10+ Questions of Venn Diagrams Reasoning

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Questions of Venn Diagrams

Logical reasoning plays an important role in multiple competitive exams. If you have the skill to master the solutions for logical reasoning for Competitive Exams, you can secure a big chunk of marks for you. In this blog, we will learn some tips to master the solution to this section including the Venn Diagram Problems. We will also add some questions that will help you kick-start your practice session today.

Venn Diagrams Reasoning Questions are asked in exams like:

  1. UPSC
  2. RBI
  3. SSC
  4. SBI PO
  5. SBI Clerk
  6. IBPS PO
  7. IBPS Clerk

10+ Questions of Venn Diagrams Reasoning

Question 1: In a group of persons travelling on a bus, 6 persons can speak Tamil, 15 can speak Hindi and 6 can speak Gujarati. In that group, none can speak any other language. If 2 persons in the group can speak two languages and one person can speak all three languages, then how many persons are there in the group? 

A) 21B) 22
C) 23D) 24

Answer: C) 23

Question 2: In a town of 500 people, 285 read Hindu 212 read Indian Express 127 read Times of India, 20 read Hindu and Times of India 29 read Hindu and Indian Express and 35 read Times of India and Indian Express. 50 read no newspaper. Then how many read only one paper?

A) 123B) 231
C) 312D) 321

Answer: D) 321

Question 3: Out of 120 students in a school, 5% can play all three games Cricket, Chess and Carroms. If so happens that the number of players who can play any and only two games is 30. The number of students who can play Cricket alone is 40. What is the total number of those who can play Chess alone or Carroms alone?

A) 45B) 44
C) 46D) 24

Answer: B) 44

Question 4: Main Street High School has 10 members on its football team and 14 members on its science club. 5 members at the school belong to both the football and science teams. How many students belong to only the science club team or the football team?

A) 9B) 14
C) 24D) 21

Answer: A) 9

Question 5: Which of the following Venn- diagrams correctly illustrates the relationship among the classes: Tennis fans, Cricket players, Students

A) 1B) 2
C) 3D) 4

Answer: A) 1

Question 6: Which of the following Venn- diagrams correctly illustrates the relationship among the classes:  Carrot, Food, Vegetables

A) aB) b
C) cD) d

Answer: A) a

Question 7: At a dinner party both fish and meat were served. Some took only fish and some only meat. Some vegetarians did not accept either. The rest accepted both fish and meat. Which of the following Venn diagrams correctly reflects this situation?

A) 1B) 2
C) 3D) 4

Answer: A) 1

Question 8: Select from the five alternative diagrams, the one that best illustrates the relationship among the three classes:  Truck, Ship, Goods

A) 1B) 3
C) 4D) 5

Answer: B) 3

Question 9: Select from four alternative diagrams, the one that best illustrates the relationship among the three classes:  Pigeons, Birds, Dogs

A) 1B) 2
C) 3D) 4

Answer: A) 1

Question 10: The diagram that identifies best represents the relationship among the given classes.

Doctor, Smoker, Indian, Non­Smoker

A) 1B) 2
C) 3D) 4

Answer: D) 4

Question 11: The following questions are based on the information given below:

An advertising agency finds that, of its 170 clients, 115 read Indian Express, 110 read The Hindu and 130 read Times of India. Also, 85 read Indian Express and Times of India, 75 read Indian Express and The Hindu, 95 read The Hindu and Times of India and 70 read all three.

How many read only Indian Express?

A) 15B) 25
C) 5D) 10

Answer: B) 25

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Tips To Solve Questions of Venn Diagrams Reasoning

Here are some tips that a candidate must keep in mind while solving the Venn Diagrams reasoning questions:

  1. Make sure you read the question carefully and check the options available once again.
  2. Keep practising the multiple-choice questions through different online tests available.
  3. If there is a negative mark in the exam, the candidates have to carefully attempt the exam.
  4. Try breaking down the questions into parts and attempt all the questions this way.

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How do you solve a Venn diagram for reasoning?

There are a lot of formulae for solving Venn diagrams such as n (A ∪ B) = n (A) + n (B) this set is disjoint.

What is the reasoning concept for a Venn diagram?

The Venn diagrams concept in the reasoning exam determines the validity of particular arguments and conclusions.

Who created the Venn diagram?

The Venn diagram was created by the Joh Venn.


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