Co Curricular Activities in School

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Co Curricular Activities in School

The need for education as recognized by the United Nations is a basic one. For the upliftment of society and the enlightenment of the masses, the importance of education cannot be undermined. It is because of the tireless efforts of educationists around the world that our society is progressing with education being the driving force behind it. There is nothing more powerful in revolutionizing society than education, which is why countries are pushing their boundaries when it comes to offering quality education. The courses are getting more inclusive and universities are adopting multiculturality to attain the goal of imparting the best education. Modern Education gives equal emphasis on co-curricular activities as it gives to classroom education. In this blog, we will cover various aspects of co curricular activities in school.

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Definition of Co-Curricular Activities

The International Dictionary of Education defines co-curricular activities as:
“Activities sponsored or recognized by a school or college which are not part of the academic curriculum but are acknowledged to be an essential part of the life of an educational institution. Co-curricular activities include sports, school bands, student newspaper etc. They may also be classed as ‘Extracurricular’ i.e. activities carried on outside the regular course of study; activities outside the usual duties of a job, as extra class activities.”

To put it simply, co-curricular activities are activities that are supplementary to classroom education. They are not directly linked to the course curriculum but they form an important part of it by allowing students to engage in the learning experiences. Usually, co-curricular activities do not carry grades but the student’s performance in these activities is shown in the report card.

Whether it is applying for higher education or applying for a job, co-curricular activities are a vital part of your resume. The current education system in India is focusing on incorporating co-curricular activities in schools. Examples of these activities can include math clubs, mock trials, chess clubs, spelling bees, debates, school newspapers, talent shows, writing competitions etc. 

Importance of Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities play an essential role in a student’s life as they play an important part in enhancing the learning process at school and making it more engaging and fun. Also, co-curricular activities are important in school because they equip students with social skills, and moral values and facilitate personality development, intellectual skill development, and character development of students. Giving students a break from routine classwork, the co-curricular activities encourage students to think creatively while covering the course syllabus.

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Types of Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities in school may vary for institutions but the core aim of equipping students with creative learning and helping them explore their inner potential while fostering in them civilized behavior remains the same.

Here are main the types of co-curricular activities in school:

  • Book Clubs
  • School Magazine Editor
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Outdoor and Indoor Games
  • Mass Drill
  • Mass PT
  • N.C.C
  • Story-writing
  • Debates
  • Organizing Exhibitions
  • Preparing Charts

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Advantages of Co-curricular Activities

Here are some of the advantages of Co-curricular activities:

  • These activities are vital in fostering artistic creativity and stimulating aptitude for reasoning and problem-solving in students. 
  • Besides making education an interesting affair, co-curricular activities allow students to explore their strengths and talents outside the academics.
  • The activities help teachers to pinpoint weaknesses in students and allow them to work on those weaknesses. 
  • Through co-curricular activities, students learn time management and leadership skills. 
  • The students get an opportunity to interact with each other and participate in group activities helping them in developing social etiquette.  
  • Co-curricular activities in school have played an instrumental role in eliminating drug abuse and crime in students.

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Co-Curricular vs Extra-Curricular

People often use both words interchangeably but there is a difference between the two. While co-curricular activities are in some way connected to classroom studies, extra-curricular activities are outside the realm of the classroom. Co-curricular activities are part of the academic curriculum providing instructions or experience to supplement the learning of the student. On the other hand, the extracurricular activities are not associated with the academic curriculum.

The activities that are regarded as extracurricular are often done outside the school. The activities may include music classes, gymnastics, dance, sports, and other competitions. Though both things are quite different, their role in overall personality development is indiminishable. Both co-curricular and extracurricular activities strengthen the learning experience of the students and develop leadership qualities in them. 

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Q.1. What are some examples of co-curricular activities?

Ans: Science quizzes, Poetry Competitions, Extempores, Essay Competitions, Debate Competitions, and Science/Mathematics olympiads to name a few.

Q.2. What is the importance of co-curricular activities in school?

Ans: Co-curricular activities when complimented by regular academics, boosts the creative minds of young learners and broadens their horizon.

Q.3. What are some of the benefits of co-curricular activities?

Ans: Students when engaged with co-curricular activities can acquire leadership qualities, and communication skills, improve their problem-solving ability, and gain knowledge of various fields.

Education is important to everyone and if it is adorned by co-curricular activities in school, it has the potential not only to propel you towards success but also give your personality a complete makeover and make you exude an aura of an intellectual. We at Leverage Edu strive to make a difference in the lives of students by giving their careers the right direction. Helping hundreds of students every year to make their journey to the best education all over the world, our experts have an impeccable record in helping students achieve their dream careers. Book a 30-minute free counseling session with us and let us be a part of your journey to success.

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