General Aptitude

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General Aptitude

We live in a world where robust technologies and scientific innovations have brought an impactful change in our lives. With technology changing the face of education and a multitude of study materials available at our fingertips, clearing competitive exams still needs hardcore dedication and consistent practice to get through. General Aptitude is an integral part of many competitive examinations like SSC CGL, UPSC, etc. and aims to assess a candidate’s abilities to resolve problems and reasoning-related calculations. Through this blog, we are bringing you various General Aptitude topics as well as practice questions. 

What is General Aptitude?

An exam called general aptitude is used to evaluate an applicant’s aptitude. To address challenging and intricate situations, logic is used in the process. It is an excellent method for determining a person’s degree of intelligence. Determining whether the applicant is mentally fit for the position they are applying for is a solid strategy.

Regardless of the level of experience a candidate has, a general aptitude test enables the recruiter to gauge how well the candidate can carry out a task.

Because of this, practically all tests, including those for the UPSC, Gate, and job recruiting, include general aptitude questions. To assist all types of students, a large range of general aptitude books are readily available on the market.

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What are the different types of general aptitude tests?

A candidate’s aptitude and intellect can be assessed using the broad category of general aptitude, which covers a wide range of topics. These assessments aid in determining a candidate’s capacity for logic, language, and decision-making. Let’s examine the several general aptitude test categories that are mentioned as follows:

  • Verbal Ability
  • Ability to Analyze
  • numerical aptitude
  • spatial awareness
  • Different general aptitude syllabi are used for exams like Gate, UPSC, CSIR, Law, etc.

Structure of Aptitude Test

The next step is to comprehend how the general aptitude test is structured. Depending on the type of exam, it often consists of multiple-choice questions and answers organised into various sections. However, the test’s format remains the same and is as follows:

  • Multiple-choice questions are present in every segment.
  • The assignment may include contain mathematical calculations or true-false questions.
  • The inquiry is designed to gather data as rapidly as possible and offer accurate responses.
  • Additionally, it evaluates the candidate’s capacity for time management.
  • Additionally, many competitive tests feature negative markings that emphasise a candidate’s decision-making under pressure.

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General Aptitude: List of Topics

Be it a competitive exam or a job profile, you might be evaluated on how efficiently you can answer general aptitude questions. Are you the one who is appearing for any or seeking for a job? Glance through the following table listing down some of the commonly-asked general aptitude questions: 

Mixture & AllegationAreaAverage
Bankers DiscountBoats and StreamsCalendar
Chain RuleClocksCompound Interest
Decimal FractionsLCM and HCFHeights & Distances
LogarithmsOperations on NumbersPartnership
PercentagePermutation & CombinationAge
Problems on AgesProblems on NumbersProblems on Trains
Profit & LossRaces & Games of SkillsRatio & Proportion
Simple InterestSimplificationStock & Shares
Time & DistanceTime & WorkTrue Discount
Volume and Surface AreaHeight & Distance Logarithm
Progression Geometry & Mensuration Sets & Union
Surds & Indices Fractions Coding-Decoding
Partnerships Profit & Loss Stream Boat Problems
Compound InterestInequalityArithmetic Aptitude
Pipes & CisternsAge ProblemsCalendar
Data Interpretation Programming Languages
like C++, Java, Python
Software Testing 

Tips to ace the Aptitude Test

Candidates who are taking their general aptitude tests can benefit from some tried-and-true advice. They include some of the following:

  • An aptitude test can be passed with practise. Your chances of passing the exam increase as you practise more.
  • Knowing everything there is to know about the test format beforehand is the second time-saving tip.
  • If you take a practise test, which will help you identify your strong or time-consuming area, pay closer attention.
  • In these tests, time management is crucial, so use caution.
  • Prior to the exam, remain calm.
  • Before the exam, eat well and get enough sleep.
  • Spend as little time as possible on any one question. If you feel trapped, change to a different one.
  • Exam guidelines should be carefully read.
Source: TalentSprint Aptitude Prep

Topics for Logical Reasoning

Number SeriesLogical ProblemsLogical Games
Letters and Symbol SeriesCause and EffectMaking Judgements
Logical Venn DiagramLetter SeriesCoding and Decoding
AnalogiesArtificial LanguageVerification of the truth
Logical DeductionAssertion and ReasonTheme Detection
Argument AnalysisStatement and AssumptionCourse of Action

Topics for Verbal Ability

Change of VoiceIdioms and PhrasesComprehension
Change of SpeechSpellingsSentence Rearrangements
Sentence FormationParagraph WritingWord Order
SynonymsAntonymsOne Word Substitution

Practice Questions on General Aptitude

Since we went through an array of important topics for General Aptitude above, it is also important to practice these concepts as much as possible. To help you brush up your basics of General aptitude, we have created a diversified list of questions on this section that you must practice.

Q1. For instance, if 20 workers are working on 8 hours to finish a particular work process in 21 days, then how many hours are going to take for 48 workers to finish the same task in 7 days?

B. 20
C. 10
D. 15

Answer: 10 

Q2. If a wholesaler is earning a profit amount of 12% in selling books with 10% of discount on the printed price. What would be the ratio of cost price which is printed in the book?

A. 45:56
B. 50: 61
C. 99:125
D. None of these

Answers: 45:56

Q3. Let’s say it takes 8 hours to finish 600 kilometers of the trip. Say we will complete 120 kilometers by train and the remaining journey by car. However, it will take an extra 20 minutes by train and the remaining by car. What would be the ratio of the speed of the train to that of the car?

A. 3:5
B. 3:4
C. 4:3
D. 4:5

Answer: 3:4 

Q4. What is the value of m3+n3 + 3mn if m+n is equal to 1?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: 1

Q5. Let’s assume subject 1 and subject 2 can work on a project for 12 consecutive days. However, subject 1 can complete the work in 30 days. How long it will take for the subject 2 to finish the project?

A:  18 days
B:  20 days
C: 15 days
D: 22 days

Answer: 20 Days

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Q6. What is known as a point equidistant which is vertices of a triangle?

A. Incentre
B. Circumcentre
C. Orthocentre
D. Centroid

Answer: Circumcentre

Q7. What is the sum of the factors of 4b2c2 – (b2 + c2 – a2) 2?

A. a+b+c
B. 2 (a+b+c)
C. 0
D. 1

Answer: 2(a+b+c)

While practising these General Aptitude questions, you must also explore Quantitative Aptitude!

Q8: What is the role of boys in the school if 60% of the students in a particular school are boys and 812 girls?

A. 1128
B. 1218
C. 1821
D. 1281

Answer: 1218 

Q9. Suppose cos4θ – sin4θ = 1/3, then what is the value of tan2θ?

A. 1/2
B. 1/3
C. 1/4
D. 1/5

Answer: 1/2 

Q10:  What could be the value of tan80° tan10° + sin270° + sin20° is  tan80° tan10° + sin270° + sin20°?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. √3/2

Answer: 2

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Is the general aptitude test unbiased?

Yes, these exams are created to provide each candidate taking them a fair advantage.

How do I get ready for an all-purpose aptitude test?

The most important thing is to obtain the exam’s syllabus and then study in accordance with it.

Is it appropriate to take a practise exam to get ready for an aptitude test?

Absolutely, practise is essential to ace the aptitude test. Several online study portals offer practise exams for a specific exam to assist you with the same.

What are the types of aptitude?

Some of the types of aptitude are mentioned below
Logical aptitude.
Physical aptitude.
Mechanical aptitude.
Spatial aptitude.
STEM aptitude.
Linguistic aptitude.
Organisational aptitude.

What is an example of a general aptitude test?

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) can be taken as a general aptitude test.

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you understand what general aptitude is about as well as some essential topics and questions under this section. If you are planning for a competitive exam like GMAT, SAT, GRE or IELTS, and need expert guidance, sign up for an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu mentors and we will assist you throughout your exam preparation, equipping you with study essentials as well as exam day tips to help you soar through your chosen test with flying colours!

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