Arithmetic Reasoning for Competitive Exams

Arithmetic Reasoning

Whether you want to attain your dream of higher education or want to secure a high profile job, qualifying competitive exams has now become essential for everything. Along with the English and Logical Reasoning section, the Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) section is also a part of various competitive exams. Arithmetic Reasoning section includes a variety of questions that are based on mathematical concepts, thus, students often find it difficult to solve such questions. If you are preparing for AR, go through this blog which aims to help you understand these concepts better. 

What is Arithmetic Reasoning?

When you are acquainted with the concepts of arithmetic reasoning, you will be able to easily solve any question. The AR questions do not involve complex calculation rather the questions tend to play with your mind with the tricky concept and language. You can practice the questions easily by using simple mathematical operations, arithmetic operations etc. Listed below are the main types of questions which are offered under this section-

  • Algebra Questions 
  • Ratio and Proportion Questions 
  • Percentage Questions 
  • HCF and LCM Questions 
  • Ages Questions
  • Games and Tournaments 
  • Sequence and Patterns Questions 

Solved Examples

Now that you are familiar with the basics of Arithmetic Reasoning, let us go through some solved examples to understand the concept in a better way. 

Example 1: Riya is 2 times older than Priya. 3 years ago, the sum of their current ages will be 66. What are their present ages?


Let us begin by assuming their ages
Assume that Riya’s age is x
Its is given that the Priya is twice as old as Riya, then, Priya’s age will be 2

After 3 years, 
Riya’s age= x +  3 
Priya’s age= 2x + 3 
Their total sum is 66 

Hence, the equation becomes, 
x+ 3 + 2x + 3= 66 
3x + 6 = 66
3x= 66- 6 
3x = 60 
x= 60/ 3
x= 20 

So, the age current age of Riya is 20 and that of Priya is 40

Example 2: Find the number which when multiplied by 3/4th of itself gives out the value 10800. 


Let us begin by assuming that the number is y
Then 3/4th of y would be (y x 3/4)  
As per the question, 

y x (y x 3/4) = 10800
3/4 y 2= 10800
y 2= 10800 x 4/3
y 2= 14400
y = 14400
y = 120 

We hope that after these solved examples, you will be able to solve the below-mentioned Arithmetic Reasoning questions. 

Find Out How Smart Are you With These Trick Questions!

Arithmetic Reasoning Questions 

Let us quickly solve these below mentioned questions-

  • Some classmates had planned to purchase the photocopy of an assignment together which caused them rupees 96. When all of them were going to buy it, 4 friends did not show up, hence, everyone had to pay Rs. 4 extra. Determine the number of friends that were present while purchasing the assignment
  • A waiter’s monthly income consists of salary as well as some tips. For one month his steps were ¾ of his salary. Determine his income by tips in terms of the fraction
  • A teacher was explaining to the students how to count on the fingers, so she began by calling thumb 1, index finger 2, middle finger 3, ring finger 4 and little finger 5. Then she went on with the reverse order in which she stated ring finger 6, middle finger 7 and so on. She taught the children to count up to 1994. Find out on which finger did she stopped the counting? 
  • In the SSC CGL exam, Sneha attempted 60 questions in total and secured 130 marks. For every correct answer, she got 4 marks and lost one mark for every incorrect answer. as per the total marks received to determine the number of questions she attempted correctly
  • What would be the product of all the numbers that one could possibly dial on a telephone? 
  • 30 friends decide to play a badminton tournament of single players. Once the player is out he or she is out of the tournament. Calculate the number of matches that has to be played to determine who is the winner of the tournament. 
  • Rohit attempted an examination in which he got two eyes as many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 48 questions in total, how many questions did he solve correctly?
  • In a farm full of cows and hens, there are 14 legs more than twice the number of heads. How many cows are there in the farm?

We hope that through this blog, you are now all clear about the important concept of Arithmetic Reasoning. If you want to seek top-notch career advice for kick-starting your career abroad, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu.

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