Gurukul Education System

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Gurukul System of Education

From time immemorial, education continues to be the most integral aspect of any civilization. Over the years, it has adapted itself to the changing needs of time and to keep abreast with evolutionary changes and steering towards becoming a meaningful process and promoting lifelong learning. An education system that originated in the eastern world and continues to be a source of inspiration is the ancient Gurukul Education system. In this blog, we are taking you back to Ancient India, exploring the Gurukul education system, what it was and its relevance in modern times. 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela 

Gurukul Education System

The Gurukul education system was a form of residential education system where the students lived in a Gurukul which was the home of the teacher or ‘Acharya’ and served to be the centre of education. The kernel of this education system lies in the principles of discipline and hard work. Students were expected to learn from their gurus and use their knowledge in practical life. The relationship that existed between the student and teacher is sacred and it often didn’t involve any formal payments but a Gurudakshina that the student offered the teacher as a homage to their relentless support. This education system began in ancient times during the Vedic age when there was no particular form of formal education but the learning was skill-based and religiously rooted in Vedas, Puranas and holy texts which were the imperative guide for students to expand their horizon of knowledge.

Salient Features

The Gurukul education system continues to inspire the world with its unique features which evolved over the years. This section enlists the unique features of this education system and gives an insight into its functioning.

  • The education given was profusely influenced by the culture and religion which were incremental elements of the ancient Indian society.
  • The emphasis was on holistic learning with an incremental focus on professional, social, religious and spiritual education.
  • The basis of being selected by a gurukul was an impeccable attitude and moral strength that could be displayed through impeachable conduct. 
  • Alongside knowledge of the art, literature, scriptures and philosophy, students were also taught practical skills and trained for different tasks.
  • The gurukul education system resulted in the all-around development of the individual and emphasized a psychological method of teaching.


The gurukul education system was based on multifarious objectives. The guidance provided through this form of education system helped the students create a life of their own and sustain themselves through the hardships of life. Listed below are some of the major objectives of the Gurukul education system.

  • Holistic Development
  • Personality growth
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Awareness about nature and society
  • Passing on of knowledge and culture through generations
  • Self-control and discipline in life

Gurukula System of Education

With the advent of technology, the world has progressed farther towards a formal educational apparatus that is quite different from the ancient gurukul education system that had dominated the Indian subcontinent at some point. The importance of this system was manifold and the modern education system can stand to learn from it. Here’s a list of the importance of the gurukul education system that is hard to bypass.

  • Imparted knowledge in a natural environment that was conducive to learning and had no harmful impact on society.
  • Focussed on extra-curricular activities like sports, yoga, and walks that resulted in the development of the physical health of students.
  • Emphasized learning skills like craft, dancing, or singing and encouraged an individual to find their passion and enhance their skills in it. 
  • Students were required to do their daily chores on their own resulting in an independent temperament and helping them gain skills needed for sustenance.
  • Worked on personality development and towards increasing self-confidence, esteem and intellect, and the ability to think for one’s own self.

Why Is The Gurukul System Valuable?

The Gurukul system has been very valuable for the students. Modern-day education is different from the Gurukul education system especially because it focused on quality and holistic education:

  • Applied Knowledge: Gurukul focused on applied knowledge and offered an education that prepares them for all fields of life. Today, it can be done by combining academics and extracurricular activities along with mindful and spiritual awareness. 
  • Value-based Learning: Gurukul offered value-based learning where learning happens as per the uniqueness of the child. This offers healthy competition and reduces stress levels amongst children.
  • Student-teacher relationship: Gurukul creates a teacher and student relationship that creates a secure learning environment. This way students have trust in their caregivers.

Flaws in the Present Education System

The concept of Gurukul has now disappeared. The modern education system encourages students to compete with each other and be involved in a rat race with no end. There is no emphasis on personality development, ethical training or moral conscience development. Education has come to become very commercial in nature. Thus, instead of being a tool to empower the youth of the world, it is a tool for making money. The lack of stress on the importance of mental and physical health is very concerning as well. Education is becoming a tiresome process where students need to sit in one place for a long time. This has caused stress, anxiety and depression episodes to rise.  

Relevance in the Modern Times

Although the Gurukul education system isn’t found in contemporary society, however many of the modern education systems take inspiration from it. The Gurukul education system continues to remain relevant even in modern times. Let’s take a look at some of the major ways it is relevant in the digital era.

  • Due to the focus on holistic education, the Gurukul education system can work wonders on the generations of today and facilitate their wholesome development.
  • The importance of a value-based education can be found in this system which can become integral learning for the students in the modern world.
  • The gurukul system can bring about the needed change from bookish learning to amassing knowledge in a practical manner that will go a long way.
  • It can also encourage people to discover their passions and not restrict themselves to the books thus helping them find their true calling in life.

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