Top Teaching Tools for Teachers to Enhance Classroom Learning

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Being a teacher wasn’t ever seen as an easy job. Modern technology has improved and complemented classroom instruction, but it has also posed entirely new obstacles for educators at all levels. However, teachers have figured out how to use these technological advances to their advantage and simplify the learning process for both students and themselves. A teacher’s life can be made easier by a variety of educational and teaching tools, that also benefit the students. Check out the top teaching resources for instructors to improve student learning in the classroom.

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What are Teaching Tools?

Teaching tools assist instructors in disseminating knowledge in more engaging and effective ways, making difficult concepts easier to comprehend and interact with, staying organised, and simplifying difficult concepts. Even if students are experiencing difficulties, the right set of tools may level up the learning process and make acquiring knowledge simpler. 

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Digital Aids for Teachers

Digital aids or digital teaching and learning tools can be accessed from anywhere and the only requirement is your laptop/computer and a high-speed internet connection. These tools or resources may include online libraries, textbooks, archives and interactive videos. Some of the common digital tools are mentioned below:

1. WordReference

It is an online dictionary for various languages. Both teachers and students can use it for assignments that involve translation or anything related to language that is not familiar to them. This is also helpful for international students as well. 

2. Pearson

To access the course materials and other website tools, a teacher can set up a personal account. Lesson plans, materials, and even video tutorials are available as resources for teachers to utilise during their classes. This online platform not only provides some of the best resources for educators but also makes complex teaching materials a much simpler version. 

3. The Math Learning Center

One of the most well-liked online learning platforms for math educators is TMLC. This website offers free access to maths games that help students enjoy and engage with this complicated subject. The best feature of this tool is that it can be used to manipulate difficult arithmetic problems in order to find solutions.

4. CanFigureIT Geometry

This is one of the go-to teaching resources that helps instructors make geometry relatively simple. Teachers can present a variety of mathematical problems and theorems to students in an easy-to-follow and exciting manner. 

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Organisational Tools

Organisational tools not only make teachers’ lives easy but also help them to keep track of their classes, assignments and other important dates and to share specific information with students and parents. These tools also help teachers create a schedule, set reminders, create to-do lists and take notes. Check out some of the most popular organizing tools for teachers:

1. Educlipper

With the help of Educlipper, teachers can share online resources with their entire class or group of students and create a cloud-based repository for all of their learning materials. When students collaborate, especially on research tasks, they can use this tool to their advantage. 

2. Google Docs

For obvious reasons, there is no need for an introduction. It is the most popular and recommended solution for text-based assignments, storing all material on a single drive and making it available to multiple learners at once. Teachers, as well as learners, can work together in real time while downloading the documents as PDFs. 

3. One Note

OneNote is one of the popular resources that teachers may utilize in the classroom. Teachers can design lesson plans, make notes, and share them with the students. Collaborating with other educators and sharing resources is also simple. This is a great tool for instructors to use to establish an online virtual classroom or to gain from online learning. 

4. ActiveInspire

An interactive whiteboard program called ActiveInspire by Promethean has hundreds of ready-to-use lessons and activities. On their website, educators may get this program and a tonne of free instructional resources! For the purpose of creating interactive whiteboard content, teachers can also create a free account.

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Presentation Tools

Teachers can create captivating presentations with the use of presentation tools, which can boost student involvement in the classroom and gather their attention. These interactive presentation tools may display tangible papers, books, and 3D objects, add multimedia elements like photographs, movies, and audio snippets, and break down difficult subjects in a fun and engaging way. Check out some of the most incredible presentation tools to improve your classroom learning experience.

1. PicMonkey

One of the most well-known and often-used online free photo editing apps is PicMonkey. Both teachers and students can design unique visuals for purposes such as emails to other students, social media posts, and presentations. Students may upload their own images and create original works of art using the online tool, which also contains dozens of ready-to-use templates for images like Facebook cover photos and Pinterest graphics.

2. Storybird

Children’s reading, writing, and storytelling skills can be enhanced with the use of this innovative platform that is useful for both students and teachers. Students can take part in monthly challenges, writing prompts, and tests. It can also be used by teachers to produce animated children’s books and stories. 

3. EdPuzzle

One of the internet tools that teachers prefer the most is this one. By incorporating voice notes into any online video at appropriate points and intriguing questions that spark students’ curiosity throughout the movie, it enables teachers to take control of any online video and accelerate student response. 

4. Microsoft Sway

A presentation application called Microsoft Sway enables users to produce and distribute interactive reports, presentations, autobiographies, or newsletters. Sways can be created using text, pictures, and videos. Additionally, you may add Twitter feeds and YouTube videos to your Sways. Sway content dynamically adjusts to fit the size of the device and is sensitive to various screen sizes.

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Classroom Management Tools

Online gradebooks, parent-teacher communication tools, and information systems, to name a few, are just a few examples of classroom management technologies that assist teachers in tracking the progress of their students at each and every stage in a systematic manner. Explore some of the most widely used classroom management solutions for enhanced learning experiences. 

1. Nearpod

Nearpod is one of the easiest classroom management tools and the best part is that you need not be tech-savvy. By adding interactivity to their existing lessons, instructors can improve them by introducing new assignments. Students can be evaluated using open-ended questions, quizzes, real-time polls, and other methods. After that, provide students and parents’ parents access to the class materials so they can review the topic at home. 

2. Blackboard

A well-liked teaching tool with many features in one place is BlackBoard. This tool helps teachers to manage their classes and increase productivity. Test administration, performance evaluation, syllabus management, and grade uploading are all simple tasks for teachers. This can spare them from having to write everything down on paper and from getting a sore wrist. Since they can access all the data you post on the platform, including grades, assignments, and attendance, students and teachers can benefit from this tool.

Since everything is available and can be accessed on a single platform, educators don’t need several programs to manage it all.

Now that you have a fantastic resource of different teaching tools at your disposal, you can improve the quality of your teaching and learning experiences, manage your classes more successfully, and minimize your workload. 

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Ques: What are some of the important and useful tools for teachers?

Ans: Digital whiteboards, educational games and apps, presentation software, and grading software to name a few.

Ques: How many types of teaching tools are there in the modern education system?

Ans: Audio-visual aids and smart teaching aids are there to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Ques: Which types of assessments are used by instructors the most?

Ans: Multiple-choice questions and True/False questions are widely used types of assessments. 

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