study a broad range of areas in Jewish Studies
DOROT Foundation Fellowship.These are scholarships for American and Canadian Jewish students to pursue studies in Israel.$7,000 (INR 554767.60)
Israeli Government Scholarships for Foreign Students These overseas study scholarships are for international students who wish to pursue higher education in Israel.$ 6,000 (INR 475515)
Masa Israel Grants and Scholarships These scholarships are available for international Jewish students who wish to study in Israel,$2,400 – $4,700 (INR 190206- INR 372486.75)

Saudi Arabia

Name of the Scholarship Description Award/Amount
Effat University Scholarship There are numerous scholarships offered including academic and non-academic to cover full-time tuition fees for students with high academic achievement from all nationalitiesTuition fees and accommodation
Alfaisal University Scholarships These are merit-based scholarships to pursue studies in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh at Alfaisal University5,000 SAR (INR 1,05,534)
Saudi Arabia Government Scholarship for Non-Saudis There are a variety of overseas scholarships available for international students.850-900 riyal-

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Name of the ScholarshipDescriptionAward/Amount
Sabanci University Graduate ScholarshipsSabanci University offers full scholarships for master’s and doctoral students, including tuition waivers and stipends. Tuition fees and maintenance grant.
Turkish Government Scholarships for International StudentsVarious Turkish scholarships are available to overseas students who want to study in Turkey. Open to students of all levels, though some scholarships have specific requirements.
TÜBITAK Research Fellowship Programme for International ResearchersScholarships are available for international PhD students and young postdoctoral researchers interested in conducting research in the natural sciences, engineering and technological sciences, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
Özyeğin University ScholarshipsInternational students can apply for undergraduate and graduate scholarships to study at Zyein University in Turkey. These merit-based scholarships are automatically considered for all admitted students.


Name of the ScholarshipDescription
INSEAD UAE Campus MBA ScholarshipsINSEAD offers a variety of graduate scholarships to students pursuing an MBA at one of the school’s three sites, including Abu Dhabi. Not all of the scholarships listed are for studies in the United Arab Emirates.
Khalifa University Teaching Assistant ScholarshipsMaster’s and PhD scholarships are available for international students studying at Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates. Funding is provided in exchange for your participation as a teaching assistant during your study.
Masdar Institute IRENA Scholarships ProgrammeGraduate scholarships to study at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MI) in the UAE. IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency, is funding this project.
UAE University Graduate AssistantshipsMaster’s and PhD scholarships are available for international students who participate in teaching, research, or administrative duties at United Arab Emirates University during their stay.

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Other Middle Eastern Scholarships

Some of the other Middle Eastern scholarships are –

  • ICGEB Research Grants for the Member States
  • MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at AUB
  • TUMS Scholarships in Iran
  • Qatar University Scholarships
  • Muscat University Entrance Scholarships

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Application Process 

The application process for the Middle Eastern Scholarships is as follows.


First, you are required to find a relevant scholarship that you qualify for as there are different eligibility requirements for different scholarships.


After completion of the above step, you are required to check all necessary documents required to submit as a part of the application process then you must check the deadline.


Then, you must contact referees early.


After successful submission, you must have your documents verified.


You are suggested to make sure that while the application process is going on, you must make a good impression.


Q1. Which country is best for full-free scholarships?

Ans. Germany is considered the best country to pursue higher education, facing a financial crisis. The major reason for this statement is that education in every university in Germany is free.

Q2. Can I Get a Full Scholarship in Dubai?

Ans. There are numerous scholarships available at various institutions in Dubai that offer full scholarships. However, these scholarships are only awarded to eligible students.

Q3. Which Scholarship is the easiest to get?

Ans. Some of the easily available scholarships are:
AFSA High School Scholarship
No Essay College Scholarship 
Because College is an Expensive Scholarship
Valentines Day Scholarships 
Easy Money Scholarship

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