Akshay Chaturvedi LIVE on Unfiltered Dialogues, Leher

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Akshay Chaturvedi LIVE on Unfiltered Dialogues, Leher
Akshay Chaturvedi LIVE on Unfiltered Dialogues, Leher

In this fun video and LIVE Q&A session with the founder and CEO of Leverage Edu, Akshay Chaturvedi and Unfiltered Dialogues, Leher shares tricks and tips with young aspiring entrepreneurs about how to kick start their venture with no money. Apart from that, they also provide positive insights into how businesses are going to change in the post-COVID world. It is indeed a fun, interactive and engaging discussion about business ideas, higher education and study abroad with Akshay. He also outlines his business success story and talks in more detail about the inspiration and motivation behind it. As a successful entrepreneur, Akshay is always ready to talk about failures, difficulties, roadblocks and many other things about running a business. Tune in and watch this power-packed talk video and take away valuable insights about concentration, attitude, leadership skills and business motivation to establish an inspiring and successful entrepreneurial career.

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