Blood Relations Questions For Competitive Exams

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Blood Relations Questions

There are many competitive exams conducted by various bodies across the world to select the best out of a pool of candidates. These exams consist of challenging questions that test the individual’s ability in various areas. While the other sections of competitive exams are structured to examine academic knowledge, verbal ability, and aptitude skills, the reasoning section is framed to test the logical reasoning ability of the candidates. This section, which is further divided into two categories namely, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning, comprises an array of topics. One of these is the blood relations questions that are recurring and requires a lot of practice. In this blog, we will shed light on the details, the concept behind these questions, and various tips and tricks to score well on the topic. 

The Concept Behind Blood Relations Questions  

The main concept behind the blood relations questions is to determine how the individual is related to the other members of their family. In such questions, a family tree will be presented, and based on that, a number of questions are framed. To score well, it is advised to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of relations that a family can have. This will reduce the overall time needed to crack these questions. Listed below are some of the family members: 

  • Niece 
  • Sister in Law
  • Grandmother
  • Mother
  • Sister
  • Father
  • Brother
  • Nephew 
  • Grandfather
  • Aunt

Terms Used

One of the most basic requirements to tackle the blood relations questions is to understand the different relationships between members of a family. This has been tabulated below: 

S.No.RelationshipTerm Used
1.Mother of Grandmother or Mother of Grandfather Great Grandmother
2.Father of Grandmother or Father of GrandfatherGreat Grandfather 
3. Mother’s Mother or Father’s MotherGrandmother
4.Mother’s Father or Father’s Father Grandfather
5. Father’s Brother Uncle
6.Mother’s Brother Maternal Uncle
7. Aunt’s Son or Uncle’s Son Cousin
8.Aunt’s Daughter or Uncle’s DaughterCousin
9.Mother’s Daughter or Father’s DaughterSister
10.Mother’s Son or Father’s Son Brother 
11.Sister’s Daughter or Brother’s DaughterNiece
12.Sister’s Son or Brother’s SonNephew
13. Father’s SisterAunt
14.Mother’s SisterAunt
15. Wife’s Brother or Husband’s Brother Brother-in-law
16.Wife’s Father or Husband’s FatherFather-in-law
17.Wife’s Sister or Husband’s SisterSister-in-law
18.Wife’s Mother or Husband’s MotherMother-in-law
19.Son’s WifeDaughter-in-law
20. Daughter’s Husband Son-in-law

Types of Questions

Based on these relations, the blood relations questions are divided into different categories which include: 

  • Mixed Blood Relations
  • Puzzle-Based Blood Relation
  • Single-Person Blood Relation
  • Coded Blood Relations

Blood Relations Questions Tricks

To ace the blood relations questions for competitive exams, it is important to improve speed and accuracy. Here are a few tricks you can use to determine the relations specified in the question:

  • Use the ‘+’ to represent a female member
  • Use the ‘-’ to represent a male member
  • Use ‘=’ to represent couples 
  • Use a single line to represent siblings 
  • Use vertical lines to represent relationships between different generations
  • In case the statements do not establish a relationship between the members, use ‘?’ for easier understanding. 

Sample Blood Relations Questions and Answers

To better understand the concept of the blood relations questions for competitive exams, let us have a look at these examples: 

Q1. Nicholas said, “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother.” Who is Nicholas to this girl? 

A. FatherC. Husband
B. GrandfatherD. Father-in-Law

Q2. If Parth says, “Shaikh’s mother is the only daughter of my own mother,” How is Parth related to Shaikh? 

A. FatherC. Brother
B. GrandfatherD. None of the above

Q3. The brother of Snehansh is Rajesh. Shreya is the sister of Hrithik. Snehansh is the son of Shreya What is the relation of Rajesh with Shreya?

A. FatherC. Brother
B. SonD. Grandfather

Q4. A is the brother of B and C is the sister of D. While Q is the daughter of B, P is the brother of Q. Determine A’s cousins.

A. (Q and P)C. (A and P)
B. (C and P)D. (B and C)

Q5. In a family of 3 generations, there are 8 members: P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W. R is the daughter and T is the son of Q and both are unmarried. 4 members of the family are females. V is the sister of H whose father is S. P is the son-in-law of V, who belongs to the 3rd generation. Q is the brother-in-law of W and P belongs to the 3rd generation. If A is the child of T, determine how R is related to the child.

A. FatherC. Uncle (Paternal)
B. GrandfatherD. Uncle (Maternal)
E. Can’t determine


  1. C. (Mother’s Grandson- Son. Son’s Wife- Daughter-in-law)
  2. D (The only daughter of Parth’s Mother- Parth’s Sister. So, Shaikh’s mother is Parth’s sister. Or Parth is the brother of Shaikh’s Mother, i.e. Shaikh’s Maternal Uncle)
  3. B
  4. A

Blood Relations Questions UPSC 

Example 1: Pointing to Lalit in Photograph, “ Rajan said, “His mother has only one grandchild whose mother is my sister.” How is Rajan related to Lalit? 

A. BrotherC. Father-In-Law
B. Brother-In-LawD. Data Inadequate 

Example 2: Deepak said to Raj, “The boy playing with football is the younger of the two brothers of the daughter of my father’s wife.” How is the boy playing football related to Deepak? 

A. CousinC. Brother
B. SonD. Brother-In-Law 

Example 3: B is the brother of A, S is the sister of B, E is the brother of D, D is the daughter of A, F is the father of S. Then, the uncle of E is? 

A. B C. D
B. A D. F

Example 4: Point to a man, Anjali said, “He is the brother of the daughter of the wife of my husband.” How is the man on stage related to Anjali? 

A. Son C. Cousin
B. HusbandD. Nephew

Example 5: Introducing a boy, a girl said, “He is the only son of my mother’s mother. How is the girl related to the boy? 

A. Aunt  C. Sister
B. NieceD. Mother


Example 1: Solution B 

Example 2: Solution B 

Example 3: Solution A 

Example 4: Solution A 

Example 5: Solution B

Blood Relations Questions CUET

Q1. Pointing to a girl, Abhishek said, “She is
daughter of the only child of my father”. How is
Abhishek‘s wife related to that girl?

a) Daughter
b) Mother
c) Aunt
d) Sister

Q2. Anil, introducing a girl at a party, said, she is the
wife of the 12, grandson of my mother. How is
Is Anil related to the girl?

a) Father
b) Grandfather
c) Husband
d) Father-in-Law

Q3. Pointing to a man in the park, Naman said, ―His
son is my son‘s uncle.‖ How is the man related
to Naman?

a) Brother
b) Father
c) Uncle
d) Grandfather

Q4. Looking at a portrait of a man, Harsh said, “His
mother is the wife of my father’s son. Brothers
and sisters, I have none. “At whose portrait was
Harsh looking?

a) His son
b) His cousin
c) His Uncle
d) His Nephew

Q5. A party consisted of a man, his wife, his three
sons and their wives and three children in each
son’s family. How many were there at the party?

a) 24
b) 22
c) 13
d) 17

Answer 1. (b)
Answer 2. (d)
Answer 3. (b)
Answer 4. (a)
Answer 5. (d)

Hopefully, with this blog, you are now clear on the concept of the blood relations questions. If you are preparing for competitive exams but are not sure about how to get started with it then the experts at Leverage Edu will not only guide you in devising a strategy that will help you ace the exams but will also assist you in completing post-exams formalities. 

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  1. Please proofread the questions before uploading it here.
    I just solved one question and found many mistakes in it and at last, figured out it to be a wrong question.
    (Blood relations, Question number 5)

  1. Please proofread the questions before uploading it here.
    I just solved one question and found many mistakes in it and at last, figured out it to be a wrong question.
    (Blood relations, Question number 5)