Essay on Education System

Essay on Education System

The future of a country is shaped in its classrooms. Implementing a sound education system based on a holistic approach to learning is quintessential for ensuring that every student gets the best learning environment to flourish. As education is the most important and basic right everyone should have, it is our moral duty to facilitate the perfect learning environment for our students. With the educational journey playing the foundation role in one’s career, there are contrary views with respect to the type of education system and approaches we need to take. Some emphasize pragmatism while others still believe that continuing with the traditional approaches is the right way. Hence, it has become a frequently asked topic under the essay section in school tests as well as competitive exams. To help you with this topic, we have curated a complete guide on how to write an essay on education system, with useful tips and tricks as well as reference samples. 

How to Write an Essay on Education System?

Generally, the essay topics on education system revolve around analysing a specific education system, its strengths and weaknesses as well as suggesting the solutions for its improvement. You might also be asked about writing an essay on the Education system of India in which you must mention the characteristics of the history of our educational apparatus from the Gurukul Education System to the Current education system in India. You can also take notes from our exclusive blog on the New Education Policy formulated by India with a unique approach to academics. Further, your essay on education system must also imperatively elucidate the key aspects of the system and its salient features as well as unbiased analysis of its strong characteristics as well as a critical overview of its weak areas where improvement is needed.


Before drafting an essay on education system, you must know about the format of essay writing. Take a look at the following pointers which elaborate upon the general format of writing structured and impressive essays.


Provide an overview of the given topic in the introduction, i.e. highlight the recent instances or questions related to the concerned education system. When it comes to the writing style, the introduction as the first paragraph will set the tone of the whole essay thus make sure that it covers a general outline of your topic.

Body of Content

After the introduction, you can start elaborating on the topic of the education system, its role in the development of a country, its key objectives, salient features (if a specific education system is given as a topic) as well as highlight its strong and weak areas. Then, you can further assess how the education system has evolved from earlier times. For example, talk about the history of the education system, the prominent measures that contributed to its growth, amongst others. Analyse the major points thoroughly according to the essay question and then move towards the next section.


The conclusion is the final section as you wrap up your essay underlining the major points you have mentioned. Avoid ending it abruptly, either go for an optimistic touch to it or just summarize what has been mentioned above.

Sample Essay on Education System (300-350 Words)

To help you understand the structure and content ideas we have mentioned above, here is a sample essay on education system:

The need for a well-balanced education system has become a necessity for every country as it plays a significant catalyst in its growth and development. As we know that irrespective of one’s background, family income and the right to education is a necessity for everyone. Thus, the government of a nation shall work to make the system more accountable for every citizen. It should aim to enhance the features and policies as per the need of the country so that it can contribute to the overall development as well as the growth of the economy.  

Every child should get an opportunity to attend school and get educated as it is rightly said that “educated people make an educated nation”. Teachings of a sound education system help us to improve our lives in every way. For individuals, education raises self-confidence and opens opportunities for earning. On a country-wide level, it reduces the level of poverty and develops long-termed economic growth.

The lack of diversity and engaging recreational activities is one of the biggest problems leading to the global crises of illiteracy. For the developing nations, it is necessary to have ample knowledge regarding who is learning and what they are learning, so that they can mould their system in a more efficient way and hence, the future. The need for making the system reliable for children is very specific. It should aim to promote comprehensive growth which will ultimately help them in almost every aspect of life. The school and the teachers together shall prepare the children for future times. The children must know the practical aspects of what they are learning in the class. It can be easily said that students nowadays lack the ability to perform efficiently when given fundamental tasks. Thus, an education system must aim to penetrate creativity, decisiveness, communication, collaboration and leadership and the spirit of teamwork. 

Countries are now rigorously working on providing free access to education. Nowadays, being in school isn’t the same thing as before. Every individual is skilled in different fields and interests with a due focus on the set curriculum. We need a society that is more elevated towards a balanced personal and professional growth. For a nation to have harmony, the education system must focus on a holistic learning approach, i.e. provide equal educational opportunities to everyone, emphasise on a wholesome curriculum as well as incorporate educational technologies to make learning a fun and interactive process. 

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you with the tips and tricks on how to write an essay on education system. Unsure about finding the right course and university after completing 12th? Our Leverage Edu counsellors are here to guide you throughout the process of finding the best program and university and sorting out the admission procedure to ensure that you send a winning application! Sign up for a free session with us today

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